Bride and Groom Shower Games

Couple enjoying Champagne at their bridal shower

Jack and Jill wedding shower games are a growing trend of pre-wedding celebrations that honor both the bride and the groom. Fun activities along with gifts and good wishes make bride and groom shower games a staple event at these co-ed parties.

About Couple's Showers

Jack and Jill bridal shower games or parties are for couples. These showers include both the bride and groom and their friends who are also couples (married, dating, or just friends). The idea of a couple's shower honors the fact that it takes two to be married, and both the bride and groom deserve recognition and celebration together before the big day. These parties are similar to bridal showers, complete with food, games, and gifts for the soon-to-be newlyweds. In general, however, they avoid the racier activities of bachelor and bachelorette parties and focus instead on friends having a good time together and relieving stress before the big day.

Ideas for Bride and Groom Shower Games

Wedding shower games not only help pass the time, but they break the ice between unfamiliar guests, let guests get to know the happy couple even better, and create fun memories that will be cherished long after the wedding day. There are many great games to choose from, and the options below are a sampling of activities couples can challenge one another with at a shower.

Trivia Test

Answering trivia questions about the happy couple can give guests unique insights into the bride and groom as well as let the happy couple discover more fun facts about one another. The game could be organized as a challenge for the guests (whoever answers the most questions correctly may win a prize) or for the couple themselves to test their knowledge of one another. Questions might include topics such as childhood pets and fantasies, favorite music, relationship history, and other details.

Love Duets

Karaoke is a fun party activity, and choosing love songs and duets is a great way to incorporate it into a couple's shower. Popular songs are Unforgettable, Paradise by Dashboard Light, and A Whole New World. Another twist would be to choose songs the couple may use at their wedding or fun tunes that describe relationships.

Dress Stress

The proper attire is a huge concern at a wedding, and attire related bride and groom shower games are always popular. This version requires complete sets of bride and groom clothing: purchase outlandish tuxedo and wedding dress garments from a thrift store, including every detail from the tie and cuff links to the veil and garter. Then, couples race to put on all the attire correctly - over their clothes - but the trick is that the women must dress in the tuxedo garments and the men must struggle with the wedding dress.

Newlywed Calendar

This game requires a blank calendar starting with the wedding date and ending one year later with the first anniversary. The calendar is then passed to all party guests and they can fill in anticipated events - everything from real birthdays and holidays to hilarious predictions of "first burned dinner" or "100th time he leaves the toilet seat up."

Image of a red lipstick kiss

Kiss and Tell

This game discovers how well the happy couple knows each other. The bride is blindfolded, then every man at the party - including her future husband - gives her a kiss on the cheek, and she needs to pick out which one is her fiance. Add other categories for more fun, such as which one is her husband's best man or her brother. Repeat the process with the groom blindfolded.


A quick icebreaker party game is to make anagrams or word searches from the happy couple's full names. Guests can try to create wedding-related words or words that describe the couple's personality, and the winner receives a small prize. For more letters, toss in the wedding month as well.

Advice Book

This game creates a sentimental gift for the happy couple. A blank journal or notebook is passed around to all the guests, and they each write one or two marital advice tidbits in it. Romantic, sentimental advice such as "always kiss each other goodnight" can be paired with humorous tips like "remember, you didn't sign a prenup." Add topics at the top of pages to give more direction to the advice.

Do U Luv Me?

A fun game is to create wedding vows via text message and emoticon icons. Guests can each create different vows, or the couple's cell phones could be "married" at the shower. Another variation is to create a secret love code the couple can share through text messaging.

Cake Practice

If the couple plans to feed one another cake at their wedding reception, a round of practice is a wise precaution. Of course, the blindfolds for this game make that practice more challenging, but leave the silverware behind!

Classic Games

Classic party games such as Scrabble, charades, and Pictionary are fun options for couple's showers as well, if they are given a wedding theme. For example, participants may need to act out "losing the wedding ring" or "being late to the church" for charades, while drawing the honeymoon spot or premarital counseling can be a fun activity.

Couples' Shower Game Tips

Regardless of what bride and groom shower games are enjoyed at the party, some basic considerations should be remembered:

  • Games should be equally fun for men and women
  • Tasteful games are more appropriate than innuendo
  • Take plenty of pictures for scrapbooks or other mementos
  • Do not force couples to participate if they are uncomfortable
  • Do not deliberately embarrass the bride and groom

Bride and Groom Shower Game Ideas

There are many fun games to try at couple's wedding showers, and the object of all of them is the same: a fun, happy time for the couple to share with their friends before the big day.

Bride and Groom Shower Games