How to Use the Law of Attraction in Love

Published August 31, 2018
Man and woman use the law of attraction in love

Using the law of attraction to find love is easier than you think. There is a process you'll undertake and once you've accomplished it, you'll be ready to see your soulmate manifest into your life. It may sound like magic, but it's simply how the law of attraction works.

How the Law of Attraction Works

Books have been written on how to use the law of attraction in love, and while these are great tools, the process is simple but not always easy. Your energy through thoughts and emotion are like magnets that attract people and situations to you. The law of attraction has two rules that are unbendable and cannot be manipulated.

Rule One: You Can't Force Someone to Love You

The first rule is you cannot bend someone else's will to yours. Free will is a universal law that even God doesn't interfere with.

Love Spells Backfire

If you attempt to mentally or otherwise cast a love spell on a particular person, it will backfire on you. While you might manage to force someone to bend to your will, it will be a false love. A love spell is never true love and doesn't deliver the joy of a genuine soulmate. Don't cheat yourself out of that kind of love and experience.

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Setting Sights on Someone

While you may think someone is your ideal match, trust the law of attraction will work. When you approach it with an honest and open heart, if that person is truly your one-and-only, you won't have to force them to love you. Likewise, if that person isn't your soulmate, trust the universe will send you a better one.

Rule Two: You Must Be Emotionally Whole

The second rule of the law of attraction is to make yourself whole. In order to find an ideal soulmate, you want to be emotionally whole. If you have emotional blockages that prevent you from feeling complete and feel you must be in a love relationship to complete you, you will attract a person just like you. Eventually, you will repel every potential new love. It might not be immediately, but those blockages will get in the way of your happily ever after relationship.

Expectations and Reality

This means you need to prepare yourself to be a whole person, ready to share your life with another whole person. Adjust your expectations that no one is going to be perfect, just as you aren't perfect. However, you want to be the best person you can be, just as you want your soulmate to be their best self. Be good to yourself and take time to nurture your own well-being. Only then will you be ready to have and give that kind of completeness to a relationship.

Step One: Meditate for Self-Discovery

Meditate for Self-Discovery

The first step to becoming whole is self-discovery. This requires all the courage you can muster to push through any emotional pain and blockages preventing you from finding your ideal love. You can work through emotional pain using meditation. (Some people may require a therapist to assist them.)

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a valuable tool to achieve self-discovery and eventual healing that will pave your way to a new life with a soulmate by your side. The type of meditation you choose is entirely up to you. You'll need to shine a light on any and all aspects of yourself that might be preventing you from finding a soulmate.

Step Two: Forgive; It's the Cornerstone of Healing

Forgive; It's the Cornerstone of Healing

Others can sense the energy generated by emotional pain. It has the same effect as the repelling energy of two negative magnets. You may need to forgive yourself instead of or in addition to another person. The surprising thing you'll discover once you reach forgiveness is that you benefit the most.

  • Forgiveness isn't always instant and may require repeating every day until finally you actually feel that energy of forgiveness descend on you.
  • You can visualize situations that are holding you emotionally hostage and face the pain.
  • Delve deep into the hurtful aspects and re-emerge on the other side of the pain.
  • Looking boldly at your emotional wound(s) requires a lot of effort, love, and a willingness to let the past go.

Step Three: Make a List

Make a List

You'll know when you feel emotionally whole. It will be as though a weight has been lifted from you. The world will be a brighter and happier place that you're eager to join. It's time to make a list! This will be a list of everything you seek in an ideal partner in life.

  • Write everything that comes to mind, regardless how small or seemingly insignificant.
  • This is your request to the Universe, God, or whatever spiritual belief system you embrace.

Step Four: Visualize Your Soulmate

Visualize Your Soulmate

Once you've made your request to the universe with your list, it's time to visualize. Katherine Hurst, author (The Secret Law of Attraction: Master The Power of Intention) and owner of the world's largest law of attraction community (6.6 million users) recommends what she calls "the romance magnet." She explains you can visualize your soulmate and use the age-old tool of a vision board to attract your ideal match.

Visualization Works

The art of visualization sends out positive loving scenarios to the universe for your soulmate to intercept. Thoughts are living things that generate energy. Visualization is the most powerful tool you can use to attract your ideal soulmate.

  • Spend time each day visualizing different positive, happy, and loving scenarios of being with your soulmate.
  • Visualize your soulmate as the perfect person to nourish and sustain you - but not a specific person. Allow the universe to send you the perfect person instead of telling the universe who the perfect person is.
  • Open your heart when you visualize and imagine as much detail as you can. Notice how it feels to be deeply loved and in love. Allow yourself to experience that emotion.
  • See yourself walking hand-in-hand with your soulmate along a beach.
  • Create a visualization of having a romantic dinner with your soulmate.
  • Another scenario to visualize could be an entire day of being with your soulmate.
  • Expect to have your wish list fulfilled and your visualizations will manifest.

Making Use of the Law of Attraction for Love

Once you've taken the journey of self-discovery, you can begin using the law of attraction to find love. Don't sit around waiting for your soulmate to fall into your lap. Get out into the world. That's where the two of you will meet.

How to Use the Law of Attraction in Love