What Is Pisces Good At?

Published January 29, 2019
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The sign of your Sun describes your essential nature and key personality traits. It's the innermost part "you" that shines out into the world and directs your life. Of course, every Pisces is different related to their entire birth chart, but just knowing that your Sun sign is Pisces can give significant clues about what you're good at.

Pisces Excel as Friends or Lovers

Although a Pisces often prefers to be alone than with people they don't care for, they excel as a friend or lover.

A Pisces Friend

They may not be the most extroverted person in your circle of friends, but a Pisces friend can be the best friend you'll ever have.

A Pisces friend is:

  • Kind-hearted and dependable; they will never let you down
  • Shy and retiring so they'll never compete with you or steal your moments of glory.
  • Open-minded and non-judgmental, so you can tell them anything
  • Empathetic, intuitive and sympathetic, they'll know, without anything being said, what you're feeling
  • Imaginative and creative; they' can always come up with a unique solution for any problem a friend has
  • Generous and will always put a friend's wants, needs, and feelings before their own
  • Gentle but honest; they can tell you the hardest truth without hurting your feelings

A Pisces Lover

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In addition to everything that makes a Pisces excel in friendship, a Pisces lover can make you feel like you're their muse and the most handsome man or the most beautiful woman in the world, and if you're a Scorpio, a Pisces could be the best lover you'll ever have.

A Pisces lover is:

  • A chameleon who can change themselves to suit their partner
  • Incredibility tender, romantic, and generous with their love
  • Sensitive to their lover's needs and will do anything for them
  • A natural at seduction as well as imaginative and sensitive to their partner's sexual needs

Sports, Hobbies, and Games That Pisces Is Good At

Pisces are known to be the gentlest souls, and their gentleness is revealed in their hobbies, sports and games they're best at.

Sports Pisces Are Good At

Pisces are not competitive and are best at more peaceful sports such as golf or Ti Chi. They're also good at water sports such as swimming, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and all kinds of paddling, from kayaking to rafting.

Hobbies Pisces Are Good At

Pisces are quiet souls and prefer to spend their spare time in retreat from the world. They're best at hobbies like movies, music, painting or creating other works of art, or designing and maintaining an aquarium.

Games Pisces Are Good At

A Pisces' loves to escape from reality into their own little world with video games and is best at fantastical games that allow them to magically experience a world where their dreams and fantasies come to life. They excel at games like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Legend of Zelda all of which combine sympathy, artistry, fantasy, and romance.

Careers and Jobs Pisces Are Good At

Though Pisces can excel in many career fields, they seldom seek positions of authority and are best in jobs and careers in the creative arts or in public service.

  • A Pisces' imaginative, fantastical vision makes them highly creative and artistic. They make excellent photographers, filmmakers, musicians, art dealers, writers, florists, talent agents, hairstylists, or graphic designers.
  • A Pisces' kind heart and helping nature can lead them to become exceptional nurses, therapists, social workers, teachers, or doctors.
  • The Pisces' need to be of service to others can also lead them to be good at careers in all sorts of public services, such as law, politics, the clergy, child welfare, or emergency services.

What an Individual Pisces Is Best At

Everything mentioned above will be given a more personal expression related to the positions of the Rising sign, the Moon, the other planets, and the houses in a Pisces birth chart. As an example, a Pisces with placements in the Fire signs might be best in competitive sports and in a career in Law or politics, while a Pisces with placements in the Earth signs might be best at golf and in a career as a graphic designer or florist.

What Is Pisces Good At?