Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for a Pisces Mom

Published July 31, 2018
Boho-chic woman and child

A Pisces mom is a sensitive and understanding mother with a heart of gold, who's quite liberal with her children. Looking through the lens of astrological mother and child compatibility, she can tailor her mother traits to motivate, inspire and nurture her child's developing sense of 'self.'

Mothering Traits of a Pisces Mom

A Pisces woman is the archetypal bohemian mother. She is drawn to all things alternative and artsy and displays a gentle and peaceful nature. She is a devoted mom who will go to the ends of the earth for her kids, be as tough as nails for them when needed, and protect them from anything and anyone.

A Pisces mom:

  • Is empathetic, creative and intuitive; almost nothing her child does gets past her
  • Is nurturing, compassionate and in tune with her child's needs
  • Showers her child with unconditional love
  • Is relaxed, but consistent, on household rules
  • Gets involved in her child's life
  • Encourages her child to make friends with people from different social and cultural classes
  • Is not into material things and encourages her child to find joy in all she does
  • Nurtures her child's creative drives and imaginations
  • Embraces her child's free expression

When it comes to mothering, a Pisces mom's most significant weakness is that she often has mommy-blinders on. She believes her child can do no wrong and tends to avoid reality. She can also have angry, emotional meltdowns, and guilt-trip her kids when they do something wrong.

Aries Children

An Aries child is a passionate, energetic child, who is always raring to go. A Pisces mom is a fluid, adaptable, mom who wants her child to be happy. An Aries child can make a Pisces mom feel more "in-the-moment," and mom can have a calming effect on her Aries child. She'll embrace his free expression and seldom get angry or scold him, unless he takes his reckless and rambunctious nature to the extreme. It's only then he will see mom's protective toughness. A Pisces mom shouldn't expect many cuddly tenderhearted moments with her Aries child. However, they will share many lighthearted and fun moments.

Taurus Children

Taurus Children

A Taurus child is a bit like a Koala bear; she's a slow-moving and a cuddly, tree-hugger. She's an idealistic, earthy, and sensual child who is dependent on touch and emotional closeness. Because of this, she will respond well to her Pisces mom's loving and devoted nature. The mother of the Taurus child embraces her sweet, mellow child's more relaxed view of life and her love of forests, trees, flowers, animals, and other parts of the natural world. This mother/child combo is a win-win. An earthy Taurus child is nourished by mom's watery and fluid nature. The ethereal Pisces mom will be grounded by her child's robust and earthy presence.

Gemini Children

A Gemini child is a cerebral quick-witted, happy, and playful kid who delights in every new experience. A Pisces mom can expect some delightful and not-so-delightful surprises from her mischievous child. A Gemini child is prone to imaginative storytelling and little white lies, and his Pisces mom can be deceived, at least for a while. But when mom finds out, she needs to calm herself, appreciate and praise his vivid imagination, and understand he sometimes talks to hear himself talk or to get a reaction, and not allow herself to have an angry Pisces, emotional meltdown.

Cancer Children

A Cancer child's basic needs are emotional security and frequent physical and verbal shows of love. A naturally affectionate and nurturing Pisces mom is perfect at responding to the needs of her Cancer child. Mom knows not to push her sensitive child to go anywhere or do anything that makes her uncomfortable and will intuitively know when her Cancer child is feeling overwhelmed and stressed. A Pisces mom will love her sweet, sentimental, and shy Cancer child just as she is and her total acceptance will give her child the confidence and courage she needs to succeed.

Leo Children

Leo Children

A Leo child is a happy, outgoing, loving, energetic and confident child who can be a joy to his Pisces mom. However, he can also be bossy, brassy and demanding. A Pisces mom is a gentle mom who is quick to consent to what her child wants. As he gets older, the sheer strength with which he makes demands of her can intimidate and make her angry. However, mom can nip this negative aspect of her child in the bud without hurting his sensitive pride, if she pulls him aside, reminds him of using manners, praises him when he asks instead of demands and creates choice situations where he can be the boss.

Virgo Children

A Virgo child is as sensitive, gentle and unassuming as her Pisces mom. However, unlike her mother, who tends to go with the flow, a Virgo child needs the structure of routine and consistency to stay centered and can be thrown into major anxiety when one thing is off. Of course, a Pisces mom's love will be a constant in her life, but mom also needs to adapt to her child's need for an orderly life. A Virgo child is adept at knowing what she needs, so mom needs to let her know that communicating what she likes matters and give her time and space to talk.

Libra Children

A Libra child has a sweet, peaceful nature and thrives when he's surrounded by people who love him. A Pisces mom is a loving, devoted mom, and that's just what her Libra child needs. Mom and child both crave harmony, mom will shower him with affection, and her devotion and acceptance will give him a solid base from which to move outward. Like his mom, he responds to art and beauty, so his artsy mom will stimulate his creative side. The downside of this pair is both can be somewhat wishy-washy when it comes to making decisions.

Scorpio Children

A Pisces mom is just the right mom to give her complicated Scorpio child the attention, love, and affection she needs. Mom is also intuitive enough to know she needs reassurance and a strong emotional connection with her mom to feel safe and secure. A Pisces can also lead her Scorpio child to flow with the currents of life. However, it's important for mom to understand her Scorpio child is innately strong-willed, controlling and can be subtly manipulative at getting what she wants, while mom is a bit of a pushover. A Pisces mom will have to grow some backbone and leave no room for doubt when she says "no" to her Scorpio child.

Sagittarius Children

A Pisces mom will love her Sagittarius child's adventurous nature and his curiosity about the different people and cultures of the world, and will gladly give him the freedom he needs to explore. However, his impulsive enthusiasm and his mouth will at times be a bit much for her. However, she's a mom who embraces freedom of expression that can and will let this slide if she continually reminds herself that her Sagittarius child doesn't intend to offend anyone, he's just a good-natured kid, who's not too tactful.

Capricorn Children

A Capricorn Child is firmly planted in the real world, and this will be an adjustment for her flighty Pisces mom, whose world is more about fleeting sensations, intuitions, feelings, and impressions. Mom has no problem believing in all the magic and mysteries of life, but her Capricorn child requires a practical grip on reality and to accomplish useful things. Mom is nurturing enough to provide her with the structure she needs and intuitive enough to give her tasks and to understand her Capricorn child needs recognition and rewards for what she accomplishes.

Aquarius Children

Aquarius Children

An Aquarius child is not as emotional as his Pisces mom and doesn't need to be showered with the love and devotion she gives. He doesn't express his emotions as openly and selflessly as her, but she accepts he loves her. Mom will be amazed by his imaginative ideas, his beautiful mind and his need to be different. Plus, like her, he has a humanitarian streak, cares little about material things, and is open and interested in all types of people. Best of all an Aquarius child can benefit from his Pisces mom's creative perspective and unquestioning acceptance.

Pisces Children

The ethereal Pisces child is of this world but is seldom in this world. Like her Pisces mom, she's a creative and imaginative dreamer who goes with the flow and rarely deals with mundane reality. Which means mom will need to keep her feet on the ground and get a grip on reality, after all, someone needs to teach her Pisces child how to handle life's routine responsibilities. In truth, teaching her child how to deal with reality can be a wonderful experiential review for mom that will benefit the entire family.

Your Child's Astrological Sun

Even if it's not how they appear, the astrological sun describes the core of a child's being and their developing sense of "self." However, there are so many astrological factors to consider when comparing horoscopes that mother/child sun sign comparisons can sometimes be misleading. It can be fun, but if you want to know how to parent your child in a way that encourages their growing sense of "self," it's best to contact an astrologer who specializes in family dynamics.

Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for a Pisces Mom