Is Yours the Most Loving Zodiac Sign? Top Signs Ranked

Every zodiac sign is loving in its own way, but these six sun signs are particularly loving and affectionate. Is your sign one of them?

Published June 21, 2024

Every zodiac sign is loving in its own way and under the right set of circumstances. And while every sign shows their love in a different way, the top six zodiac signs are the most openly loving and affectionate with those they adore. 


Libra is the most charming sign of the zodiac, and they're the most openly loving and affectionate, too. Libras crave balance and harmony, and they're very giving to not only their partners but to all the people they love. They tend to put the needs of others ahead of their own, and their goal is to keep those they love happy. 

You'll never wonder whether a Libra loves you. You'll always know by their affectionate nature and kind and loving gestures. 


It's no surprise that water sign Pisces is extremely loving. As one of the most empathic signs of the zodiac, Pisces wants to make those they love feel adored because it makes Pisces feel loved, too. Pisces loves love and all that it entails, and so they channel that adoration into affection and gestures that show the other person just how loved they are. 


Another sensitive water sign, Cancer's whole life is built around those they love. Cancer believes in generously creating a lovely home for their partner and children. They are also openly loving and affectionate with trusted friends and family members — sometimes to a fault. For some of the more independent zodiac signs, Cancer's loving nature may make them seem a little clingy. 

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The Bull is a sucker for romance and partnership. While it takes a Taurus a bit of time to give their trust and affection, once that love is in place, it's there for life. Taurus shares their love through thoughtful and sweet gestures, and they're fiercely loyal to all they call their own. 


Leo is loyal and affectionate, and they shower that loyalty and affection on the people they love. While Leo's first love is always themselves, that doesn't mean they shy away from sharing that love with the people in their lives. After all, there's enough Leo to go around. Leo loves hard and deeply. Whether it's a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, you'll always know a Leo loves you by how fiercely they support you. 


At least half of Gemini is very loyal. As duality embodied, Geminis can run hot and cold. But the loving hal of Gemini is EXTREMELY loving, loyal, and affectionate. So during the times Gemini is more aloof, you'll have all the loving times to sustain you until the sun of Gemini's love shines on you once again. 

The Most Loving & Affectionate Zodiac Signs

If we didn't mention your sign above, that doesn't mean you're not loving. All signs love and show their love and affection in their own ways. But for the sun signs on this list, the love and affection flow through them in a highly visible way so that those who are lucky enough to be in their lives can clearly tell just how much they are loved. 

Is Yours the Most Loving Zodiac Sign? Top Signs Ranked