Best Chardonnays by Price Point

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Chardonnay is one of America's most popular white wines. The grapes grow well in all types of climates, and the light flavors of the juice allow winemakers to create a style unique to both the region and winery. With so many wonderful examples of the wine, it is difficult to determine the best Chardonnays on the market.

Finding the Best

Best is a difficult term to define, even in wine tasting. The world's foremost wine rating experts, such as Wine Spectator's James Laube, James Suckling and Robert Parker can't agree on which wine is the best, because wine tasting is highly subjective. Different palates enjoy varying characters in wines, and preferences play a role. Defining the best Chardonnays is a highly subjective process. The wines below are consistently well-rated by experts and well-received by wine drinkers.

Best Chardonnay Over $50

These expensive Chardonnays are delicious for a special occasion.

If you're looking for the best Chardonnay you can find, then you will need to taste some wines. Many wine shops offer regular tastings. Check with your local wine shop for a tasting schedule, and ask the proprietor for recommendations. As you taste the varieties available, you're sure to discover some personal favorites.

Best Chardonnays by Price Point