Libra Sun Sign in Depth

Updated January 20, 2019
Libra Symbols

The energy of your Sun sign motivates and drives you. It's who you are learning to become. Those born with the Sun in Libra are learning to take action around principles of fairness, justice, and equality and have an urge to create harmony in one-to-one relationships.

Libra Sun Sign Astrological Basics

Astrological signs have many things that give and refine the definition of each.

The Scales

The word "Libra" means scales in Latin. The scales are the only inanimate symbol of the zodiac. They symbolize perfect equilibrium.

  • The symbol dates back to Babylonian astrology, a time when scales were used in marriage rites by the bride's family to weigh the silver and gold presented to the groom.
  • The scales symbolize Libra's need to create balance, beautiful consonance, and restore equilibrium to all affairs.

Libra's Glyph

Libra's glyph is a simplified drawing of the setting sun, as it falls below the horizon at dusk.

  • In Egyptian astrology, Libra was displayed as a disc above a bowl-like shape, said to represent the setting Sun above the Earth.
  • It also resembles the mathematical symbol for "equal".

Libra and the Seventh House

Libra corresponds to the seventh house of an astrological chart. The Descendant is the cusp of the seventh house. At dusk each day the astrological Sun falls below the Descendant. The seventh house is opposite the first house and places focus on significant others. A Libra's identity and satisfaction in life are highly dependent on how others relate to them.

Libra's Modality and Element

Libra's modality (mode of operation) is Cardinal (initiating, new, birthing.) Its element is Air (mental.) These indicate that Libra initiates on an intellectual level.

Libra's Planetary Ruler

Greek Goddess

Libra's ruling planet is Venus. Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, abundance, desire, fertility, and finances. But she is also the goddess of prostitutes and has a wild side that favors excess, vanity and materialism. The Babylonians called Venus the double-phased Ishtar, the morning star of war and the evening star of love. Venus as ruler of Libra defines many Libra traits.

What Kind of Person Is a Libra?

A Libra is the epitome of charm. They have a friendly, sociable presence, and enjoy meaningful yet cordial interactions. Libras have impeccable manners and an eye for symmetry. They're relationship-oriented individuals who are drawn to interact up-close and personal with others. Of course, like all astrological Sun signs, Libra has both good and bad qualities.

Positive Libra Traits

At their best Libras are balanced, gracious, refined, artistic, relationship-oriented, and charming with an impartial with multifaceted perspective. They dislike conflict and seek compromise in anything they feel is "unfair." If you meet an angry Libra, chances are they riled up about an ongoing injustice.

Negative Libra Traits

At their worst a Libra can be indecisive, people pleasing, insecure, deceptive, pleasure-seeking, superficial, passive-aggressive, quick-change artists, sweetly dominating and more.

Libra Compatibility

couple walking

A Libra in love is eager to partner and please. They are romantic idealists who are gifted in the softer more romantic aspects of love but have problems with the messy emotional part.

Libra's are most compatible with:

How a Libra Shows They Like You

Libras are such friendly and social individuals that they seem to like everyone. So, how can you tell if a Libra really "likes you"?

  • They'll preen when around you
  • They'll draw you into a prolonged and deeper conversation and want to know your thoughts and ideas
  • They'll cajole, coax, and flatter to persuade you to do things with them

However, you probably won't have to guess, because when a Libra man or a Libra woman "like you" they'll tell you.

Fun Facts About Libra

On a lighter and more fun note:

  • The scales of the Libra constellation were once constellation Scorpius' claws.
  • Libra's colors: Blue, Pastel Pink, Cream, Black
  • Libra's flowers: Rose, Bluebells, and Hydrangeas
  • Libra's day: Friday, the day ruled by Venus
  • Libra's birthstones: Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, and Agate
  • Libra Gifts: When gifting a Libra, forget practically and go for beautiful
  • Medical Astrology: Libra is associated with the kidneys, lower back, genitourinary tract, and lumbar spine, as well as all aesthetic body parts.
  • Famous Libra Personalities: John Lennon, Usher, Sasha Baron Cohen

The Sun in Libra

When you meet a person with the Sun in Libra you can assume they're sociable, refined, accommodating, kind, fair, diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, and artistic. However, keep in mind that these are only stereotypical Libra traits. Every Libra is more complicated than their Sun sign alone, so also be prepared for a few surprises.

Libra Sun Sign in Depth