Are Birthmarks and Past Lives Related? Researchers Weigh In 

Updated August 16, 2021
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Do you have a strange birthmark? It could be a sign of a past life! Several researched reincarnation cases have shown a correlation between injuries sustained in a previous life and birthmarks that exist in the current one. Explore some of the theories about birthmarks and what several past life researchers believe your birthmark could mean.

Ways a Birthmark Indicates a Past Life

Past life researchers believe a birthmark is evidence of a past life trauma. This trauma is often associated with that life or was the cause of death. The birthmark theory is demonstrated by a birthmark at the site of a fatal wound.

The compelling story of Titu Singh is a classic case of a past life birthmark/scar. When Titu was two-and-a-half years old, he claimed his name was Suresh Verma. He named the town where he lived with his wife and their two children. He knew their names, along with the shop he owned, and in-depth details about his life, family, and his death.

Titu told his parents how he was killed by a gunshot to his head. Titu bears a round indented birthmark in the exact location of the gunshot wound he suffered in his past life. Just as importantly, the exit wound on the other side of his head bears another birthmark. Both birthmarks match the size and shape of the gunshot wounds noted in Suresh's autopsy. Titu visited his wife and children. She believes he is her husband reincarnated, and so do his former parents.

Titu's story is not unique. It's impossible to explore the birthmark theory without coming across the name Dr. Ian Stevenson. Known for his forty-years of research into children's past lives, Dr. Stevenson discovered children who died traumatically in a previous life often had birthmarks at the site of the trauma. A pioneer in the field of reincarnation, Dr. Stevenson took 49 cases of children with birthmarks and wounds and compared the birthmarks to the autopsy reports of the person the child claimed to have been. Eighty-eight percent of the cases showed a correlation between the fatal wound and the child's birthmark. He concluded that the birthmarks were evidence of reincarnation.

Of course, not all birthmarks are signs of a traumatic death. Many are from injuries the person survived in another life. Even past life birth defects are documented as showing up as birthmarks.

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How Past Life Birthmarks Are Formed

Past life birthmark researchers, Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD, believe these birthmarks appear because of the soul's mind, which is not part of the brain, has a blueprint that exists after death. This blueprint is used to create the fetus in the soul's next incarnation. This imprint contains markers of the trauma suffered from the most immediate past life. It can create a birthmark that corresponds to that trauma, such as the birthmarks Titu had of the bullet wound.

This new information comes from many researchers, as well as areas of scientific research like epigenetics, quantum physics, and consciousness studies which postulate the theory that everyone exists as energy, which remains even after death. Dr. Tucker, a student of Dr Stevenson's, states on page 10 of his book Return to Life, "If the mind continues after death and inhabits a developing fetus, then I could see how the images could affect the fetus." He believes the image in the mind, rather than the actual wound, creates the birthmark.

Epigenetics demonstrates that experiences in life can leave scars on the genes that can be passed on to your descendants. Pregenetics refers to genetic code that precedes life - possibly from past lives. The International Journal of Yoga states, "...brothers and sisters are unique individuals with different perspectives and ways of life. Although they genetically and even epigenetically share the same or similar environment, we still find them different and unique." Epigenetics doesn't have an explanation for this anomaly. The answer may lie in pregenetics, or imprints from past lives.

Numerous case studies of people with past life birthmarks exist. Some are amazing and fascinating. Author and past life researcher Dr. Brian Weiss tells how a client recalled a past life where she accidentally smothered her child while keeping him hidden from enemies. Her child had a crescent shaped birthmark on his shoulder. In her current life, she met and married a man with the same birthmark in the exact place as her son from her past life. The man also suffered from asthma.

Are Birthmarks and Past Lives Related?

These are just a few of the many documented cases of past life birthmarks. Does this mean birthmarks are evidence of past lives? Case studies examining the relationship between birthmarks and previous lives seem to indicate they are, indeed, evidence.

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Are Birthmarks and Past Lives Related? Researchers Weigh In