Antique Sewing Machine Table Values Explained

Published December 15, 2020
antique treadle sewing machine

Understanding antique sewing machine table values is extremely important if you're considering buying or selling these special pieces. Some tables include the original treadle machine, while others have been repurposed to act as side tables, vanities, and console tables in the modern home. Either way, value is dependent on several factors.

Does the Sewing Table Include a Sewing Machine?

If you shop at antique stores or flea markets, you'll see antique sewing tables with and without their original sewing machine. In many cases, previous owners have removed the original machine and repurposed the table. Tables without machines can still be worth money, but the most valuable antique sewing machine tables are those that include the original treadle sewing machine.

Value of Antique Sewing Machine Tables With the Machine

If you have a sewing table with the machine still in place, know that these treadle sewing machines can be very special. Instead of turning a wheel or plugging in a cord, the home seamstress would rock her foot back and forth on a pedal at the bottom of the machine. This would turn a wheel that would cause the machine to sew. In many cases, the value of these sewing machine tables is closely linked to the value of the machine. If the machine is in good working condition, the table and machine together will be worth a fair amount. There were dozens of manufacturers of treadle machines with sewing tables, but here are some of the most common and their associated range of values:

  • Singer - Antique singer sewing machine values range from about $150 to well over $1,500 for the most desirable models. A Singer Red Eye treadle machine in a sewing table sold for $1,800 in 2020.
Singer 66K Treadle Sewing Machine

Value of Antique Sewing Machine Tables Without Machines

Because technology changed over the years and treadle sewing machines became less useful to modern seamstresses, it's common to find the antique sewing table separated from the machine. In some cases, these tables might not be worth as much as those still containing the machine, but they still have value. Their condition is a very important factor with tables in good condition fetching the most. The wood should be shiny and free of stains and damage, and the cast iron base should be rust-free and clean. If the antique sewing table is in good shape, it can be worth between $100 and $500. Here are some example antique sewing machine table values to consider:

Value of Sewing Machine Table Legs Only

You'll also see sewing machine table legs sold on their own, separated from the machine and the table top. These usually sell in the range of $60 to $150 with Singer legs bringing the most. Condition is important, since these cast iron bases were prone to rust if not cared for properly.

Clean Antique Sewing Machine Tables to Increase Their Value

As with all things related to sewing machines, the condition of antique sewing machine tables is a huge factor in their value. If you have an old table, you can clean it up yourself. Learn how to clean antique wood furniture, as well as how to clean antique metal. By sprucing up an old sewing machine table, you can add to its beauty and value. You can also add to your vintage or antique sewing collection with lovely antique and vintage sewing boxes.

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Antique Sewing Machine Table Values Explained