Fun Uses for Mini Wine Bottles as Gifts, Favors & More

Updated March 25, 2022
woman pouring glass of white wine

When you polish off a mini-wine or prosecco bottle, it can be a pretty alluring idea to hold onto it, especially if you're someone that hangs onto every last glass jar that passes through your possession. Thankfully, there are many practical and whimsical uses to support your glass-saving habit.

Reusing With Purpose

If you're someone that likes to reuse or upcycle your glass bottles with purpose. Consider a few of these to justify your treasure trove of bottles.

Spare Change

US paper currency in glass tubes over white background.

It's incredible how quickly storing $1 and $5 bills can add up. Anytime one passes through your hands, set that aside in the bottle for a rainy day. Consider this an adult piggy bank.

Saving Seeds

After you dry out your sunflower, lavender, or any other small plant seed, set them aside in a bottle and store them in a cool, dry place until you're ready for planting.

Salad Dressings

Olive oil bottle with leaves purple olives with copy space

There's nothing wrong with making salad dressing for a small army of people, except when you're not going to use all of that before it goes bad, and why do you want a giant jar taking up valuable space in your refrigerator? Cut the recipe in half or even a quarter and do your shaking and storing in this ideal-sized bottle.

Premade Cocktails

Your bottle started with alcohol, reuse it with alcohol! Whether you're looking to safely and legally transport a premade cocktail, such as an old-fashioned or premake margarita mix that just needs tequila, these small serving bottles go a long way in returning the favor of storing alcohol.

Office Supplies

Decorate your office shelves while hiding your supplies, slip paper clips, rubber bands, or other supplies out of sight.

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Whimsical Wine Bottles

Not everything in life needs to be serious or serve a purpose other than fun and whimsy. Upcycle your mini wine bottles with a bit of zest.

Arts and Crafts

Paniculata bouquet in glass jar on old table

Dip your mini wine bottles in paint, wrap them in ropes and other materials, even spray paint them or add a touch of glitter. You can leave these empty and use them as decoration or use these with purpose or whimsy. You can color to go with a theme (hello, Halloween and Christmas!) or simply use your favorite colors.


Store small snacks or candies in your mini-bottle. No one needs to know about the sweet or savory snacks you have hidden in plain sight.

Hanging Planter

Make a hanging planter, albeit a small planter. With some macramé, you can create a hanging planter suitable for the tiniest of houses or porches.


A white flower in a glass vase next to a stack of books

After clipping a flower or two, even fern cutting, trim the stem down to size and display your find in a mini wine bottle.

A Light in the Dark

Carefully remove the bottom of the mini wine bottle and place it over a tea light candle. Take all necessary precautions when burning a candle.

Wine About It

Mini wine bottles have just as much potential when still filled with wine. These make for excellent favors or decorations.

After Party

Remember how much joy filled your heart after you went to parties as a kid and you were sent home with a little goodie bag? That feeling doesn't go away as an adult. Send your guests off with mini bottles of wine or prosecco. Don't stick to just showers; send your guests home from a wedding with mini wine bottle favors with customized labels. Or, keep it laid back and send guests home with a token from your bbq, dinner party, or regular Friday get-together.

Wine Flight Anytime

Wine Quarter/Mini Bottle Mock-Up

If you're looking to host a solo or intimate wine night, use smaller bottles so you aren't left hanging with several open bottles after flight night. Or, better yet, cue up Netflix and have your own solo flight night. Don't forget the charcuterie board.

Party Time

Keep mini wine bottles on hand during parties for those who aren't comfortable opening bottles of wine, but to also have a greater selection of different styles of wine for your guests to choose from.


If you're traveling somewhere and want to bring some wine with you, lugging an entire bottle can be a real pain. Pack a few mini bottles, and you don't need to commit to a single style of wine. What a dream!

Poppin' Bottles

Small Bottles of Wine as Wedding Favors

If you're the only person to enjoy a glass of bubbles in your house, or you're looking to enjoy just two glasses of mimosas, a smaller bottle of prosecco is the answer. Don't be a victim of flat prosecco.

Big Ideas for Mini Wine Bottles

Don't let anyone pressure you into throwing away your treasure trove of mini wine bottles, be they empty or full. They're the best form of miniature storage, the perfect answer for favors, and the best way to display the most beautiful flowers. Dream big with your mini bottles.

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Fun Uses for Mini Wine Bottles as Gifts, Favors & More