What Flavor of Ice Cream Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you fried green tea ice cream or a really good vanilla? No wrong answers here!

Published September 7, 2023


From blue moon to rocky road, every flavor of ice cream has unique qualities that make it great — just like the signs of the zodiac. In fact, certain signs and ice cream flavors have a lot in common, and you can choose your ice cream based on your zodiac sign to get the perfect treat for your personality.

Use this chart to figure out your sign or that of your friends and family. Then, the next time you're at the ice cream shop or freezer section of the grocery store, you'll know exactly what the stars say is your best bet when it comes to frozen treats.

Aries - Coffee Ice Cream


If you're an Aries, you know what it is to be bold, and your ice cream should be just as strong and forceful. Coffee ice cream is the perfect choice, especially if you throw in some toppings to go with your mood (think fudge sauce, toffee bits, or whipped cream).

Taurus - Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


With your sensuous and pleasure-seeking nature, Taurus, decadent dark chocolate ice cream is a natural choice. Go for the richest chocolate you can find and top it with your favorite goodies. Might we suggest a raspberry compote or some fudge?

Gemini - Neapolitan Ice Cream


If you're like a lot of Geminis, you might do best without a ton of restrictions and with lots of options (if that doesn't sound like a trip to the ice cream parlor, we don't know what does). There's an ice cream for that: Neapolitan. When you get vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry in one scoop, you have all your bases covered and can turn your attention to the toppings.

Cancer - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream


Well, Cancer, when it comes to ice cream, we think you should lean into your nurturing nature. And what's more nurturing than chocolate chip cookies? The perfect chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream tastes just like those cookies your mom made when you got home from school.

Leo - Birthday Cake Ice Cream


If you're a Leo, chances are you're pretty expressive and playful. Your ice cream flavor should be too. We think you can't beat birthday cake ice cream for this. It's a scoop of celebration, after all, especially if you top it with plenty of sprinkles.

Virgo - Vanilla Ice Cream


You might think vanilla isn't interesting, but it's actually the most practical and useful of ice cream flavors — just like you, Virgo. You can get a really great vanilla ice cream and eat it on its own or dress it up with just about anything that strikes your fancy.

Quick Tip

Not all vanilla ice creams are created equal. We recommend you perform a taste test to pick your favorite. Grab some gourmet options, as well as those grocery store favorites you grew up eating.

Libra - Rocky Road Ice Cream


Libra, you know a thing or two about balance, and that means you need ice cream that perfectly balances flavors to create something even better than its parts. If that doesn't say rocky road to you, we don't even know what to say. Combining chocolate, marshmallows, and almonds, this ice cream parlor favorite has the scales balanced to "yes."

Scorpio - Fried Green Tea Ice Cream


Scorpio, embrace your intense side with a green tea ice cream treat that also leans into the extremes of life. We're talking fire and ice here, but in ice cream form. You can't get fried green tea ice cream just anywhere, but it's basically the perfect mix of hot and cold with plenty of flavor thrown in.

Sagittarius - Blue Moon Ice Cream


You're joyful and fun-loving, Sagittarius, and there's definitely an ice cream for that (okay, let's be honest — that's pretty much all ice cream). We think you're blue moon, that classic blue flavor that's hard to characterize but totally playful and happy. Plus, it will turn your tongue blue, and that's always fun.

Capricorn - Peanut Butter Ice Cream


When it comes to ice cream flavors, zodiac signs like Capricorn have a ton of options. After all, there are a lot of ice cream choices that are totally practical. We're a fan of peanut butter, though. Technically,  it's sort of nutritious, right? Plus, you can top it with chocolate and nuts, or really, all kinds of things.

Aquarius - Firecracker Ice Cream


An ordinary ice cream flavor just isn't you, Aquarius. With your revolutionary and unpredictable nature, we're voting for firecracker as your dessert. It's a combo of strawberry ice cream and popping candy (like Pop Rocks), so it's a surprise in every bite.

Quick Tip

Firecracker isn't available at every ice cream counter, so if you can't find it, make your own. Grab your favorite strawberry ice cream and add the candy just before eating.

Pisces - Salted Caramel Ice Cream


Pisces, you're known for your adaptability and your imaginative nature, so your ice cream should be something versatile but with a little twist to it. You're salted caramel ice cream, that perfect combo of salty and sweet that seems to go with almost everything. Top it with chocolate or nuts or plop a big scoop on top of warm apple pie.

Let the Stars Be Your Guide


Next time you're not sure what to order at the ice cream parlor, let the stars be your guide. Choose your ice cream based on your zodiac sign and experience a taste sensation that's perfect for you.

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What Flavor of Ice Cream Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?