10 Star Child Traits and Abilities

Updated September 2, 2021
Boy looking at the stars

Is your child a star child? How would you know if they were? In the past few decades, these remarkable souls have entered human bodies to assist in ushering humankind into a new existence by raising the human frequency. Look for common star child traits and see if you recognize your little one.

Distinctive Eyes

The star child is unusually beautiful with a very distinct eye color ranging from green blue to violet. Their eyes are often described as intense and when they look at a person, they seem to be able to see the person's very soul. Their all-knowing persona can be intimidating to some people and reassuring to others.

Highly Creative

Star children are often very gifted in music, art, science, and other creative fields. Most star children shy away from the spotlight and may hide their talent out of fear of exposure. They are typically loners yet are innovators and, with encouragement, can bring new ideas, art forms, music, and even technology into the world.

Past Life Memories

Most star children recall many of their past lives or at the least, the one(s) most pertinent to their reason for being on Earth. They often talk about their past lives matter-of-factly, as though everyone has such knowledge of their past. They've carried past lessons and abilities with them into this world.

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Impatient and Highly Intelligent

A star child is often impatient with the pace of the world around them, waiting for it to catch up to them. They are extremely intelligent but can suffer from emotional immaturity as a child due to the stark contrast between mental and physical development. Once they become an adult, they usually settle into a balanced existence. Star children select their families prior to birth having assessed how the family can support their mission.

Empath Abilities and Deep Compassion

A star child has deep compassion for their fellow human beings in part due to their strong empathic abilities. Star children can sense other people's emotions so strongly they can often achieve telepathy. While that my sound desirable, you often find star children living in remote and rural areas due to their empathic abilities. For some, solitude is the only way they can achieve and maintain inner balance.

Inexplicable Wisdom and Knowledge

It shouldn't be surprising that a star child has knowledge that is simply impossible for them to have. They are extremely wise, even when very young. Adults often call them precocious and will refer to them as old souls. How else can others explain their abilities? Star children are often child prodigies.

Psychic Abilities

A star child has many psychic abilities, but they may hide them from other people. If it is part of their mission, they'll use their abilities openly. Otherwise, they'll rely on their psychic talents to maneuver through life, helping others along the way. Along with their psychic abilities, star children are highly intuitive and trust their instincts more than they trust what they see.

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Connected to Spirit World

The star child maintains her/his connection to the spirit world, usually cognizant of their time spent there. These inroads established before birth allow them to plug in whenever they wish to communicate with spirit guides and others.

Unconditionally Loving

Star children are some of the most forgiving people and never hold grudges. They understand the spiritual aspect of life on Earth and are never unnerved or unseated in their spiritual overview. They love their fellow humans, often recalling individuals they meet from a shared past lives. They provide examples on what it means to love unconditionally.

Unconditional Love

Aware of Life Purpose

A star child never doubts their life purpose or the road they are traveling. They're always keenly aware of their mission and are focused on achieving it. It may require an entire lifetime, but they're dedicated. They often recognize fellow star children and whenever star children connect, they become a very powerful and positive force for those around them.

Star Child Traits and Abilities

Some star children may have differing traits and abilities, but most have shared ones that separate them from the rest of the world. If you meet a star child, chances are you'll immediately recognize how special and different they are.

10 Star Child Traits and Abilities