Cue the Catwalk Music: Here's Every Zodiac Sign as an Outfit

If all the zodiac signs took a strut down the catwalk, this is what they'd be wearing.

Published January 15, 2024

You already know how much your sign says about your personality. But what if all the zodiac signs were categorized as outfits? We're using your sign to determine what signature fashion statement your personality makes.

If you're just as unsure of your sign as you are of what to wear, take a look at our horoscope dates chart to find your starry match. Knowing your sign is a pretty powerful accessory. 

Aries Embraces High-Quality Trends

Aries, you're confident and courageous, so trends are your friends. While others are dipping their toes into the trends with fast fashion, you're investing in high-quality pieces that look stunning on you. 

You can easily rock a turtleneck sweater, wide-leg trousers, and an oversized blazer. On others, it might look like they're trying too hard. But on you, it looks just right. Your risk-taking personality is your strength when it comes to fashion, and it usually pays off.

Subtle Trends Are Best for Taurus

Speaking of trends, Taurus is a sucker for the latest fashions. You can be a bit impulsive, which might lead to a fashion mishap from time to time. But your determination means you eventually find your perfect fit.

Try embracing trends in a subtle way, Taurus. Sporting a monochromatic look in a trending color like lavender helps you stay in vogue and have a reliable style to turn to time and time again.

Quick Tip

Since you love to indulge, Taurus, indulge in a capsule wardrobe that you can rely on as the trends come and go.

Gemini Knows How to Blend Styles

Versatile Gemini is a master of blending multiple fashion styles at once. Gem, you can rock any two styles and look as effortless as others sporting jeans and graphic tees. 

Your curiosity and youthfulness help you stay up on the latest trends without compromising your own dynamic style. You could be many outfits, Gemini, and they are all a blend of seemingly opposite styles.

You might have a handle on your style, but have you thought about what Crayola crayon your zodiac sign might be

Cancer Dresses According to Their Emotions

Cancer's longing to feel secure — coupled with their rollercoaster of emotions — leads to an ever-changing style. Some days, you rock your favorite loungewear, and others, you throw on a flowy dress to embrace your romantic side. 

If you were an outfit, Cancer, you'd be a cozy sweater with a pair of floral shorts or a leather jacket with a flowy dress. Your moodiness can make choosing an outfit tough at times, but letting your emotions lead the way often results in a stunning wardrobe selection.

Leo Is a Striking Power Suit

Taking charge is your specialty, Leo. You rock a power suit like nobody else, especially when you add your own creative flair and your special brand of confidence.

Your power suit is anything but boring, dear lion. You captivate the room and show off your inner glow in a simple two-piece look as much as you do with a designer skirt and blazer.

Fast Fact

Few people can rock a colorful suit, Leo. But you definitely can, so don't be shy. 

Virgo Rocks a Reliable Pair of Jeans

Don't worry, Virgo — though you may be tempted. You're more than just a pair of jeans. You're the jeans that always look good and go with everything. Classy and tailored perfectly to you, this pair of jeans is never going out of style in your book.

Your loyalty as a Virgo extends beyond your loved ones. When you find a brand you truly adore, stick with it. Once you find the perfect hip-hugging pair of jeans or tailored jacket, you know you've met your match made in fashion heaven.

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Libra Balances Volume & Sleek Style

 People can't quite put their finger on how your style can be so effortless. As a Libra, you know how to balance nearly everything in life, and that includes your fashion choices. 

You're a charming outfit with the right amount of sleek style and volume. Like skinny trousers under a trench coat or skater skirt over tights, you know a thing or two about striking the perfect fashion balance. 

Scorpio Is a Classic LBD

You're a powerful and classy sort of person, Scorpio. So you're the embodiment of the little black dress. 

People are drawn to you, and fashion never overpowers the magnetism of your personality. Yet, you're mysterious and always appear to be holding something back. That little black dress can hold many secrets, and you're not very quick to give them away.

Sagittarius Makes Athletic Wear Stylish

You need the freedom to move and explore as a Sagittarius, and athletic wear gives you just that. A legging and sports top set is your perfect fit for more than just a quick trip to the gym.

Don't be afraid to add some personality to that athletic outfit, Sagittarius. Exploring is sort of your thing and adding some detail to your outfit can help others see the joy you bring to life. 

Capricorn Fits Cargo Pants Best

It's a good thing cargo pants are back, Capricorn. Because they were made for you! Since you're so practical, all those pockets come in handy.

Since you're so loyal, investing in a great piece like a leather or denim jacket could make those cargo pants feel even more like your perfect fashion statement. 

Aquarius Embraces Unexpected Styles

There's no one quite like you, Aquarius. People can understand that with one glance. You don't follow the trends because you march to the beat of your own catwalk song.

You're rocking bold patterns when everyone else is too afraid to give them a shot, and your ideal outfit might contain a few thrifted pieces. You might show up to a casual event in a floor-length gown, but you are far from overdressed for the occasion. 

Helpful Hack

If you love shocking your friends with your fashion choices, try wearing a piece in a new way. Turn a dress into a skirt or wear a long tee over tights to show off your originality. 

Pisces Leans Into Dark Academia

It's like Dark Academia was made for Pisces. You look right at home in deep colors and academic styles. Your wisdom and artistic vibes shine in blazers and plaid skirts.

You may have gone through a goth stage in your teenage years, Pisces. But now you've blossomed into a thoughtful fashionista with a knack for the studious side of style. 

If you thought Barbiecore style might have been for you at some point, maybe you should see what Barbie you are based on your sign

Dress Away the Stereotypes

Your sign doesn't dictate your entire wardrobe. You can step outside of those stylish stereotypes and find the outfit that feels most like you. The truth is, your style will always tell the world just a little something about who you are, even if it isn't your zodiac sign.

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Cue the Catwalk Music: Here's Every Zodiac Sign as an Outfit