7 Rainbow Children Traits: Is Your Child One?

Updated April 30, 2021
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Rainbow children are believed to be old souls that are experiencing life on planet Earth for the first time. These highly evolved souls have gone through hundreds of lifetimes in other worlds and bring their finely tuned frequency into this world to help others achieve spiritual enlightenment. Many people believe most or all rainbow children were born in the year 2000 and are now young adults.

They're Enthusiastic Explorers

Rainbow kids are perpetual explorers. You'll soon learn that your rainbow child has questions about everything. The discoveries this child makes provide a small glimpse into their inner mind. A rainbow child sees the world through the idealistic prisms of a soul sojourning their first incarnation. They enthusiastically embrace life's experiences, exhibiting a thirst for knowledge. Their openness and all accepting nature inspire and encourage others to embrace new things and new ideas with wonderment and joy.

They Are Fiercely Independent

A rainbow kid is fiercely independent and marches to their own drum. Societal expectations can't harness this child. The best advice to parents is to accept the fact that your child isn't a conformist but instead is a trailblazer. While being a supportive parent is important, these old-souls don't seek approval from anyone. They don't want or need it. This independent thinker will constantly surprise you with their deductive reasoning and intuitive insights about life and people.

To the rainbow child, life has many roads to travel, and each person must choose their path. Their deeply held philosophy even at an early age is that no one has the right to dictate which road/path you follow or what manner you choose to travel it. They may not be able to vocalize their ideals, but their reactions and choices will be good indicators that they are indeed a rainbow child.

They Have a Positive, Happy, and Cooperative Attitude

A rainbow child is the fount of happiness and positivity. This child doesn't understand or relate to the lower frequency of negative emotions, such as sadness, fear, anger, or despair. If you have a rainbow child in your household, then you are blessed with a bright smile and cheery disposition.

Whatever your child is tasked to do, she/he will take on the challenge with a positive attitude in a congenial manner. Your child is wise and understands responsibility and duty at an early age. They are mature beyond their physical years.

Parents often worry that their child's willingness and cooperation might make them vulnerable to someone pushing them around. They quickly discover that assumption is wrong since a rainbow kid won't sacrifice their personal values to serve someone else's will. Their refusal will be polite, but firm.

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They Have Psychic Abilities

It's said that rainbow children have extraordinary empathic powers, psychic abilities, and early signs of telepathic tendencies. A rainbow child is believed to possess the innate ability to manifest their deepest desires and uncannily acquire the things they need in life.

Unlike other intuitive children who are often bewildered or confused by their psychic gifts, a rainbow child is very comfortable with these abilities. As your child grows older, more psychic talents may emerge and existing ones possibly grow stronger.

They Are Staunchly Determined

Since rainbow children are so open, loving and forgiving, they are often underestimated when it comes to their abilities. Some people underestimate a rainbow child's determination, willpower, and staunch stance on what is good and just. There are no compromises when this child sets out to achieve a goal.

A popular Reddit video is a good example of this type of stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise on what the child deems is appropriate or necessary. In the video, a little boy refuses to throw out the first baseball of the game until he is allowed to do so from the pitcher's mound.

Whether the boy is a rainbow child, he clearly demonstrates a rainbow child's resolve of not compromising on his goal and getting what he wants. He doesn't throw a temper tantrum, just stands his ground, pointing to the mound before the adult relents and allows him to throw the baseball from the pitcher's mound.

They Have an Active Inner World

Your rainbow kid has a very active and engaging inner world that others often misunderstand. This inner world is made up of all kinds of knowledge they've carried with them into their life on Earth. Their connection to the other side, the astral plane, and other dimensions remains strong since they still resonate with the higher frequencies of those worlds.

They stand with one foot in the other world and one foot in this world. This gives them a mystique that others gravitate toward. A rainbow child eagerly shares their spiritual truths to anyone who inquires. However, don't expect them to explain things to you since they believe all answers lie inside and discovering them is the purpose of the spiritual journey of self-discovery.

They Are Loving and Accepting of Others

These children have an exceptional capacity to love. In fact, they only know how to give unconditional love. They possess a generous acceptance of others that disarms any type of prejudices and they never pass judgment on another person's ideals or beliefs.

This higher love is awesome and proves awe-inspiring when you witness how these children treat other people and how they move through life. Their mission as lightworkers is to spread joy, peace, love, and happiness. They certainly bring all this and more to the families they choose to join.

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Rainbow Children Usher in Final Stage of Spiritual Evolution

The rainbow child's mission is their number one priority in life. Indigo and crystal children are said to be the first lightworkers to usher in the new age of spiritual enlightenment. Their very presence on Earth has assisted in raising the human frequency.

It's often said that Indigo parents paved the way for the crystal children, who in turn created the ideal environment to receive their rainbow children. The energy patterns established by the two preceding generations of indigo and crystal parents are inherited by the rainbow children. They, in turn, establish their energy imprint on the foundation of positive energy lovingly turned over to them.

The rainbow child is the final manifestation of souls traveling to this planet to help with humankind's ascension into the next spiritual dimension. It's a tall order, but rainbow children are up to the challenge with their infectious, positive and loving attitudes.

Many people believe the majority of rainbow children were born in 2000. There is speculation that a few latecomers arrived within a two to three-year span after 2000.

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Is Your Child a Rainbow Child?

You might wonder if your daughter or son is a rainbow child. There are a few additional telltale signs that may be used to identify a rainbow child. Some of these traits include:

  • Natural desire to help others
  • Deep connection to nature
  • Highly evolved spirituality
  • Doesn't need much sleep thanks to high energy level
  • Not afraid of anything, especially obstacles or challenges
  • Loves colorful clothing, décor, and flowers

Recognizing Traits of Rainbow Children

You can often recognize rainbow children by their unmistakable, endearing traits of behavior. If you're lucky enough to have a rainbow child in your family, be sure to nurture their creativity while encouraging and supporting their high ideals!

7 Rainbow Children Traits: Is Your Child One?