Download Free Car Manuals

Download Free Car Manuals
Your car’s manual can help you troubleshoot problems.

If you're missing your car's owner's manual, you can find all the information you need when you download free car manuals online. Most automakers have electronic versions of at least some model year's manuals available for free.

About Owner's Manuals

When you buy a new vehicle, it comes with an owner's manual. Your manual will tell you everything from the curb weight of your car to the type of gas and oil you should use. It includes information about replacing the tires, decoding the dashboard lights, and even changing your headlight bulbs. Needless to say, your manual is a handy reference book tailored to your specific make, model, and year of car.

However, it's not uncommon for automobile owners to find themselves without a manual. Perhaps you bought a used car that was missing its manual, or maybe your own manual met with a big disaster. Sometimes, your car's manual may go MIA for no reason at all, ending up in that household purgatory along with all those missing socks and puzzle pieces. Regardless of the reason, if you're missing your owner's manual, you need to find a new one.

Download Free Car Manuals

If you spring for the paper version of your owner's manual, you'll have to pay anywhere from $10 to $30. On the other hand, if you want to print your manual yourself or save it on your hard drive, you can often download a copy for free.Most automobile manufacturers provide free electronic versions of the owner's manual for their cars. In some cases, you'll need to register with the site in order to access the information. Some automakers also require that you provide a vehicle identification number. You can find your vehicle identification number on the car windshield or on your vehicle registration.

Automakers with Free Manuals

You can find free downloadable owner's manuals from the following automakers:

  • Acura and Honda owner's manuals are available for every model year since 1990. No registration is required.
  • BMW has free downloadable manuals for most of its models since 2004. Registration is not required.
  • Buick owners can access online manuals for most models since 2007 without registering on the site.
  • Chrysler owners can access free manuals for the 2004 model year and later. Owners manuals for 1995 - 2003 Chryslers are available for a fee.
  • Dodge offers a similar arrangement. Owners of 1995 - 2003 model year cars will pay a fee for their manual, but free manuals are available for 2004 and newer cars.
  • Ford offers free downloadable manuals for every model year since 1996. This site also has information for Lincoln and Mercury owners.
  • GM owners must register to access manuals for other Buick model years, as well owner's manuals for other GM vehicles, including Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, and Saturn.
  • Hyundai owners can access free manuals for every model year since 2003, but they will need to register with the owner's site.
  • Infiniti has free owner's manuals available for most models since 2006. If owners need a manual for an older vehicle, they can contact Infiniti customer service.
  • Jaguar manuals are available for the 2000 models and later. Paper manuals can be purchased for a fee.
  • Jeep offers free manuals for model years 2004 through the present. Manuals for model years 1995 - 2003 are available for a fee.
  • Kia owners can access their car's manual online.
  • LandRover also requires owner registration for access to replacement manuals.
  • Mazda owners must register to access owner's manuals and other helpful information about their vehicle.
  • Mercedes allows owners to download manuals for every year since 2000.
  • Mini requires users to register at the Owner's Lounge in order to access manuals.
  • Nissan has free downloadable manuals for every year since 2006.
  • Subaru requires registration and a vehicle identification number to access owner's manuals.
  • Toyota owners can register with the MyToyota owner's site to access interactive owner's manuals.
  • Volvo has an online library of owner's manuals.

Car Companies Without Free Manuals

Some automakers either do not provide owner's manuals online or provide manuals for a fee.

  • Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen manuals are only available for purchase as a printed book.
  • Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki manuals are not available from the manufacturer, but they can be purchased from other companies.
  • Scion offers information about audio components, video features, and other accessories, but they do not have online owner's manuals.

Make a Hard Copy

Many automakers understand the power of the Internet and make it possible for you to download free car manuals to replace your car's reference materials. It's a good idea to print electronic materials and carry them in your car's glove compartment. You never know when you might need to access your manual when you are away from home..

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Download Free Car Manuals