Aquarius & Aquarius Compatibility: A Meeting of the Minds

Quirky, visionary Aquarians are endlessly fascinated by each other's minds. But is that enough for a long-term relationship?

Updated March 21, 2024
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You know that super smart, totally quirky couple who seem completely in step with each other, but not with the rest of the world? It's probably an Aquarius-Aquarius relationship. Aquarians are some of the most unconventional members of the zodiac. They're original thinkers and creative souls with innovative minds and a passion for justice. And when two Aquarians come together, they'll have a meeting of the minds and possibly the hearts, making them a quirky and exciting couple. 

Aquarius and Aquarius Are More Alike Than Different

Aquarius, the fixed air sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the rebel planet Uranus, and when they meet another Aquarius, something like a mind meld happens. They have the same traits when it comes to what makes them feel happy and alive. And when they fall in love, they synchronize even more.

Ways Two Aquarians Will Thrive

Two Aquarians understand each other's intellectual, quirky, and rebellious ways. Together, they create an incredibly stimulating relationship.

  • They're a dynamic duo — popular, eccentric, and beloved by many. 
  • They share a large and diverse social circle.
  • They have a shared sense of purpose that keeps them united.
  • They tend to be like-minded best friends.
  • They both like to have plenty of personal space and allow each other that same space.
  • Neither is possessive.
  • They're super loyal to one another.

How Two Aquarians May Struggle

Of course, there are times when like can repel like (at least if magnets are to be believed). And the super similar nature of two Aquarians can lead to relationship issues.

  • They're both stubborn and when they're stubborn in different ways, it can lead to power struggles.
  • They may struggle with intimacy since they both tend to intellectualize everything. 
  • They both have pretty big egos, which can lead to conflict.
  • Each has difficulty forming close bonds, which may make a romantic relationship more challenging.

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Aquarius & Aquarius Compatibility — Mind Meld

Aquarius and Aquarius definitely have an intellectual and creative connection. And for quirky Aquarius, this could be enough. Or, it could lead to issues down the line.

Relationship Aspect Rating
Emotional connection Fair to Good
Trust Fair
Sexual connection Fair
Intellectual connection Excellent
Communication Excellent
Values compatibility Good to very good

Aquarius & Aquarius Emotional Connection

As an air sign, Aquarius isn't particularly emotional. So when you put two Aquarians together, there still won't be a lot of emotional drama. To an outsider, this may seem... unromantic. But to two Aquarians, it might be absolutely okay. Their relationship can be somewhat detached and emotionally distant, which can make it super easy to walk away when things aren't going quite right on other levels.

Rating: Fair to Good

Aquarius & Aquarius Trust

Aquarians are idealists. When their ideals match, they trust one another just fine. But when they don't align? Then there is no trust. No trust at all. So how well two Aquarians in a relationship trust one another totally depends on shared values. It could be hit or miss. 

Rating: Fair

Aquarius & Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarians tend to intellectualize sex, so it's all about psychological thrills for an Aquarian couple. An Aquarian duo's sexual encounters are full of experimentation, and there's no hesitation in fulfilling each other's fantasies. Nothing is taboo. There will be no inhibitions and no emotional hangovers. Aquarians are the original friends-with-benefits couple. So the sex can be great if they both like to experiment in the same direction. If not, it could be a disaster.

Rating: Fair

Aquarius & Aquarius Intellectual Connection

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This is where an Aquarius couple shines. Even if their hearts and emotions don't quite match up, their intellects do. Each can respect the other's intelligence and innovative mind, so they make great besties who can have long hours of fascinating conversations. And for two Aquarians, this actually could be enough to be compatible for a lifetime if other aspects of their personalities align.

Rating: Excellent

Aquarius & Aquarius Communication

These two speak each other's language. They inherently understand one another and find each other endlessly fascinating, so conversations can go on for hours. This open-minded duo can absolutely make it last based solely on their stimulating conversations.

Rating: Excellent

Aquarius & Aquarius Values Compatibility

As free-thinking visionaries, Aquarians often share similar values. They tend to be humanitarians with a huge drive for social justice, and as long as they both see social justice in a similar light, their values align extremely well and bode well for long-term commitment.

Rating: Good to Very Good

Aquarius & Aquarius Relationships Are Quirky but Compelling

Two Aquarians don't necessarily engage in romantic entanglements in the same way that other signs do, but if it works for them, then that's all that matters. Of course, there's more to a person than a sun sign, so whether they align in other aspects of their lives will have to do with what else is in their chart. 

Aquarius & Aquarius Compatibility: A Meeting of the Minds