13 Heartfelt Poems About the Loss of a Mother

Poems about a mom's death speak to a loss unlike any other. Read these poems at a funeral, for comfort, or to share with someone who's grieving.

Updated April 26, 2024
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Losing your mom is so difficult. It's a life-changing event that can leave you feeling untethered. And while grief softens over time, you always miss your mom. These poems about the loss of a mother express how it feels when your mom dies and share hope for emerging from grief with the memory of your mom held deep in your heart. 

Famous Poems About the Death of a Mother

Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, Rudyard Kipling, and other famous authors penned poems about their mothers. The power of these writers' words speak eloquently and are expressions of their thoughts toward their mothers. You can use these famous poems about losing a mother as they are or to inspire you to write your own tributes or memories through verse.

Sonnet to My Mother

Sonnet to My Mother by George Barker is the type of poem that rolls off the tongue, making it a good choice for a reading at a funeral or memorial service. The poem paints the picture of the mother as a resilient, powerful, unmovable force. The poem was written as a remembrance of Barker's deceased mother and focuses on the things he knew he would miss about her. It's a touching poem on a mother's death that resonates with many people when they think of their own relationship with their mom.

Mother 'o Mine

Mother 'o Mine by Rudyard Kipling was supposedly written as an apology to his mother for the sad ending to one of his books. She wanted a happy ending, so to ease her displeasure, he composed the poem as a tribute to her. The poem tells the story of a mother who loves her child no matter what. The poet paints the picture of a mother's love making a broken person whole once more.

To My Mother

To My Mother by Edgar Allan Poe speaks about the important role mothers play in their children's lives and the world at large. Poe's mother died when he was very young, so he understood the importance of women who assume the mother role, even if they aren't actually mothers. Recognizing the powerful role that moms play in children's lives can be a special way to pay tribute to any mother.

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Childhood by Rainer Maria Rilke talks about childhood memories that have slipped from the mind, only to be recalled when something unexpectedly trips the memory. It's largely a poem about how fragile childhood can be, but it alludes to how those childhood memories are important. It's a suitable poem to reflect on the passage of time. Since poems about a mum's death often focus on the past, this can be a unique way to remember a special woman.

To My Mother

To My Mother by Christina Rossetti is quite a short poem, suitable for someone who doesn't want to say many words. The poet wrote this poem to celebrate her mother's birthday. The mention of giving flowers to the mother in the poem might make this a good poem to recite when surrounded by funeral flowers. It's a good option for those looking for simple in memory of mom poems.

Sonnets Are Full of Love

Sonnets are Full of Love by Christina Rossetti is a sonnet written to celebrate the poet's "first love" — her mother. The poem speaks of the special love between a mother and her daughter and how that love is reciprocal.

My Mother Would Be a Falconress

My Mother Would Be a Falconress by Robert Duncan is a fairly long poem, but it's so beautiful. The mom in the poem is painted as authoritarian, yet willing to teach her child. As the poem goes on, the poet relies less on his mother and more on the skills he acquired from her. It's about a mom letting go of a child she prepared for independence.

Original Loss of a Mother Poems

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Paying tribute to your mom after she dies is a good way to share your feelings and honor her. You can use these special verses written by LoveToKnow writers and editors to reflect on shared times and memories. Each mother-child relationship is unique. These original poems can be a starting point to frame anyone's sense of grief and unique memories around losing your mum. 

My Brilliant Mother

by Casey Gamble

When my mother passed away,
Her absence left its mark.
I'll use her light to guide me
When this journey of grief feels dark.

The greatest gifts she gave me
Are courage, strength, and resilience.
I wouldn't be able to handle this pain
If it wasn't for her brilliance.

Each time I laughed, she'd laugh along.
And when I cried, she'd wipe my tears.
Each time I fell, she'd help me up.
For my wins, she was there to cheer.

She prepared me for the future,
Taught me how to face my fears.
Now the future is here, but she is gone,
And everything seems unclear.

She'd been with me from the start
With constant, unwavering love.
Though she's moved on from this world,
I know she's watching from above.

She would tell me to be strong now.
And continue on without her.
So I'll be sure to lead a worthwhile life
In honor of my brilliant mother.

You Made the World Brighter

by Casey Gamble

Mother, your laugh was a song
Making us smile.
The sound of joy,
Music to our ears.

Your eyes were a painting
Lighting up rooms,
Captivating attention,
Encouraging conversation.

Your life was a movie
With love, emotion, excitement,
With ups and downs,
With you, our hero.

Though we'll forever miss your laugh,
Your eyes and your life,
We're grateful for your legacy
Of making the world brighter.

A Beautiful Mother

by Amy Finley

Your love, your sacrifice, your smile
You left a legacy in even the smallest things
You gave so much of yourself
Loving others unselfishly and unconditionally.

You were a light, a beacon, a fire
Burning bright through the years.
You put your burdens on the shelf
Giving your heart so freely and beautifully.

You brought laughter, learning, and joy
Into moments large and small.
Your heart was your true wealth
A beautiful mother inside and out.

Here in Our Hearts

by Amy Finley

Our hearts grieve
Our tears fall
Our arms are empty
Without you here.

The thoughts swirl
Our souls ache
The world seems so lonely
With the loss so near.

The memories whisper
in the sorrow
Comforting our hearts
Reminding us of your love, so clear.

You were a mother who gave
Who always stood strong
Meant the world to so many
Was so incredibly dear.

All our minds cherish you
we honor your memory
Our love will always remain
and in our hearts, you're still here.

Mom Dancing With Her Maker

by Karen Frazier

when her days come to twilight
in the peaceful hush that is the end of Mom's life,
she dances with her Maker
a soft, slow waltz
to a song that whispers
welcome Home

Earth slips away
leaving only gossamer fluttering behind
to brush those she loves
with an echo of her presence

when the day comes
for each of her beloved
to begin the dance
her voice will joyfully join in
singing louder than the rest
welcome Home

Left Behind

by Karen Frazier

Left behind we watch
As Mom drifts away
Unable to comprehend
How she can smile
At a time like this

Mom's eyes are on the heavens
Ours are on the horizon
As we look forward and see
Emptiness in the space
She now occupies

Her consciousness expands outward
Into the universe
Our consciousness shifts inward
To probe a wound
Raw with her leaving

We wonder at Mom's peace
In the presence of our pain
Unable to understand
Her smile of compassion
At our turmoil

Lost in our physical selves
We struggle to understand 
Our mother drifting away
From us
And becoming Spirit

And when we do
We wrap ourselves in grief
Instead of bursting with the joy
At the grace of our mother
Returning Home

Poems About a Mum's Death During Times of Loss

Poetry is a source of comfort and healing for the bereaved. Poems that deal with loss are often read as part of a eulogy. They provide some solace for both the reader and those present at the service. The poetry evokes emotions and perhaps, even tears. These emotions can be therapeutic for the griever.

Reading in Memory of Mom Poems

When reading a poem to an audience, keep our suggestions in mind.

  • Take your time.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Project your voice so that all can hear.
  • Practice aloud beforehand.
  • Go over difficult or unfamiliar words.

Characteristics of Remembering Mom Poems

Writing a poem about your mum's death is a deeply personal experience. It can be cathartic and help bring you some peace. If you'd like to write a poem to honor your mom after she dies, these tips can provide some inspiration.

  • Keep it simple and loving.
  • Share an aspect of appreciation for your mom.
  • Speak of yearning to see your mom.
  • Tell of your mother's love and wisdom that she bestowed upon the family.
  • Emphasize how your mom sacrificed for her children.
  • Explain her nurturing ways.
  • Recall a lesson learned you learned from your mom.

Poetry for a Mother's Death

When you are at a loss for words when the time comes to honor your mother's life after she dies, then it's perfectly okay to use someone else's words to help express your feelings. Use one of these options as sympathy poems for the loss of mother, to find comfort, or to honor her memory. Find the poem that most speaks to your heart and use it as a fitting tribute.

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13 Heartfelt Poems About the Loss of a Mother