7 Most Valuable Vintage Transformers That Turned Into Cash

You've seen Transformers change into many things over the years, but these valuable vintage Transformer toys turned into cold, hard cash.

Published April 3, 2024
Toys from the Transformers cartoon series on display

Transformers may be robots in disguise, but nothing's hiding these impressive price tags from our eyes. If you were a Transformer fan in the 1980s, then you can give a big thank you to Takara Tomy and Hasbro for bringing these shapeshifting robots to your grubby little kid fingers. Today, these vintage Transformer toys are incredibly valuable, with many selling for thousands of dollars.

7 Most Valuable Transformer Toys 

Long before kids were making elaborate Bumblebee Halloween costumes out of painted cardboard, they were grabbing the newest Bumblebee Volkswagen Beetle action figure at the toy store. Transformers debuted in 1984 and is among the ranks of other iconic 80s kids’ cartoons like Thundercats which have incredible tie-in merchandise.

To ring in the 40th anniversary, we have some of the most valuable vintage Transformer toys on the auction block. 

Valuable Vintage Transformers Recent Sales Prices
1984 G1 Megatron $4,073.76
1984 G1 Grimlock $2,430
1984 G1 Wheeljack $2,374.99
1986 G1 Divebomb $2,247
1984 G1 Jetfire $1,495
1984 G1 Optimus Prime $1,625
1984 G1 Starscream $1,399.99

1984 G1 Megatron: $4,073.76

Undoubtedly the edgiest Transformer toy in the history of the franchise, Megatron is the big bad leader of the Decepticons. Naturally, his camouflaged form resembles something far less harmless than a European coupe. We’d give you time to guess it, but there’s no way you’d land on what he turns into.

It’s a handgun.

Yup, the 1980s just did things differently. But the unique and unnervingly realistic toy gun — equipped with a scope — is the most valuable of these old Transformer toys. They frequently sell for $1,000+ with one recently selling for $4,073.76 on eBay.

Need to Know

Takara Tomy and Hasbro made the 1st Generation Transformer toys (also called G1) between 1984 and 1993. They're the most valuable on the market.

1984 G1 Grimlock: $2,430

Automobiles and weapons don’t corner the market on Transformer disguises. The Dinobots have a decidedly proto-Power Rangers vibe, in that they can transform from robots into dinosaurs and back again.

One of the most valuable of these original Dinobots is Grimlock, who can turn into everyone’s favorite dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus. In the best condition, these bots can sell for $1,000+. Recently, an original boxed Grimlock went for $2,430 online.

1984 G1 Wheeljack: $2,374.99

The first Autobot (aka the good guys) to make our list is one that’s gotten far less publicity than many of his brethren. Wheeljack is like the Q of the Autobots, always coming up with interesting new gadgets to help his team. When not in robot form, he’s racing around as a Lancia Stratos Turbo sports car.

These early Transformers can all bring in hefty prices at auction, with an unopened and boxed Wheeljack from 84 going for $2,374.99 online.

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1986 G1 Divebomb: $2,247

Transformers didn’t have to go that hard with its world-building, but the writers couldn’t settle for just two robot races battling it out. If you thought Dinobots were cool, just wait until you get a load of Predacons. We’re less interested in them being an ancient race of Cybertronian beasts and more obsessed with the fact that they turn into animals.

Divebomb has an appropriate name because it turns into an eagle when it's not fighting robot battles. Another top-dollar toy when it hits the auction block, these Predacons can sell for thousands. One boxed original Divebomb from 1986 recently sold for $2,247.

1984 G1 Jetfire: $1,495

Jetfire might not be the most expensive vintage Transformer, but they’re one of the ones from the roster that comes to auction most frequently. Ranging in prices from ~$500 to a few thousand, Jetfire is a fan favorite.

Considering Jetfire turns into a literal jet and Top Gun came out two years after their debut, it’s no wonder so many of these toys pop up on the auction block. If you’re lucky and have an unboxed original Jetfire, you could be looking at $1,000+ profit. For example, one boxed and complete 80s Jetfire sold for $1,495 on eBay.

1984 G1 Optimus Prime: $1,625

We couldn’t have a list detailing the most valuable vintage Transformer toys and not include the franchise’s poster child, Optimus Prime. His red, blue, and white/gray 18-wheeler ensemble is one of the most recognizable and beloved.

Collectors love nabbing original Optimus Primes still in the box, and they’re willing to shell out thousands for them. For example, one boxed Optimus Prime from 1984 recently sold for $1,625.

1984 G1 Starscream: $1,399.99

Another baddie to break onto our list is Starscream, an unreasonably cool name for a toy robot/plane. In keeping with the theme, Starscream does well at auction, especially when they’re boxed and sealed.

Find an original 1984 copy, and you’re looking at a $1,000-$2,000 price range. One collector recently bought a 1984 boxed Starscream for $1,399.99 on eBay.

1986 G1 Fortress Maximus: $1,325

Thus far, we’ve had guns, semi-trucks, fighter jets, and dinosaurs grace our list, but buckle up because Fortress Maximus is here. This Transformer doesn’t turn into a single thing but an entire battle station AND a city. A less common 80s relic to come up for auction, it’s no wonder a complete, boxed one sold on ebay for $1,325.

You Can’t Disguise These Price Tags

Vintage Transformer toys from the 1980s are some of the hottest collectibles of the decade. With solid four-figure price tags, we suggest you try to hunt down your childhood Transformers because these are valuable retro toys you don’t want to pass up on.

7 Most Valuable Vintage Transformers That Turned Into Cash