24 Sweet & Seasonal Fall Date Ideas to Cozy Up To

These cute fall date ideas will convince you that autumn is the most romantic season of the year.

Published September 22, 2023
couple piggybacking in autumn at the park

It’s snuggle season! Which means it’s the perfect time of year to plan a fun fall date. We’ve found all the cozy autumn date ideas we look forward to each year, as well as some unique ones you may have never considered before.

No matter what you choose, your date will think you’re sweeter than a pumpkin spice latte.

Popular Fall Date Ideas Any Couple Will Love 

couple making selfie with pumpkins after harvesting

They’re oldies but goodies. These autumn date ideas are go-tos for couples every year and for a good reason: they give us all the cozy romance moments. Everyone appreciates a classic date idea from time to time, so add one of these to your fall date plans.

  • Plan a romantic picnic.

  • Go on a nature hike.

  • Spend a day at the pumpkin patch.

  • Bake fall treats together.

  • Go apple picking.

  • Carve pumpkins together.

  • Check out your local farmer’s market.

  • Attend a fair or festival.

  • Have a scary movie marathon.

  • Spend the evening stargazing.

Unique Fall Date Ideas to Create an Unforgettable Connection

We love a classic fall date. But we also love experiencing exciting moments with our sweetheart. These uncommon fall date ideas might just inspire all the snuggles, giggles, and sweet moments of seasonal romance you're looking for. They're perfect for September, an October date, or even all through November. 

Try Every PSL in Your City

Fall is known as the pumpkin spice latte season. Every coffee shop does the seasonal drink a bit differently, though. So, spend the day with your darling and round up every PSL in your local area to finally declare the pumpkin spice latte champion. 

Play Find My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

If you’re not familiar with this viral game, it’s a real date-day treat. Spend an afternoon at your favorite department store, alongside your date, of course, and purchase what you believe to be some of their favorite things. Here’s how to play a fall version of the game:

  1. Set a budget so you’re both on the same page.

  2. Split up once you get to the store and discretely shop for your items.

  3. You will both shop for things like your date’s favorite fall treat, something in their favorite fall color, a fall movie to watch together (or a book to read), and something cozy (could be a blanket, sweater, slippers, or anything else you find).

  4. Once you’re finished shopping, reconvene and reveal your finds at the same time.

Need to Know

This game is super versatile! Choose any categories, budget, or process to suit your preferences as a couple.

Read Poetry at the Peak of Your Hike

A young couple is relaxing on the mountain

Hiking is a pretty common date during the fall, and it’s a date idea worth trying more than once. But you can add even more romance to your nature adventure by taking the time to read poetry together once you reach the peak of your hike.

After you take in the view, take the opportunity to sit down and read nature-inspired poetry together. Discuss your thoughts on the piece as you make your way back down.

Take a Spooky Ghost Tour

If you’re looking for an excuse to snuggle up to your date, here’s an option that goes beyond the classic scary movie viewing. Check out a local ghost tour and spend an evening checking out the sights and holding hands when you get a little spooked.

Plan a Day of Tricks & Treats

If you and your date are both into the tricks and treats of the season, this fall idea is for you. Plan a day of tricks and treats for each other: meaning, you’ll have a mix of fun things your date loves to do and some hilarious little pranks along the way. You’ll want to make sure you both enjoy harmless pranks and know each other pretty well for this little date idea to play out in your favor.

Have a Bonfire for Two

Bonfires are so much fun in the cooler months with a big group of friends. But, when that bonfire is only big enough for two, the romance vibes get an extra spark. Invite your date over for an intimate bonfire and include comfy chairs, tons of cozy blankets, and plenty of yummy bonfire snacks. Don't forget to post a few pics with some great bonfire quotes, too!

Make Crazy Candied Apples

If you and your date share a love of food and fun, this little idea is a real treat. Get together at your place or theirs and spend the day making crazy candied apples. See who can make the silliest and tastiest candied apple or the candy apple that best represents one another.

Fast Fact

If you're trying to plan a date night around kids, this is a fun one you can include them in. Once the kiddos are distracted with eating their candied apples, you'll have some time to yourselves. 

Check Out a Cidery

We love craft beer or a locally sourced wine, but it’s hard cider that calls our name during autumn. If you’ve never visited a cidery, you’re in for a serious fall treat. Plan a day trip to a cidery and enjoy a guided tour, a hard cider tasting, and all the conversations sure to come up as you travel.

Play Hide & Seek Outside

Playing hide and seek in the forest

You might get some strange looks from your neighbors, but you won’t care about that when you’re laughing with your sweetheart. A nostalgic game of hide and seek in the beautiful fall weather will awaken the child in you and create a little flirty mystery for you and your date.

Eat Dinner Outside at Sunset

If running around and hiding outdoors aren’t your preferred activities, maybe you would enjoy a romantic dinner outdoors. Plan to eat, whether on a blanket, on a balcony, or just outdoors at a restaurant, right before sunset. This way, you still have enough light to eat by, but you’ll get to see the lovely sunset and have dessert under twinkling stars or by candlelight.

Spend Some Time on the Water

Dates on the water aren’t just for summer. In the early weeks of fall, you can still enjoy an afternoon of boating, jet skiing, or kayaking. Plus, if you do get a little chilly by the end of the day, you can spend the evening getting cozy to stay warm. 

Hunt Down a Carriage Ride

For some of us, a romantic carriage ride is something we’ve always dreamed of experiencing — and what better time than fall? This one might be a long shot depending on where you live, but it’s a must if you can make it happen. Check neighboring towns, historical sites, and local farms for a scheduled carriage ride for you and your date.

Helpful Hack

If you aren't able to arrange a carriage ride, fun alternatives include a leisurely bike ride, horseback riding, or strolling arm-in-arm.

Spend the Day in a Small Town

Beautiful couple crossing the street

We can thank Gilmore Girls and Hallmark movies for making us long for the charm of a small town during the fall. The good news is that there are small towns all over the place and they are all unique. Find one you’re willing to drive to for the day and spend some time enjoying the quaint little town together.

Make a Fall-Themed Dinner for Two

If you want a fall date that’s simple but impactful, look no further than a fall-themed dinner at home. Surprise your date with a three course meal that features a long list of fall flavors.

Quick Tip

If you know your date well enough to know they love cooking or baking, plan to have them join you in the dinner prep process.

Fall in Love This Autumn

There’s something about this time of year that it feel a little more romantic, and these autumn date ideas will make it even easier to  cozy up with your sweetheart. The best part is you can use them in a blossoming relationship or long-term partnership. Either way, you’ll get to spend some time with someone who gets your heart fluttering this fall.

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24 Sweet & Seasonal Fall Date Ideas to Cozy Up To