17 Famous Energy Vortex Locations From Across the Globe

Updated June 1, 2021
Trees And Sky Seen Through Cave During Sunset

An energy vortex is a location with powerful spiraling Earth energy. Something in the land formations of these areas allows for increased spiritual energy. Such vortexes are believed to be highly spiritual in nature, and many attribute healing properties to them. There are energy vortexes all around the world.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a known spiritual hub of energy that attracts people from around the world. With towering red rock formations, Sedona is a popular destination for spiritual travelers seeking its powerful energy. Along with the vortex energy, you'll find all kinds of spiritual activities from guided outdoor meditation retreats to metaphysical shopping. It's also a great place for all types of outdoor recreation.

There are four major vortexes in the Sedona, Arizona area along with a few lesser known vortexes. These include:

  • Airport Mesa Vortex - Sedona's most easily accessed vortex site is on the road to the airport, which sits on a mesa above the town. It's a short quarter-mile walk from the parking area to the vortex up a well-marked and easy to travel path.
  • Bell Rock Vortex - This vortex is extremely powerful in its energy, and you can feel it if you're anywhere near Bell Rock. There's a hike and a climb involved, as well as two access points; however, the vortex is so strong that you don't need to be on the rock to feel the energy.
  • Boynton Canyon Vortex - It's an easy hike to the Boynton Canyon Vortex, so it's a good one to visit for vortex hunters in all levels of physical condition. Expect to walk about 1/2 mile from the parking lot.
  • Cathedral Rock Vortex - The hike to the Cathedral Rock Vortex is challenging; you'll only travel about 3/4 of a mile, but in that short distance you'll climb about 650 feet. The vortex is in the saddle of the rock.

Additional vortexes in or around Sedona are located in the following places:

Karen Frazier
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Buddha Beach
  • Oak Creek Canyon Overlook
  • Energy Well Spring (Oak Creek Canyon)

Mount Shasta, California

Located in Siskiyou County in Northern California, Mount Shasta may not be as well-known for its energy vortexes as Sedona, but it is the second most well-known energy vortex in the United States. It's also known as the Root Chakra of the Earth. The entire mountain is believed to be an energy vortex, and whether you're on the mountain or in the nearby town of Mount Shasta, you can feel the healing energy and pull of this incredible location. You can feel the most energy by venturing up to the Bunny Flat or Panther Meadow trailheads. These are well-known gathering points for hikers, climbers, and those seeking spiritual experience in the vortex energy.

The town of Mount Shasta has sprung up as a community of spiritual seekers and sages who have come to enjoy the spiritually powerful region, so it's a lovely place to visit if you're looking for spiritual healing and want to meet other like-minded individuals. You may also see a UFO, since the mountain is rumored to be a hotbed of UFO activity.

Mount Shasta from downtown Mt. Shasta

Glastonbury, England

In England, the town of Glastonbury is believed to be the intersection between two large energy streams, creating an energy vortex. You'll find two energy vortexes here at the Glastonbury Abby ruins and at Glastonbury Tor.

Druids recognized the sacredness of the energy of this place, using the Glastonbury Tor, a unique naturally beveled hill in the middle of a field with the roofless St. Michael's Tower at its peak, as the site of sacred initiations for priests and priestesses in around 2500 BCE. Glastonbury Abbey served as a monastery, and even before that, it is believed the area was a site of religious importance for ancient Celts.

Due to the special energy of this place, many seekers make a spiritual pilgrimage to Glastonbury to experience its vibe. Along with vortex energy, you'll also find this is the home of the first Christian Church in the British Aisles, and the area is alive with the lore of King Arthur.

Machu Picchu, Peru

An electromagnetic subterranean energy is said to reside in the Inca Citadel of this famous mountain. Machu Picchu is one of Peru's most popular tourist destinations. This Inca ruin is said to be responsible for many healings and spiritual awakenings. In fact, the entire region is known for ancient mysticism that's still prevalent today.

Many visitors to Machu Picchu claim they can feel its powerful energy, making it a popular destination for spiritual seekers. One of the most powerful energetic features in this vortex is the Sacred Rock of Machu Picchu, and many place their hands on it to internalize its vibration.

Machu Picchu

Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Known for unique energies and spiritual awakenings by visitors, these are the most famous of the Egyptian pyramids. No one truly knows the original purpose of these mighty structures, but they were built using the universal mathematical constant of pi. In fact, many claim that these Golden Ratio buildings demonstrate a very important purpose. Many people believe that the pyramid form, when built using these specific mathematical equations, will aid in healings.

Himalayas, Asia

The tallest mountain range in the world is famously known for the challenge of climbing Mount Everest. This Asian range stretches across five countries, including India, China (Tibetan Plateau), Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan. India, Bhutan and Nepal are recognized as the sovereigns of the mountain range. The Hindus and Buddhists revere the mountains as sacred, and spiritual sojourns to the Himalayan range are common. Mount Kailash (or Kailas) is located in Tibet and known as the seventh (crown) chakra of the world.

Mount Kailash in the Himalayas

Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico

On Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, you'll find the Mayan ruins at Tulum. The walled city of Tulum is located on 39-foot cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the Yucatán Peninsula's east coast, and it's one of the last cities inhabited by the Maya people. Many believe these ruins are imbued with deep spiritual resonance arising both from the location and from the mystical energy of the Mayans who once inhabited the city. It is also believed that the high vibrational area of this region was caused by a meteor impact. Whether you visit for spiritual awakening or eco tourism, you'll feel the vibration of this powerful vortex.

Easter Island, Chile

This Pacific Island holds 887 carved humanlike statues that were recently discovered to be nearly twice the size as the portion exposed above ground. Easter Island is commonly believed to be within a large black spiral. The giant monolithic stone heads, called moai, are made from magnetic rock, which many believe is the source of the powerful energy on this remote island.

While Easter Island is difficult to reach and remote, for those who visit for spiritual activities or outdoor adventures, you can have a high vibrational experience if you visit.

Easter Island

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

Sitting in the center of a convergence of 14 major ley lines, the ancient site of Stonehenge has long been believed to be an energy vortex. A prehistoric monument sits here. The monument's purpose is the subject of legends and mystery, since no written records exist explaining why it is there or what it's used for. Still, visitors here report feeling deeply spiritual energy that likely comes from the convergence of the ley lines that create this powerful energy vortex.

Other Energy Vortexes in North America

Many other locations are believed to be energy vortexes as well.

Crater Lake, Oregon

A volcanic crater that has formed a natural lake, Crater Lake is a National Park located in South Central Oregon. It is a sacred site for the Klamath Tribe, as well as a popular tourist destination.

Denali National Park, Alaska

Another in America's National Park system, Denali gets its powerful vortex energy from the intersection of ley lines. Whether it's the powerful energy of the breathtaking beauty, Denali has much to offer spiritual seekers.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Located in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is the location of spectacular red rock formations similar to those found in other vortex locations. This is also a sacred place for many Indigenous people including Ute, Shoshone, Apache, and Lakota.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Located in Alberta, Canada, visitors to this beautiful location can feel its powerful vortex energy. Located in the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park, you'll not only get powerful vortex energy here, but you'll also experience breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Mountains are often the source of powerful vortex energy, probably from a combination of the minerals and rocks that make up the mountains and the topography of the land. The tallest of the Appalachian Mountains, Mount Mitchell is also a sacred place for the Cherokee people, who call it Attakulla. It's located outside of Asheville, NC.

Ojai, California

Located in a peaceful valley in Ventura County, north of Los Angeles, Ojai is well known for its calming vortex energy that visitors can't help but notice. And whether you're on a spiritual pilgrimage or a foodie one, it's a popular destination for people seeking the energy of tranquility they receive there.

Oregon Vortex, Oregon

The Oregon Vortex is an odd one. Located in Gold Hill, which is in southwestern Oregon, there's a definite energy here that is hard to describe. In fact, there's a roadside attraction called The House of Mystery that definitely presents with some weird phenomena. But you don't need to visit the tourist trap to feel the energy. The area of this region definitely has a feeling to it that's common with vortex energy.

Petroglyph Park, British Columbia

Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, Petroglyph Park is the site of prehistoric First Nation rock carvings. It's a forested park with a short walk to the petroglyphs, and there's a distinct energy to this place that was sacred to the First Nation people who inhabited the island.

Petroglyphs in Nanaimo BC

What Does an Energy Vortex Feel Like?

Different people have varied experiences in energy vortexes, but some things people report include the following:

  • Profound spiritual experiences
  • Physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing
  • Tingling sensations in the body
  • Increased sense of spiritual clarity or understanding
  • Increased psychic ability
  • Rush of energy
  • Shift in consciousness
  • Altered perceptions
  • A sense of euphoria or bliss
  • Increased inspiration or creativity
  • Increased paranormal or anomalous activity

Visiting Energy Vortexes

Visiting energy vortexes when you travel is a great way to recharge. Many visitors to these locations have had profound spiritual experiences that have left their lives forever changed.

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17 Famous Energy Vortex Locations From Across the Globe