Animal-Shaped Birthmarks and What They Mean

Published February 13, 2019
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The meaning of animal shaped birthmarks are what many people seek so they can understand their connection to the animal. If you were born with an animal shaped birthmark, you may have a deep spiritual or psychic connection with the animal and be imbued with many of its traits.

Spiritual Meanings of Animal Shaped Birthmarks

It is easy to decipher the meaning behind an animal shaped birthmark when you look for the spiritual nature you share. A good starting point is the various animal totems of Native American tribes. Many tribe members take their names from animals.


The spiritual nature of the bear is complex. You can call upon the bear's powerful strength and patience to assist you during spiritual challenges and growth.


The bird comes in many forms, such as an owl, hawk or crow. Each type of bird has special attributes, but they all share the ability to fly. You can call upon this ability to soar to new levels of spirituality.

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Butterflies are thought of as being happy, carefree animals. If you can tap into this energy, it can aid you in discovering your spiritual nature with freedom and joy.


A cat can range from a pet house cat to a fearsome tiger in the wild. These felines share certain characteristics you can emulate, such as self-care and self-reliance when it comes to taking responsibility of your spiritual growth.


The salmon and trout are two of the most common fish seen in totem poles. Both are powerful swimmers. The salmon is famous for its annual journey upstream while the trout will swim against the river current to remain in one place to await its prey. You can connect with the strength of sheer will to bolster you in achieving higher spiritual goals.


The turtle carries a load on its back, is steadfast and steady in its travels. You can take solace in this totem animal's spirit when your spiritual advancement is stalled or slower than you'd like. Keep a steady pace and you'll reach your goals.

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The wolf is a revered totem animal of great spiritual significance with ties to the ancestors. The wolf is a defender and fiercely loyal. You can use the wolf's spirit to overcome obstacles standing in your way along the spiritual path.

Animal Shaped Birthmarks and Life Path

Another way to understand animal shaped birthmarks and what they might mean is to examine the correlation between the animal and your life path. If you're having a difficult time finding that path, your animal shaped birthmark may help you discover it.


The dove is a symbol of peace and love. You may find yourself in a peacemaking career, such as a marriage counselor or a negotiator. Your animal birthmark may have guided you to become a mediator or advocate.


Some lizards are able to camouflage themselves. You might discover you're attracted to a career that requires you to don a persona that camouflages your true nature, or you may be drawn to a career where you must be adaptable to different environments or situations.


A spider is a brilliant planner and knows how to execute those plans. The spider has a great deal of patience as it waits to see its plan (web) do what it was designed to accomplish. You may have chosen a career that allows you to exercise these natural abilities.

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The fox is cunning and is able to think fast on its feet. The fox can blend in with any environment and remain undetected as it observes what is going on around it. You may have chosen a life path that gives you the opportunity to exercise these talents, such as a private investigator or perhaps a scout for a sports team.

How to Understand Animal Shaped Birthmarks and Meanings

Once you've identified the animal shape of your birthmark, you can begin to understand what it means. You can explore the spiritual and life path meanings of your animal and perhaps learn more about yourself and any connection you have with it.

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Animal-Shaped Birthmarks and What They Mean