Aries & Aquarius Compatibility: A Couple That Gets Each Other

Aquarius and Aries are each other's best zodiac matches. Here's what makes them so compatible and what they have to overcome.

Published April 4, 2024
Aries & Aquarius Compatibility

Everyone knows that couple who seems made for each other right from the start. They're both fun and adventurous, and they each trust one another so implicitly that they can give and take all the space their partner needs. Who is this couple? It could be Aries and Aquarius.

Aries and Aquarius compatibility is obvious immediately. They have a noticeable connection, even to outsiders. Take a deep dive into the Aries and Aquarius relationship to discover what makes it work and what could be an issue down the line.

How Aries and Aquarius Are Alike and Different

Aries and Aquarius are a very good pairing. In some ways, they're a lot alike, and in many ways, they're very complementary signs. There's a reason for the natural connection they both notice right away — they just seem to get one another.

Aries and Aquarius Similarities

On paper (and often in life), Aries is Aquarius's best compatibility match (and vice versa). These two are a dynamic duo, and they're alike in many ways.

  • They both love to try new things.
  • They both have optimistic dispositions.
  • Both are free-thinking, open-minded, and spontaneous.
  • They're both future-focused.
  • They both love a fascinating conversation.

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Aquarius and Aries Differences

Of course, even as a perfect match on paper, Aquarius and Aries are hardly the same person. They do have noticeable differences.

  • Aries can be bull-headed and stubborn, while Aquarius is super go-with-the-flow.
  • Aquarius is pretty chill, while Aries can be a real hot head.
  • Aries is super warm and friendly, while Aquarius can be aloof.
  • Aries falls in love quickly and intensely, while Aquarius tends to be more measured in their approach and slower to fall in love.
  • Aquarius needs freedom, and Aries can be a little controlling.

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Aquarius & Aries Compatibility — Natural Connection

Even with the small differences between the two, Aries and Aquarius are highly compatible. Each brings out the best in the other, and where one is weak, the other is strong. They are nearly perfect astrological partners

Relationship Aspect Rating
Emotional connection Excellent
Trust Very good
Sexual connection Very good
Intellectual connection Excellent
Communication Excellent
Values compatibility Excellent

Aquarius & Aries's Emotional Connection

Aries is a hard charger who jumps in where angels fear to tread. Aquarius is more laid-back and chill. And while these two things may seem to be incompatible, in an Aries and Aquarius couple, they can be complementary. Aquarius's more measured, chill approach can help Aries calm down (and make Aquarius slow to react to Aries's hard-charging personality), while Aries can help ignite a passion in Aquarius. The result is that the two mesh very well from the very beginning. This couple can be an emotional powerhouse.

Rating: Excellent

Trust Between Aquarius & Aries

In general, the emotional connection helps these two build trust quickly. But they don't quite get a perfect rating for the simple fact that Aquarius's aloofness can make fiery Aries long for more attention. Communication can solve this issue lickety split, though. 

Rating: Very good

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Aries & Aquarius Sexual Connection

Aries is fiery and passionate in the sack (no surprise there), and Aquarius is inventive and experimental. So together, they can have a fun, adventurous relationship that keeps both partners satisfied and engaged. They have a good sexual connection, and their kinks are often complementary.

Rating: Very good

Intellectual Connection Between Aquarius & Aries

Aquarius is the brainy one of this pair, but Aries is definitely no slouch. They both have a zest for exploration and adventure, and it helps them click. Each appreciates the other's open mind, and they will have really great conversations covering any topic they can think of.

Rating: Excellent

Aquarius & Aries Communication

These two communicate well because they speak each other's language. Aquarius and Aries will laugh together a lot, and each is perfectly capable of communicating any needs, boundaries, or concerns with the other. Because they're both open-minded, they're able to adapt to the needs of their partner.

Rating: Excellent

Values Compatibility Between Aries & Aquarius

Aquarius and Aries share many values. And when they don't, they're still willing to hear out the other and can agree to disagree. Aquarius cares about a LOT of humanitarian issues, while Aries has the fire, drive, and passion to help their Aquarius partner make a difference where it matters to them. This is a good match.

Rating: Excellent

A Deeply Compatible Couple

When it comes to compatibility and astrology, it doesn't get much better than an Aries and Aquarius pairing. These two can have an exciting, adventurous, and enjoyable life together with great trust and communication and very good sex... all the things necessary to make relationships last.

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Aries & Aquarius Compatibility: A Couple That Gets Each Other