Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids

Updated November 12, 2018
child coloring at wedding

Keep kids occupied during a wedding ceremony or reception with an activity booklet. Children at weddings can get bored and tired, so utilizing an activity book will keep parents, kids, and the bridal party happy.

Using the Kids Wedding Activity Book

Download the free printable wedding activity book above using Adobe Reader. Edit to include your names and wedding date, print, and staple the book together.

Click to print the wedding activity book.
Click to print the wedding activity book.

What's Included in the Wedding Activity Book

The book includes the following pages:

  • Cover page featuring a bride and groom to color
  • Design your own cake coloring activity
  • Wedding connect the dots in a heart shape
  • Maze to connect the bride and groom
  • Picture frame to draw the bride and groom inside

If you want to make the printable coloring activity book longer, pick out kids coloring pages that fit your wedding season, like butterflies for spring.

What to Add to the Book

Giving the book itself is not enough. You'll need to include a small pack of crayons or pre-sharpened colored pencils as well. Consider adding a small snack, like individually wrapped crackers or cookies. If you want to give kids their own wedding favor, add a small plush toy, mini puzzle, bubbles, or even a mini Frisbee (with warm weather and room to run). Stickers are also a fun addition for kids.

If you're planning a themed wedding, like at the beach or a country wedding, consider picking a few items that match your theme. For example, at a beach wedding kids might like a small sand mold and plastic shovel, while at a country wedding a plastic horse toy would be appropriate.

Packaging the Books

If you're only handing out the books and a small pack of crayons or pencils, you can skip packaging and just place them at the end of each row of the ceremony seating or at each reception place setting. However, if you are giving out a larger activity favor, place each in a small paper bag with handles for easy carrying.

Other Activity Ideas

If you want to make your own activity book, consider printing off free coloring pages and activity sheets. Staple them together and add a few crayons or pencils to them. Otherwise, consider these alternative activities available for purchase:

  • The Children's Wedding Activity Sets from Oriental Trading include a 20 page activity book and pack of four crayons. Get a dozen for under $7.
  • Pickup the Fun Express Wedding Day Activity Books from Amazon that come with crayons and stickers. There are 20 pages and you can purchase 24 for less than $18.
  • The Saying I Do book from includes stickers, mazes, puzzles, games, and more. A minimum order of four is required, and they cost about $5 each.

When to Hand Out the Books

If you have a fairly long ceremony planned, consider having ushers hand out books with programs as they seat guests with children. Otherwise, place the books at each place setting or at a designated children's table at the reception. No matter when they are received, they are sure to be a welcome gift for youngsters at the nuptials.

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Printable Wedding Activity Book for Kids