These 16 Apple Picking Outfit Ideas Are Stylish to the Core

What to wear apple picking is all about comfort and classic fall style. Here are some ideas on how to dress for a day at the orchard.

Published August 29, 2023

Apple picking is a fall staple, but you'll need to figure out what to wear to the orchard before you head out the door. Depending on your climate, your apple picking outfit might be on the cooler or cozier side. We have all the ideas for comfortable and stylish looks. 

Sport a Colorful Coat

The weather may be getting crisp and cool — which is why you may need a jacket — but that doesn't mean your apple picking outfit should be void of color. Try a sunshine-inspired piece of outerwear that keeps you warm if you're apple picking on a cool morning, but also shows of your love of sunny shades.

Break Out the Bibs

If ever there were a fall activity to sport your overalls, it's apple picking. They'll keep you warm, and they're also sturdy for the sometimes rigorous  task of plucking apples from their branches. Depending on the weather, you can layer a sweater or a breezy t-shirt underneath.

Rock a Floral Blouse

It may be fall, but florals are still acceptable. Reach for a floral top with longer sleeves or colors in a deeper or warm shade. Paired with jeans or trousers, this look still says fall fashion

Embrace Warm Autumn Neutrals

If you're layering pieces like a classy trench and a cozy sweater, look for warm neutrals that work well together. If you're sporting the cozy neutrals of autumn, those beautiful apples will pop in all your selfies.

Reach for Trusty Flannel

Flannel is the classic uniform of fall, and it's pretty perfect for a crisp day at the orchard. Comfy, cozy, and always a cute look, flannel is as stylish as it is practical. 

Choose an Off-The-Shoulder Number

If you're picking apples on a sunny day, you can probably show a little skin and not freeze. Plus, you might want to look extra adorable for your post-orchard brunch. An off-the-shoulder top in a fall color or texture hits all the style points. 

Choose Trendy Clothes & Comfy Shoes

You definitely want to rock a cute outfit for your fall orchard trip. But you also want to plan for comfy footwear. On-trend sneakers look cute with your jeans and outerwear.

Quick Tip

Since apple picking can involve lots of walking, skip any shoe that's uncomfortable or won't stand up to the extra steps around the orchard. 

Layer Your Sweaters & Cardigans

Layers are your friend in those early fall days. One second you're freezing, the next you're sweating. Try layering a lighter sweater with a cardigan on top. You can strip off a layer if you need to, but you'll still be cozy and covered. 

Step Into a Skort

You might want to rock the sweet skirted look, but that's not quite ideal for apple picking. Lucky for you, skorts are back! Style one with a preppy button down for an on-trend orchard outfit. 

Quick Tip

Skorts are also a great option for a mom's look because they're adorable, but also let you easily bend and move with the kiddos. 

Rock a Sweater and a Maxi Skirt

If you are going to rock a skirt for your apple adventure, look for a maxi skirt in a fun print. You can make the look more fall-friendly with a soft sweater or a pair of boots.

Dress Up With a Cape

You want the cozy vibes without the overheating; a classy cape draped over your shoulders creates an effortless outfit you'll be comfy in all day. Wear monochromatic pieces underneath so the focus is all on your lovely cape. 

Choose Simple Elegance

Your apple picking outfit doesn't have to be complicated at all. A classic sweater, your favorite jeans, and a comfy pair of shoes are all you really need to make your orchard day stylish and comfortable. 

Pair a Romper With a Denim Jacket

Apple picking may be best in the fall, but if you live in a warmer climate, it could have you breaking a sweat. Pair a breezy romper with a denim jacket so you can keep cool or warm up as the day changes. 

Dare to Wear Tights

Yes, you can absolutely wear a pair of tights for your apple picking day! The trick is to make sure they're a good quality, so they aren't prone to runs. Pair them with structured shorts, a skater skirt, or a long and classy coat.

Black Is Always Cool

You can never truly go wrong with black. But, you can amp up the cool factor with trendy accessories like round sunglasses and a crossbody bag. If you don't want to wear all black, try dark shades of fall colors like navy, olive, brown, and plum.

Blazers Look Sophisticated

Layers are a fashion staple in the fall, so don't forget about the classic blazer. You can pair with it with a simple tank so it's easy to get cool if the day turns out warmer than expected. 

Pick an Outfit That Speaks to You

Whether it's a comfy flannel or a twirl-worthy skirt, what matters is that you choose an apple picking outfit that appeals to you. As long you feel most like yourself and you're able to pick apples without wardrobe malfunctions, that's really all that matters. Just be sure to grab a memorable picture of the day in your stylish fit — and don't forget the perfect apple picking caption

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These 16 Apple Picking Outfit Ideas Are Stylish to the Core