Libra Monthly Horoscope for December 2023

Here's what the coming month has in store for Libra.

Updated November 25, 2023
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Here's your in-depth monthly horoscope for December 2023 for Libra. At the start of the month, the sun begins in Sagittarius and ends in Capricorn. In December, there's a full moon on the 26th and a new moon on the 12th.

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Libra Monthly Horoscope for December

For Libra, December is all about closing chapters. It's the final month of the year, and soon, it'll be time to pave the path towards new beginnings. Those periods between equilibrium — the beginnings and the endings — are the least comfortable for a balance-driven sign like you to sit in. Use mindfulness and self-care to move through any of this discomfort. A steamy cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket should be enough to curtail the worst of it. 

Search for calm and serene moments amid the holiday madness. These respites are vital when you're trying to make clear and thoughtful decisions in the coming year. 

Love and Romance

Last month, coupled Libras were tasked with opening a line of communication and trying to put your own advice into practice. Of course, four weeks isn't a long time to fully resolve any problems that had cropped up thanks to misunderstandings. This December, you should keep up the good work and continue building an open and honest dialogue in your relationship. 

On the other hand, single Libras should keep their eyes wide open in December. You just might find love in the most unexpected places. So, if you're down for a new connection, consider diverting from your regular path and seeing what the stars have in store. 


As someone who's probably called on to mediate all the family problems, the holidays can be less restful for you than they are for most. You deserve to enjoy the winter holidays too, so take a step back from your diplomatic duties. Let your family members work out their differences on their own for a change. 

But, as is your Venus-guided nature, you can look forward to a plethora of beautiful hand-made or hand-selected gifts from your loved ones. There's a lot of love and respect heading your way. 

Work and Career

December is an interesting limbo for most workplaces. People are in and out, and there are no new initiatives or programs getting started. Use this free time to organize your workspace and set clear goals for when you return from the holidays. 

In your downtime, take a moment to check in with your coworkers. Join them in workplace festivities and make sure you do a few rounds through any holiday parties. Networking can open up a bevy of new opportunities, and chitchatting with people is something you're great at!


Libra, we know you've got a great eye for the pretty things in life. But just because it captures your attention doesn't mean you've got to have it. There will surely be a ton of expenses in December, and the worst thing you can do is add to them with a sprinkling of impulsive spending. 

Libra Monthly Horoscope

In December, it's essential to wrap up the year in a nice and tidy bow. Reflect, plan, and find balance in all areas of your life. This month calls for you to build strong bonds with family and friends, settle things at work, and take a sensible approach to your finances. 

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Libra Monthly Horoscope for December 2023