What Does It Mean When Two People Have Matching Birthmarks?

So your birthmark matches someone else's. Is it a glitch in the matrix, a sign of soul connection, coincidence, or something else?

Updated May 3, 2024
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If you've ever discovered that you share matching birthmarks with someone, it can definitely seem like a glitch in the matrix. After all, birthmarks are highly individual, and like snowflakes, it seems like no two birthmarks would ever be alike. It has to mean something, right?

It's uncommon for two people to have matching birthmarks, but there are reports that it happens. While it's not possible to compare with everyone in the world to see how many people have a similar birthmark to yours, if you notice you share a matching birthmark with a special other, it might feel significant. Whether it's matching freckles and moles or a red spot shaped like Florida (we know, oddly specific), could sharing an identical birthmark with another person or a group of other people indicate your souls are connected across time and space, or is it a coincidence? 

Theories About Matching Birthmarks

Many people believe some birthmarks have spiritual meanings. For example, birthmarks may appear in places on the body where someone was injured or scarred in a past life, they may have symbolic psychic meanings, or they may be shaped like animals or other objects that indicate something about karmic challenges in this lifetime. When you share a similar or identical birthmark with someone else, however, it may be an indication your lives or souls are linked in some way.

Need to Know

There is little objective evidence to prove that matching birthmarks have meaning. But there is some anecdotal evidence that serves as the basis for theories about what similar birthmarks could mean.

You May Have Had a Past Life Together

In his reincarnation research, Dr. Ian Stevenson identified birthmarks related to past life events on many of his subjects. So when two people who are closely linked in this lifetime share identical or highly similar birthmarks, it may be an indication you've been together in a previous life in some way. It doesn't necessarily mean you're "soulmates" or romantic partners throughout lifetimes, but it isn't uncommon for people in the same soul group (clusters of souls who frequently share incarnations and remain together in the spirit world) to appear in each other's lives time after time, and a birthmark may signal to you the other person has played significant roles in your past lives and will in this lifetime, too.

You May Share a Common Spiritual Path

If the birthmarks have a similar unique shape and/or color, such as appearing in the form of a certain animal, it may indicate you share spiritual characteristics, or you may be walking a similar spiritual path. Recognizing the matching birthmarks allows you to find a support system — someone who will understand and enhance your journey as an embodied spirit.

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You Could Be Soulmates

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People with matching exact birthmarks (size, shape, color, location) could have a special relationship across lifetimes. For example, you may both have heart or diamond-shaped birthmarks in the same place on your body, or you may have a matching birthmark over your heart chakra. A soulmate is someone who incarnates with you lifetime after lifetime and plays a significant role in every life. While most people consider soulmate relationships romantic partnerships, it isn't always the case (although quite often it is). A soulmate may come as a parent, child, sibling, or best friend, as well. No matter what form the relationship takes in your life, however, this is the soul who comes with you across time and space to challenge you and help you grow.

It May Be for Other Reasons

There are so many birthmark theories and superstitions, all with little supporting evidence other than stories people share and ideas they come up with. Matching or similar birthmarks could also mean:

  • You were of the same royal lineage in past lives.
  • You were both fatally wounded in the same spot by a similar weapon.
  • You share the same guardian angels or spirit guides who gave you a "kiss" before you were born to mark you and help you recognize one another.
  • Your spiritual journeys are somehow intertwined in this lifetime.
  • You share similar traits or life paths, such as struggling with abundance, being extremely creative, or having a deep compassion for children.
  • It's a total coincidence and doesn't mean anything.

How to Tell the Difference Between Coincidence and Significant Birthmarks

In short, you can't tell the difference between coincidence and something written in the stars. Not 100%. All you can do is rely on your own feelings and experiences to guide you.

For example, if you and your best friend both have a tiny mole on the top center of your right foot or you and your spouse both have a freckle on the top of your left ear, these similar markings are probably mere chance, since many, many people have small freckles and moles in various places on their body. However, if you both have a grouping of small moles or freckles in the exact same place on your body that match the Gemini constellation, for example, it may indicate the two of you are connected spiritually in a way that allows you to foster the other's growth and spirituality.

Recognizing Matching Birthmarks

Some birthmarks are genetic and shared among family members. These types of birthmarks may appear to be similar among siblings or across generations, but they usually aren't exactly the same. For example, my father, son, and I all share cafe-au-lait spots (small patches of darker pigment). Mine is on my stomach, my son's is on his chest, and my father's was on his arm, but they are all of a different size and shape. According to my doc, our birthmarks indicate the existence of neurofibromatosis (elephant man's disease) somewhere in our genetic history and don't appear to have special spiritual significance.

What Makes Birthmarks Match?

Matching birthmarks may have some of the following characteristics:

  • They may be the same size, shape, and color, but appear at different places on the body.
  • They may be the same color or shape but different sizes in different locations.
  • They may be the same shape and size, but be in different colors and locations.
  • They may match exactly in size, shape, color, and location.

Meanings of Matching Birthmarks

If you find someone who has a birthmark that matches yours, it could be an indication this person will play a significant role in your life or foster your spiritual growth. Or, it could just be a coincidence. In my experience, the universe sends many types of signals to help you recognize important souls in this lifetime, and matching birthmarks could be one way it gets the message across.

What Does It Mean When Two People Have Matching Birthmarks?