Antique Soap Saver Styles and Values

Published May 18, 2020
Antique Kitchen Utensils Soap Savers

If you find a mysterious wire mesh item with a long handle in your attic, it's possible it just might be an antique soap saver. While they look a little like some kind of kitchen utensil, these were actually cleaning devices for the frugal housewife. You'll find soap savers at flea markets and antique shops, and some are even worth a fair amount to collectors.

How an Antique Soap Saver Works

A soap saver is a device with a very specific and very frugal purpose. When you use up a bar of soap, there is often a small sliver left. Today, you might throw that away, but when soap was more costly or required time to make, throwing away that last sliver was considered a waste. Instead, you could use a soap saver to get every last bit of cleaning power out of that little piece of soap. Housewives would put slivers of used-up soap inside the basket to save for laundry day. When they washed the clothes in a wringer washer or by hand, they could swirl the soap saver in the water, using up every last bit of the soap. It's not uncommon to find an antique soap saver still containing some slivers of decades-old soap.

Antique Soap Saver Styles

Soap savers had the same basic design, but they came in a variety of styles. Collectors enjoy finding several styles to create a display.

Rectangular Basket With Wire Clasp

Some soap savers have a rectangular basket for the pieces of soap. The basket is made of wire mesh, and a sliding wire clasp allows you to open and close the basket. These feature a wood or wire handle, often less than a foot in length.

Vintage Soap Holder

Squeeze-to-Open Soap Savers

Some soap savers have a design allowing one-handed operation. You press the wire handles together, and the tension opens the basket so you can put soap inside. Since there's no clasp, these may have been a more practical option that kept the soap saver from opening inadvertently in the washing tub.

Soap Saver, Androck Squeeze To Open

Round Basket Soap Savers

A bit less common than their rectangular counterparts, round soap savers offer another way to show off some vintage charm. These usually feature a squeeze-to-open handle, but some also have a clasp. A few have the added feature of being able to rotate in the water, but these are quite rare.

Round Basket Soap Savers

How Much Antique Soap Savers Are Worth

While they are a bit obscure, soap savers are an affordable item to collect. It's easy to find them for under $20 in antique stores, flea markets, and online.

How Condition Affects Value

Because soap savers are rarely used today, their value lies in being display pieces. Condition affects value a bit, but collectors also like a patina on the metal. Some tarnish and chipping paint do not detract from the value. If there are structural problems or the soap saver is worn in a way that is not attractive, it may be worth less. Repairs and restoration can reduce value as well.

Example Values for Soap Savers

If you have a soap saver or are considering buying one, the best way to find out what it is worth is by comparing recently sold items in the same style and condition. Avoid comparing with things that are still for sale, since sellers can ask any price. The actual sold price is much more helpful in determining value. These are some examples:

Other Vintage Soap Devices

While soap savers are technically the mesh baskets for saving soap slivers to use in laundry, there are some other devices you may encounter when looking for them. There is a brand of antique washboard called the "Soap Saver." Some people also call soap baskets for holding a bar of soap near the sink or bathtub a "soap saver basket." These items are actually soap dishes, not soap savers.

Add an Antique Touch to Your Decor

If you want to add an antique touch to your interior decor, a soap saver is a great, affordable option. Antique soap savers are fun to collect, and they look great hanging on the wall in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

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Antique Soap Saver Styles and Values