Best Horoscope Dating Services

Published February 5, 2018
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Even with dating services popping up every day, it can still be challenging to find someone that you're compatible to date. If you use a horoscope in other areas of your life, maybe it's time you use it to find love. Here is a list of the best dating services, websites, and apps, that utilize horoscopes and other elements of astrology to match their users.

Love Digits

Love Digits is an app that uses a variety of information to curate your matches. This is the only app that uses all of these astrological measures to compare compatibility. The app has some compatibility measures, and matches are compared numerically from one to five. When viewing a match, you can see how compatible you are, five being a perfect match.

How It Works

The app scans your Facebook network and users in your area. The service then combines this information with Vedic astrology, Vedic numerology, and Chinese astrology to come up with the best matches for you.

If you like a match, you swipe to like the person and start chatting. As the relationship progresses, you can also use the app to measure longevity of the relationship. You can enter a birth date, time, and place, and two people can immediately examine the compatibility of their relationship for love and marriage through seven different Vedic and Chinese astrology measures.

The app is free for download. You are given 200 hearts to use as currency to test compatibility, you can buy more if needed. The creator of the app, Prasannan, has over 20 years of astrological experience.

Reviewer Impressions had this to say about the app, "If everything else has failed, long-distance relationships, online dating, school sweetheart, with this app you can get more information about the compatibility between you and your potential life partner." This has the potential of being an amazing tool to have in your pocket.

Astrology Dating Powered by

woman sending love text message partners with to match users. Match uses a well-known format as they have been around for so long. If you want to use a service that is more mainstream, this could be for you. Along with essay questions, location, sexual preference, and personal preference, users are matched based on the astrological signs that are most compatible with their sign. in conjunction, provides love advice centered around your sign and the sign of your potential matches.

How It Works

By combining astrological data with location, you get to see all the astrologically compatible matches you have in your area. Once you have found your matches, you can reach out to them through the anonymous email network provides. All of your contact information is safe and unknown until you make it known to a match.

You can also communicate on the app. You can try it out for seven days free; after that how much you pay is dependent on how long you want to be on the site. All options are around $25 per month. Match Group has been around since 1995, which speaks to its credibility.

Reviewer Impressions gives a 9.3 out of 10. They lament that costs more than average sites and is not as aesthetically pleasing but makes up for it in results. If you are looking for a site that acknowledges astrology while still being mainstream, Astrology dating powered by Match could be for you. There's comfort in using a service that's been around so long.

Spiritual Singles is a site that claims it makes holistic matches based on the whole you. This is the site for the spiritually open-minded singles. It not only combines your astrological signs but other spiritual information. This allows people who are trying out astrology to connect with people who are more concrete in their beliefs. If this sounds appealing to you, then it's time to sign up!

How It Works

After joining, you complete a match preferences questionnaire, astrological information, and essay questions. You will also be asked to upload pictures and a video. The process is detailed and extensive, but they claim that makes for matches that are compatible in more areas. All this information is combined to create a detailed profile and match you with people in both local and international databases.

Matches communicate through instant messages on the site. The site launched in 2000 and is the flagship site of the Conscious Dating Network. They are the first spirituality-focused online dating service. There are both free and paid versions of the site. The free version gets you a lot of services and is definitely worth a try. The paid version is under $20 per month.

Reviewer Impressions

Ask Men gave Spiritual Singles an 8 out of 10 overall. They don't like that there is no app, which is a bummer in today's culture. However, they give outstanding marks to the user-friendly interface. For the spiritually open-minded, Spiritual Singles could just be your perfect resource.

Astrological Dating

Whether you have used dating services before or not, these options are great places to go if you're looking for love with astrological alignment. All you have to do is hop on your computer or phone and start filling out some questions. Here's hoping the stars will align for you soon.

Best Horoscope Dating Services