Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Published April 27, 2018
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In terms of compatibility, Cancer and Libra speak different languages and lead different lives. The Crab and Libra don't always get along. This means understanding each other and getting along can present some compatibility challenges that could easily drive the two apart or lead to valuable growth for both as each pushes the other to grow and step outside their own experiences.

Cancer Square Libra

A square relationship exists between Libra and Cancer, which means tension is present. These signs challenge one another, and that's not always comfortable. However, this is a dynamic aspect that can heighten and increase the effectiveness of both in a Cancer-Libra relationship.

Cancer: Emotional Perception

The astrological sign of Cancer is the cardinal water sign. Those with a Cancer sun speak the language of emotions. They engage others on an inner emotional level, are quiet, reserved, emotionally perceptive, and empathetic.

Libra: Social Acumen

The astrological sign of Libra is the cardinal air. Those with the sun in Libra speak the language of the intellect. They are socially skilled, flirty, gracious, charming, engage everyone they meet in conversation, and are adept at putting themselves in someone else's shoes.

Romance and Marriage

Cancer and Libra will be attracted to one another; they can have a torrid affair and easily fall in love. But making their love last is more difficult. It will take effort, commitment, and compromise from both Cancer and Libra to keep their romance or marriage moving in a positive direction.

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Biggest Compatibility Challenge

When a couple falls in love, there's a period when they only want to be with each other. That's perfect for Cancer who can cocoon forever and never dates anyone without marriage, home, and family as the end goal. However, it won't be long before the more social Libra wants to break out of the cocoon and get out and about. This is probably their most significant point of contention and biggest compatibility challenge. It's always challenging when an introvert and extrovert get romantically involved.

  • Libras are social animals. They love entertaining, meeting new and interesting people, and connecting friends to each other so as you can imagine, they enjoy having parties and get-togethers. What they need most in a romance or marriage are intellectual stimulation and verbal exchange.
  • Cancers are shy homebodies who are often wary of strangers. They prefer staying at home cocooned with the one they love and only socializing with family and a few longtime friends. What they need most in a romance or marriage is intimacy, deep caring, and a sensitive exchange of feelings.

Even if they do make it down the aisle, at some point, Cancer is likely to ask herself if Libra is the kind of partner with whom they want to raise children. On the other hand, Libra might find Cancer's whole approach to a romance and marriage has become a bit boring and unrealistic.

Making a Libra-Cancer Romance Work

Cancer and Libra are both kind and considerate. They both also try to keep the peace when possible as neither likes confrontation and arguments. Communicating what they want, understanding each other, and then being willing to sacrifice some of their wants is essential if their relationship is to survive. Although it won't be easy, if they succeed, each will come to understand it's okay to be both emotional and intellectual, private and social, and self-protective and outgoing.

Cancer-Libra Friendship

Cancers have a few close longtime friends. Libra has a lot of casual friends. If they become friends, it will happen slowly. The better each knows the other, the more they will see and appreciate the positive qualities of the other. Cancer will love Libra's charm, diplomacy, and easy manner with people. Libra will appreciate that Cancer is such a caring and empathetic person. Given time, they will also realize that they do have a shared love of a peaceful life, beautiful homes, music, the arts, and travel. As friends, they will not only make each other better, they'll have fun doing it.

Work Relationships Between Libra and Cancer

Possibly the most dynamic relationship a Cancer and Libra can have is a working relationship. However, it still presents some challenges. Both have executive abilities, but Cancer makes decisions based on instincts. Libra relies on analysis, and they will be competitive with one another. However, if they can compete in the spirit of fun, they will be able to call on both instinct and intellect and work together toward a common goal.

You're More Than Your Sun Sign

Even when two sun signs are as incompatible as Cancer and Libra, there can be other factors and areas of compatibility that can hold a couple together and make their relationship work. No two Cancers or Libras are alike. Astrological compatibility is complex as the study of astrology itself. Therefore, it's best not to focus on sun signs only.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility