7 Most Expensive Tiffany Lamps & Why They're Worth a Fortune

These gorgeous and iconic designs show why Tiffany lamps are such an important and valuable part of art history.

Published May 16, 2024
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With their scintillating beauty and glowing colors, Tiffany lamps are some of the loveliest antiques you'll ever see. They can also be some of the most valuable with the most expensive Tiffany lamps selling for millions of dollars. While you might not encounter one of these iconic beauties in your fave antique mall, it's still fun to look at what makes these lamps so pretty and precious.

Seven Most Expensive Tiffany Lamps Ever Sold

Tiffany Studios was one of the most influential and emblematic artistic lighting companies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The elaborate stained glass shades have been copied many times by many companies over the years, but only the original designs have the depth and beauty the company was famous for. Louis Comfort Tiffany employed many designers, including the famed Clara Driscoll, and gave them lots of freedom to experiment and come up with unique and gorgeous stained glass pieces.

Today, some of the most expensive Tiffany lamps sell for seven figures, and it's very common to see them selling for over $100,000. Anything with a genuine Tiffany Studios stamp (usually on the base) is usually worth thousands.

Tiffany Lamp Sales Price
"Pond Lily" $3,372,500
"Trumpet Creeper" $2,295,000
"Pony Wisteria" $1,633,000
"Wisteria" $1,565,000
"Elaborate Peony" $1,538,500
"Cobweb and Apple Blossom" $1,155,000
"Snowball" $1,095,000

Tiffany Studios "Pond Lily" Table Lamp - $3,372,500

Pond Lily table lamp, Louis Comfort Tiffany, made by Tiffany Studios, New York, c. 1902, bronze, blown glass

The most expensive Tiffany lamp ever sold is the "Pond Lily" table lamp, which dates to 1903. The 26.5-inch-tall table lamp features a gorgeous lily pad base and intricate lilies in a rainbow of colors on the glass shade. This rare vintage Tiffany lamp was only made between 1902 and 1906, and there are only a few known examples (mostly in museums). In 2018, Christie's auctioned one for $3,372,500.

Tiffany Studios "Trumpet Creeper" Table Lamp - $2,295,000

With its creeping vine motif and classic combo of bronze base and elaborate stained glass shade, the "Trumpet Creeper" is another ultra-valuable Tiffany lamp. Vines are an important motif in Tiffany's work, and this lamp is iconic for that reason. The shade is made of hundreds of tiny pieces of glass in a gorgeous range of colors, all carefully chosen to show off this unique design. Sotheby's auctioned one for $2,295,000 in 2018.

Tiffany Studios "Pony Wisteria" Table Lamp - $1,633,000

Bedside Lamps, Pony Wisteria, Tiffany Lamp

Slightly smaller in scale than the traditional "Wisteria" design, "Pony Wisteria" portrays a beautiful blooming wisteria plant with petals in lilac, cobalt, and periwinkle and foliage in shades of green and brown. It's exceptional in its beauty and dates to about 1905. The bronze base displays climbing vines that work perfectly with the intricate glass shade. This is one of the most expensive Tiffany lamps ever, selling at Sotheby's in 2023 for $1,633,000.

Tiffany Studios "Wisteria" Table Lamp - $1,565,000


A classic Tiffany design with incredibly detailed glass wisteria blooms hanging from the top of the shade, the iconic "Wisteria" is what many people think of when they think about Tiffany lamps. What's really interesting about this model is that every single "Wisteria" lamp is unique. The design is made from over 2,000 pieces of glass, and each piece has color variations and striated patterns that aren't like any others. A stunning "Wisteria" lamp sold at Sotheby's in 2013 for $1,565,000.

Fast Fact

"Wisteria" was always one of the most expensive Tiffany lamps you could buy. When it was first introduced in 1902, the "Wisteria" lamp sold for $400. That's like paying almost $15,000 for a lamp in today's dollars.

Tiffany Studios "Elaborate Peony" Table Lamp - $1,538,500

Another absolutely stunning design that set auction records, the "Elaborate Peony" lamp is rare and valuable. It's 29.5 inches tall and has a bronze base. The shade is a vibrant combination of red, green, and blue glass with tiny pieces forming delicate peonies and foliage. The beautiful design may be based on an early pattern attributed to Tiffany designer Clara Driscoll. An "Elaborate Peony" table lamp sold for $1,538,500 at Christie's in 2009.

Tiffany Studios "Cobweb and Apple Blossom" Table Lamp - $1,155,000

When it comes to incredible and unique designs, it's hard to beat Tiffany's "Cobweb and Apple Blossom." Designed by Clara Driscoll very early in the firm's history (probably around 1900), this lamp portrays a cobweb stretching between branches of an apple tree. One of the things that makes it unique is the complexity of the design. Even the base is made of stained glass. It's a thing of beauty and sold for $1,155,000 at Sotheby's in 2017.

Tiffany Studios "Snowball" Floor Lamp - $1,095,000

Although many of the most expensive Tiffany lamps are table models, floor lamps can also be really valuable. One great example is the "Snowball" floor lamp, which features the snowball flower in shades of white, light blue, and many variations of green. It has incredible depth and includes hundreds of tiny, intricately cut pieces of glass. This lamp sold for $1,095,000 at Sotheby's in 2018.

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Factors Affecting Tiffany Lamp Values

Although you might not have one of these ultra-valuable lamps, any Tiffany lamp is usually worth an appraisal. If it has the Tiffany Studios stamp, you may want to check into its history and value. These are a few of the factors that matter in determining how much a Tiffany lamp is worth.

  • Condition - It's normal for some of the glass pieces to have tiny cracks, but the fewer cracks there are, the better. Broken pieces, missing glass, and other condition issues can detract from the value.
  • Provenance - Because these lamps are valuable antiques, knowing about past sales history, previous owners, the original transaction, and other parts of the lamp's history can add to how much it's worth.
  • Design - The super valuable Tiffany lamps mentioned here are worth so much because of their unique and intricate designs. Beautiful lamps made with many small pieces tend to be worth more than simpler lamps.

Tiffany Lamps Are Works of Art

Stained glass lamps are glowing and functional works of art, so it's no wonder that the most expensive Tiffany lamps are so highly valued. They're an important part of decorating and art history, and they are just as beautiful today as they were when they were made.

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7 Most Expensive Tiffany Lamps & Why They're Worth a Fortune