Here's Your Monthly Horoscope for All Signs for October 2023

What do the stars have in store for you this month?

Updated August 25, 2023

Welcome to October. Spooky season's in full swing! Here's your monthly horoscope for October 2023. October spans both Libra and Scorpio birthdays. If you're looking for a special gift for someone with one of these signs, check out our Libra gift guide and our Scorpio gift guide

Before seeing what the stars have in store for you this month, learn more about your zodiac sign using our list of Sun signs by date.


Aries, there might be a lot of personal and professional growth in your future. As the struggle to balance your aspirations at work (and the long hours it takes to accomplish them) with your home life bubbles to the surface, set clear boundaries. 

You can start by being really present in your relationships and honing in on the meaningful conversations you're having. Similarly, be laser focused at work and practice not taking it home with you. 

On the financial front, things look like they’re going to be okay. But things can always take a turn, so it’s a good idea to be a little less frivolous with your funds in October. 

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From getting to know your coworkers better through long afternoons working on collaborative projects to staying up late picking your love's brain, October is set to be a month with many opportunities to deepen the relationships in your life. 

However, just because the stars might be turning their attention towards your external relationships doesn't mean you shouldn't consider the internal ones, too. Take some time to sit with your inner voice and see if you can hear what it's saying. A great shortcut to building a better relationship with yourself is turning down the noise around you and focusing on hearing what your body and brain are telling you. 

If you can find the time, it's also a good idea to consider your current budget (if you have one) and look for ways where you can cut excess spending. 

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Clear your schedule, Gemini. It’s looking like October’s going to hijack your social life. Get ready to say yes to all the get-togethers and adventures that you’re invited to. You never know which late-nights might bring pleasant romantic surprises. 

Thankfully, you're a pro at adapting, and you're probably going to have to rely on your adaptability to roll with the punches that pop up at work. But if you feel your energy tank heading towards empty, you can always refill it by surrounding yourself with family and friends. 

It also looks like October is a prime month to take a few chances on some well-thought out investments. Who knows? You just might strike it big before the holidays kick into high gear. 

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Given how big your emotions can feel as a Cancer, you probably crave external stability. Thankfully for you, October looks like it's going to be a predictably even-keeled month.

The lack of rollercoaster-esque chaos should give you the space to ground yourself in your romantic and family relationships. Similarly, you might find a renewed energy surrounding your work, and all that effort could pay off this month. 

As with most of the other zodiac signs, you'll need to be careful with your spending. Give yourself a good foundation to let loose over the holidays. 

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Break out the crafting scissors and hot glue. October should bring Leos a drive to explore their creative side.

In terms of love and romance, you might find you and your partner totally in sync. And to top the positive vibes off, the family group chat should be blissfully calm all month long. 

While most people think about creativity and the arts, there are other ways to express it. For example, you could find unique businesses to invest in or start-ups to put your support behind. Or you could promote interesting initiatives at work and be the force behind your own leadership opportunities. Grasp the creative spirit while you can! 

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Virgos, if you’ve been feeling run down, October looks like a promising month to recharge emotionally. As you heal your spirit, look toward your romantic and familial relationships as sources of comfort. There might be some arguing in the future, but the sooner you smooth it over, the sooner you can get back to the status quo. 

The only area that might challenge this emotional reset is work. You could find that things ramp up, and people are making more demands of you. Remember that you’re not a robot whose only job is to perform, and that you don’t have to give 100% all the time. 

Meanwhile, Virgos might be a more instinctively isolated sign, but it's time to stretch your social wings in the financial arena. If you partner with friends and family on big investments, you might get bigger wins than you ever have before. 

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For Libra, October brings the opportunity to focus on balancing your social life and personal pursuits. You’re not represented by a scale for nothing! You’re in your best form when everything in your life is harmonious. Think about where you can make less effort and give more energy to finding stability. 

Don’t be afraid of delegating some of your responsibilities to your family if you can’t handle the load. They want to support you, and you should let them. 

This could be a great month to pay down old debts. The lower the balance, the more comfortable you’ll be to take bigger financial swings. 

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Scorpio, the spooky season could bring transformation. There may be opportunities to overcome issues you've been ignoring and change behavioral patterns that haven't had good results. 

Your family life and romantic relationships are set to be full of passion — the former from emotional outbursts and the latter from deepening those emotional bonds. Meanwhile, home in on your instincts at work. Lead with your gut and you’re likely to see big wins because of it. 

Financially, you’ve come up to a big “caution” sign. Sprinkle some of that work intuition into your investments and spending habits this month to keep things in the black. 

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Sagittarius, October is the month to pursue your individual passions and once-in-a-lifetime dreams. You might feel you’re leaving others behind as you embark on your solo adventures, but taking the month for yourself will let you come back more invested and open than ever. 

If you want to keep your romantic connections strong, bring your partner along on some of these trips. And keep your family feeling a part of your life by sending postcards and souvenirs their way. 

Scale back that spirit at work. It’s important to balance your wanderlust and your responsibilities. Similarly, the financial world isn’t where you should take risks right now. October isn’t a great money month for most zodiac signs, so take heed of the dangerous potentials for overspending. 

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Capricorn, your ambition is a major driving force, but it can come at a cost. Spend October looking inwards and evaluating where your priorities really lie. Do your past goals match up with your current wants and needs? If not, make adjustments to align them. 

Your romantic life should take a similarly deep route, with conversations about long-term plans lingering on the horizon. As always, turn to your family for advice and support as you navigate this fluctuation. 

While the personal areas of your life might be up in the air, your work is there to ground you. Continue dedicating yourself to your job, and those big moves could be closer than you think. Approach your finances with a conservative mindset this month.

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October could light your out-of-the-box creativity on fire, Aquarius. Although you might instinctively shy away from the spotlight, now is the time to speak about your ideas and perspectives with pride. 

Let that confidence carry into your romantic and familial relationships, too. And don't feel limited in your workplace to stay within the traditional mold. When you step outside of the box and share your forward-thinking mindset, you'll be surprised at how well it's received. 

While you're at it, get funky with your financial investments. Look for up-and-coming or unusual business ventures to fund. 

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Pisces, in October, take a deep dive inward and explore the depths you’ve got hidden inside. It might be a good idea to use creative outlets like painting or writing as a medium of translating your introspective experiences into something concrete. 

If you’re in a romantic relationship, you could find you and your partner moving in sync. You may need to use the methods you’re using to explore your inner self to help family members or friends process their own experiences. 

Lean into your gut feelings at work this month, and they’ll drive you to make smart, purposeful decisions. Your intuition shouldn’t lead you astray in the financial realm either, as long as you curb any emotional spending. We know those mini pumpkins are adorable, but do you really need 31 of them? 

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Here's Your Monthly Horoscope for All Signs for October 2023