Understanding an Aries’ Bad Traits and Qualities

Updated March 21, 2022
competitive Aries triumphant in boxing ring

Like every other sun sign, Aries has positive and negative traits. However, being the first sign of the zodiac, you could think of negative Aries traits as being like an aggressive child who knows no boundaries or limits, is mouthy, has contempt for authority, and has wild, angry tantrums when held back. Aries's bad traits can be toxic and scary! It often takes age and experience to grow into the higher expression of Aries. Still, Aries is uniquely resistant to "growing up."

Aries the "I Am" Sign

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is the cardinal fire sign ruled by the warrior planet, Mars. Any planet placed in Aries will be colored by the desire for action and self-assertion. For example, an individual with Sun in Aries will identify themselves as separate and important individual. The key phrase for Aries is "I am."

Aries Negative Traits

Of course, much depends on the maturity of Aries, but when young and attempting to be "number one," there can be a tendency towards having a scary side. This can range from out-of-control fun to bursts of anger or even rage. Below is a list of negative expressions of Aries.

Aries Negative Traits Graphic

Dark Aries Traits

If there is such a thing as being too independent and self-reliant, Aries fits the bill. In Greek mythology, Aries is the god of war. Aggressive action is often Aries's solution for getting what they want when they want it. As you read through these negative traits, remember that it's rare to find a mature Aries that's gone entirely to the dark side. You'll also want to consider the sign of Mars in the Aries birth chart. An individual with Mars in Scorpio will be much more potent and determined than a person with Mars in Pisces.

Selfishness and Greed

An immature Aries is chiefly interested in their own personal profit or pleasure. Sure, it's bad if Aries thinks only of themselves, but selflessness has its own problems. Striking a balance between selfishness and selflessness requires mature Aries to behave in their own self-interest in certain situations and be generous and compassionate in others.

Egotistical and Arrogant

Aries is self-confident. However, an egotistical and arrogant Aries can diminish and bully others to elevate themselves. Self-confidence, on the other hand; that is, satisfaction in themselves is a good thing. Developing self-confidence can get Aries ahead without putting others down. It's good that Aries thinks highly of themselves, as long as they don't become egotistical and arrogant jerks.

Aggressive, Hostile, Hot-Headed, and Combative

angry business woman shouting at coworker

Ruled by Mars, Aries is the fighter and warrior. Fighters have got to argue and fight, and warriors need a war. An Aries's need to fight for supremacy often leads them to be aggressive, hostile, hot-headed, and combative when they experience any sort of resistance. "Might has right" as far as a negative Aries is concerned. Why? Because they feel they should be able to do or say whatever they want because no one can stop them. Yet life will teach them some things are worth fighting for - others are not.

Overly Competitive

Aries is a competitor. The stiffer the competition, the more determined they'll become. The negative aspect arises when Aries becomes so obsessed with winning that they'll do anything for victory. Over time, their life's happenings will teach Aries to be more self-disciplined and better at moderating their thoughts and actions.

Ruthless and Insensitive

Aries thrives on challenges. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's something they can attack and conquer. Whenever a goal becomes unattainable, Aries hunkers down and comes up with another plan of action. Undaunted by competition, a ruthless Aries can push on and insensitively trample over others. They won't relent until they've won the prize.

Foolhardy and Inpatient

Aries is a brave go-getter. However, a negative Aries will rush in "where angels fear to tread," rarely second-guess themselves, and are foolhardy and impatient enough to speak or take action even when they don't know much about what they're saying or doing. Undisciplined Aries tends to act without regard for consequences, leading to erratic behavior or totally irrational decisions.

Headstrong, Overbearing, and Tyrannical

Aries overbearing boss yelling at employees

Aries are leaders. Sadly, a dark Aries has only one mission, and that's what Aries wants. An Aries might appear to listen to others, but it's what they want that counts. As leaders, this can make them headstrong, overbearing, and tyrannical. Suppose Aries learns self-discipline and takes time to listen to others. In that case, they can avoid taking this to the extreme and begin expressing the outstanding leadership qualities they were born with.

Good and Bad Aries

As you can see, the bad side of Aries takes what might otherwise be good attributes to such an extreme that they become undesirable. Being conscientious of their actions and how they affect others might be the most essential lesson an Aries can learn.

Understanding an Aries’ Bad Traits and Qualities