Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Capricorn Moms

Published July 25, 2018
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A Capricorn mom is driven to make sure her children have everything they need to succeed in life. However, how she relates to her child depends in part on how her "mother knows best" approach affects each child. How she might have to modify it to give her child a positive sense of self can partially be seen in mother and child Sun sign compatibility.

Mothering Traits of a Capricorn Mom

There's a "steel magnolia" in every Capricorn woman. She's a feminine mother who with just a look will let the strength of her character shine through, making her children think twice before smarting off or rebelling. She's a serious, no-nonsense, sometimes hard and hard-to-know mother, who may at times even seem cold and emotionally unavailable to her children, but underneath her hard edge, she's a soft and loving mother whose kids and family always come first.

A Capricorn mom:

  • Is the rock of her family and has "old-school" family values.
  • Is consistent, thoughtful, and has patience.
  • Teaches her kids the difference between right and wrong.
  • Isn't afraid to set limits or to teach her kids important life lessons.
  • Is a tough-love mom who can be stern with her children.
  • Is always there for her kids whenever they're faced with adversity.
  • Teaches her children not to give up, to deal with their problems, and try to find a way through.
  • Shows her devotion to her children through her actions rather than affection.

This mom's most significant weaknesses as a mother can be her stoic emotional nature, lack of humor, and her penchant for efficiently managing rather than nurturing her children.

Aries Children

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A Capricorn mom is likely to spend a lot of time attempting to make her rowdy Aries child slow down, pay attention, and follow her rules. However, an Aries child doesn't like to be told what to do, so she'll also be dealing with his sassy rebellion. A Capricorn mom has perseverance, will not give in one iota to what he wants, so her Aries child is likely to give in and move on to something else. A Capricorn mom can and will instill an Aries child with a sense of responsibility, as well as teach him to control his temper and discipline himself, but she should take great care not to break his spirit.

Taurus Children

A Taurus child shares a Capricorn mom's practical, down-to-earth nature, but she isn't as driven or dutiful as her Capricorn mom might wish. She's a determined child who can buckle down and take care of business, but she'll do it in her own sweet time, which is likely to frustrate her "do-it-now" Capricorn mom. Mom will have to make allowances for this laid-back, slow-moving child and remember that she's not lazy; she procrastinates. Mom shouldn't let her Taurus child's apparent lack of ambition concern her, because when a Taurus child finally decides it's time, she can be just as responsible and hardworking as her mom.

Gemini Children

A Capricorn Mom may have some problems keeping up with her restless, comedic, and mischievous Gemini child. A Capricorn mom is a "stick-with-it-until-it's-done" mom, while a Gemini child has a short attention span, a lively mind, and is interested in everything and everyone. He bores easily and is quick to move from one thing to another and one subject to another with a speed that can make mom's head spin. No routines or schedules work for this child, which means a Capricorn mom will have to lighten up, take a deep breath, laugh at his antics, answer all his questions, and bend some of her rules to facilitate her Gemini child's development.

Cancer Children

A Capricorn mom can give her Cancer child the reliability, stability, and consistency she needs. Her child will feel safe and secure with mom's "old school" type of mothering. Both love home and family but have less understanding on an emotional level. Mom is emotionally reserved and finds it difficult to show warmth while a Cancer child is very dependent on a warm and loving emotional connection with mom. A Capricorn mom will have to make a special effort to show her love and affection openly and provide her Cancer child with lots of physical love and attention.

Leo Children

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Naturally warm-hearted, playful, exuberant, and happy, a Leo child sees the world as his stage and those in it his adoring audience, especially his serious-minded Capricorn mom. While his flashy gregarious "see me" nature will sometime make mom shudder, she must be careful not to extinguish his enthusiasm or hurt his pride. Mom will have to accept that he's very different than she is, adjust to his dramatic attention-seeking nature, let him brag and show off a bit, and give him lots of praise and recognition for being the strong, fearless, and creative child he is.

Virgo Children

A Capricorn mom and her Virgo child are very much alike. A Virgo child will thrive in the well-ordered, stable home life a Capricorn mom provides, and mom will appreciate that her Virgo child keeps her room clean and is so willing to help around the house without being told. A Virgo child is mature for her age and like her mom, she's emotionally reserved. All of this compatibility is wonderful, but mom needs to remember that all work and no play will make her Virgo child a dull one. It will be up to mom to go against her nature and lighten the mood by bringing some fun and humor into her life and the life of her Virgo child.

Libra Children

A Libra child is sweet, agreeable, and indecisive, while a Capricorn mom has definite ideas about what her child will and will not do. A Libra child wants to please everyone, especially her mom. So, she'll go along with whatever mom says. However, a Libra child's "need to please" is likely to cause problems for her as she gets older; she's a child that needs to learn to be decisive and stand up for herself. A Capricorn mom doesn't care about pleasing or agreeing with others, which makes her the perfect mom to teach a Libra child that occasional disagreements are a natural and unavoidable part of life, and that being assertive isn't the same as being offensive.

Scorpio Children

A Capricorn mom excels at providing a Scorpio child with the physical and material security she needs, but a Scorpio child needs more emotional support than a Capricorn mom innately gives. She's a passionate and intense child with extreme emotions that hide behind an "I'm in control" demeanor. However, these feelings can come rushing out as temper tantrums or brooding, and when they do, they can seem to be irrational and confusing to her mom. A Capricorn mom needs to remember that she can't always see what's going on emotionally with her Scorpio child. She will need to step outside of her comfort zone and ask her child to talk about her feelings in order to give her Scorpio child reassurance.

Sagittarius Children

A Sagittarius child is a playful, headstrong child who needs a relaxed schedule. He's almost sure to rebel against the rules and regimentations of his Capricorn mom. A Capricorn mother will find it hard to give him the freedom he thrives on, but she must try anyway. A Sagittarian child learns best by exploring the boundaries of his world and taking risks. He's also likely to say things that shock his mom. A conservative Capricorn mom is going to have to be more relaxed and less rigid in her rules, and more open-minded in her thinking when mothering a Sagittarian child.

Capricorn Children

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A Capricorn child is just as responsible, practical, dependable, and serious-minded as his Capricorn mom. A Capricorn child craves success, recognition, and approval, and wants to know that mom sees how smart, hardworking, and diligent she is. A Capricorn mom can easily bolster a Capricorn child's self-confidence and self-esteem by praising her accomplishments and giving her rewards, but mom shouldn't neglect planning some time for her and her child to have some good, old-fashioned fun and relaxation.

Aquarius Children

Like his Capricorn mom, an Aquarius child has plenty of drive and ambition, but he's an innovative and experimental child, and his unusual interests may challenge mom's traditional values. A Capricorn mom has a "mother-knows-best" style of mothering, while an Aquarian child marches to the beat of his own drum and is always more likely to do what he thinks is best. However, mom should not hinder his ideocracies or his independent mind. It's more important that she supports him and shows an interest in everything he's doing.

Pisces Children

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Pisces children are extremely sensitive, imaginative, and compassionate kids who are able to merge with the suffering and emotions of others and can be easily led. Learning emotional boundary setting is essential for a Pisces child. A Capricorn mom's innate mothering instinct is to make rules, set boundaries, and teach her children right from wrong. Once a Capricorn mom realizes that her Pisces child is a dreamer with a big heart and open spirit, she can easily create strategies that have safe boundaries, but will still motivate and inspire her ethereal and impressionable Pisces child.

A Child's Astrological Sign

No two mothers or children are the same even if they have the same Sun sign. Still, understanding the Sun signs is an excellent start. The astrological sun exemplifies the essence of a child; their developing sense of "self." Although it might not be how the child appears to their mother, it does describe the core of their being. However, to understand a child and what they need from their mother through the lens of astrology, it's best to contact an astrologer who specializes in family dynamics.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Capricorn Moms