104 Birthday Signature Drink Names That Age as Well as You Do

A birthday drink name should be as unique as the one you're celebrating! Sip with style and flair this year.

Published November 6, 2023
Girlfriends drinking cocktails

A birthday comes but once a year. Make it sparkle, make it grand, and make it as unique as the one you're celebrating. Your bestie? Unique and amazing. Your grandma? A trend setter.

So pick out a singature drink name or two or a whole menu for the birthday that's just as unparalleled, ritzy, and one-of-a-kind. Oh, don't forget to grab the candles! It's birthday party time. 

21st Birthday Drink Names

Vodka martini, classic alcoholic cocktail

The day is finally here — the long-awaited 21st birthday. This is a special one that only comes around once, so give it a grand party and birthday cocktails with the perfect name

30th Birthday Drink Names

So long 20s, hello 30s! And since your 30s are your new 20s, there's no reason your birthday drink names shouldn't be as playful and lively. 

40th Birthday Drink Names

Clear cocktail with jalapenos and berries

That 40th birthday is knocking on the door. Invite the party in with these spirited, tongue-in-cheek, and zippy signature birthday drink names to honor the occasion. 

50th Birthday Drink Names

Turning 50 sure isn't the black cloud it once was. There are still so many adventures just waiting for you outside your door. Celebrate a 50th birthday with drink names that are just as mischievous, flirtatious, and jaunty.

60th Birthday Drink Names

Homemade Smokey Marshmallow Campfire Old Fashiones

Six decades under the belt, and there are still plenty of cocktails to drink. Raise a well-named 60th birthday drink in celebration of the upcoming years. These are the silver years.

70th Birthday (and Beyond!) Drink Names

For the 70th, 80th, 90th, and all the golden years birthdays and beyond, these birthday drink names are sparkling and lively, just like the one you're celebrating. 

General Birthday Drink Names

Live it up and let loose with birthday cocktail names that fit any celebratory occasion or milestone birthday. It's not a birthday without a touch of whimsy and fun. 

Toasting to Another Year

It's not just a cosmo you're raising this year in celebration of a birthday. It's a confetti cosmo. It's a birthday wish smash... a jubilee julep. Whatever your spirit, double down and infuse the festivities and cocktails with the birthday spirit, too. Raise a glass. Here's to aging well and doing so with good taste in cocktails. 

104 Birthday Signature Drink Names That Age as Well as You Do