Cherry Blossom Theme Wedding Ideas

woman in park with blossoms

Ideas for a magical cherry blossom theme wedding is a romantic choice for a spring nuptial celebration. A venue in bloom, such as a park or botanical garden will provide a mystical backdrop for any decorative ideas you wish to incorporate.

Color Schemes

Choosing a color scheme can help to accentuate the cherry blossom theme, even if you have embellishments and items featuring the flowers throughout the wedding. Pink and brown is a logical color combination. However, you can also consider pink and white or mint green and pink.


Make DIY invitations with silk fans. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Buy silk folding fans with a cherry blossom print.
  2. Print your wedding invitation verse on cherry blossom or plain white card stock.
  3. Place the folded fan with the invitation on top in a box.
  4. Place pink and white tissue paper on the fan and invite.

Mail or hand deliver the invitations to your guests. If you are hosting an outside wedding, guests can bring the fans with them to cool off during the event.

 Cherry Blossom Fan
Cherry Blossom Fan

Alternatively, look for card designs that feature cherry blossoms. You can find one panel, simple invitation sets.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Invite
Cherry Blossom Wedding Invite


Put the bridal party in themed attire:

  • Bride - A seamstress or dressmaker can weave the cherry blossom theme into your wedding dress. Have him or her sew silk cherry blooms flowers on to the bodice, skirt, or other areas of your dress, depending on the look you desire. Brides can also purchase a wedding gown with blossoms all ready woven into the dress design.
  • Bridesmaids - Choose bridesmaid dresses that coordinate with your theme. Strawberry pink or brown gowns work. Have the bridesmaids wear all pink or all brown, alternate the dress colors so that one girl wears pink and another wears brown, or add a ribbon to the waist with the accent color.
  • Groom and groomsmen - The guys shouldn't be left out of tying in the theme either. If you dress your girls in pinks or browns, match the men's ties and vests with pink or brown too. You can get a little on the flirty side by having them wear cherry blossom socks.

Work with your florist to create cherry blossom head wreaths. Wear one as the bride, or your bridesmaids or flower girl can don one on their heads.

Flowers and Ceremony Décor

The flowers and ceremony decorations should add to the theme.

Cherry Blossom Bouquet and Flowers

Whether it is the bride's bouquet or the bouquets for the bridesmaids, cherry blossoms can be accents rather than the main flower. Any flowers that come in pinks, whites, and mint green can complement the cherry blossoms. Some flowers that make nice complements to cherry blossoms are peonies, sweet peas, and jasmine.

bride with cherry blossom wreath and bouquet
Bride with cherry blossom wreath and bouquet

Ceremony Décor and Accessories

Place a personalized cherry blossom sign outside the location to greet guests as they arrive, letting them know they are in the right spot. Other accessories for the ceremony include:

  • Attach some sprigs or a small bunch of cherry blossoms together with a ribbon. Attach each cluster to the end chair on the aisle or the aisle pew.
  • Purchase a ring bearer pillow with silk cherry blossoms on a white satin ring pillow and have him carry the pillow when he walks down the aisle.
  • Have your bridesmaids carry parasols that have a cherry blossom print.

Reception Decorations

The reception is where the theme can come alive.

Cherry Blossom Centerpieces

Use large clear cylinder vases for your guest table centerpieces. Fill the vases with water and arrange branches of cherry blossoms with blooming flowers. Set the vase in the middle of each table.

Cherry blossom table decorations
Cherry blossom table decorations

Table Decorations

Use brown, pink, or white linen napkins at each place setting. Tuck one large cherry blossom bloom or small branch of cherry blossoms into the fold of each napkin. If you need place cards, you can even attach them to the branch or tuck it in with the blossom.

Use umbrellas that look like parasols to cover your guest tables. You can use the umbrellas inside or outside. For inside events, you can hang the parasols upside down using fishing wire, so that the decorative side of the parasol is visible from the tables where the guests are sitting.

Room Decorations

Place small cherry blossom trees in fancy pots. Scatter the trees around the edge of the reception area. You can use the potted trees to turn the room into your own cherry blossom garden or to fill in blank spots in the room to give it a cozy look and feel. You can even add a Japanese-style bench or hang paper lanterns from the trees to add a Japanese flair. The lanterns can also be hung along the perimeter of the room.


In lieu of wedding cake, serve petit fours. Work with your baker to create petit fours to match your theme. The bakery can decorate them with frosting cherry blossoms and color the frosting in pinks and whites; if you choose other colors, the base frosting can be tinted in those colors.

Oriental Blossom Fancies
Oriental Blossom Fancies

For a traditional cake, work with your baker to incorporate fresh blossoms or frosting blossoms onto your cake. To give the cake a Japanese flair, have the baker create Japanese lantern tiers in between the layers. Have vines of cherry blossoms creep up the tiers of the cake.

DIY Favors

Create your own cherry blossom marshmallow pops. You can also follow this method to create cake pops with cherry blossoms. Just cover the cake pop in melted white candy coating and start with step 3 in the instructions.

  1. Buy bags of large marshmallows from your local grocery store.
  2. Buy lollipop sticks from your local craft store, such as Michael's or Joann's in the cake baking section.
  3. You can also buy "food coloring pens" in brown and pink.
  4. Use the brown food coloring pen to draw a stick tree with branches on each marshmallow.
  5. Use the pink pen to draw pink dots on the tree branches to represent the cherry blossoms.
  6. Shove the marshmallows on a stick and wrap in cellophane tied off with pink or white ribbon.

Purchased Favors

Choose candles for favors to send your theme home with your wedding guests and tie them into the cake theme when you purchase cherry blossom cake candles. Weave the cherry blossom theme into any favor you give away with personalized cherry blossom tags. Use ribbon or raffia to attach the personalized tag to just about any wedding favor given.

 Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor
Cherry Blossom Design Cake Candle Favor

A Blossoming Event

When you decide on a cherry blossom theme for your nuptials, you can easily weave the theme into any aspect of the wedding you choose. With a little creativity, and by drawing some inspiration from these ideas, you can quickly center your wedding around the cherry blossom theme.

Cherry Blossom Theme Wedding Ideas