12 Easter Fundraising Ideas to Get People Egg-cited

From Easter baskets to eggs, there are lots of ways to get everybunny involved this holiday season.

Published February 21, 2024
girl painting Easter eggs with father

Easter is one of the most festive and fun spring holidays, and that means it's also a great time to hold a fundraiser for your school, church, club, or organization. We've got some great ideas for Easter fundraisers that will have everyone hopping in to donate. From making baskets to selling bouquets, these ideas will have people in the mood to give.

Hold an Easter Basket Auction

Get together and make some super creative Easter baskets with your organization and then auction them off. We love this idea because you can get donations for the items you put in the baskets (think chocolates, fancy popcorn, and even homemade goodies). The overhead is low, and everyone will love the creativity of the baskets.

Quick Tip

You can make several baskets with different themes if you get donations from lots of different businesses. That way, there's sure to be something for everybunny.

Host an Old-Fashioned Easter Bake Sale

Easter cookies

From bunny-shaped cookies to egg-themed truffles, there are so many Easter treats to make. This is a holiday practically begging for a bake sale. Ask people in your organization to make treats, and get everyone together before the holiday to buy them.

Try a Bunny Hop 5k

A short race is always a great way to raise money, and it's extra fun if it's Easter-themed. You can have people donate in order to participate in the race, or they can get sponsors. Either way, play up the Easter theme by having everyone wear bunny ears.

Organize an Easter Picnic in the Park

If you have access to a park or pavilion, get food donations and hold an Easter picnic. Decorate with pastel colors and eggs and serve classic Easter foods like ham and fruit salad. Guests can buy tickets to attend, helping you raise funds for your group.

Sell Easter Lilies

Easter lilies are a holiday classic, and they're also a perfect fundraising opportunity. We love the idea of repotting them in pretty containers and selling them to benefit your group. This is a great event to hold a week or two before the holiday when people's schedules are open and they can have time to enjoy the flowers.

Offer Brunch With the Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a pretty big deal this time of year, and families will donate to your cause for the chance to eat brunch with this superstar. Have someone dress up as the Easter Bunny and sell tickets to a brunch. Getting food donated can keep costs down so more of the ticket price goes to your organization.

Hold the Ultimate Egg Decorating Event

Decorating Easter eggs is a classic tradition, but it's also a bit of a hassle for families. Make it easy and raise funds by hosting an Easter egg fundraiser where people can come and decorate eggs. You'll have all the supplies on hand (bonus if you can get them donated).

Host an Easter Bonnet Gala

Galas are really fun as charity fundraisers, but they don't always have to be black-tie events. Have a gala that's all about showing up in your best Easter bonnet. You can sell tickets and serve tea and snacks.

Offer an Easter Flower Arranging Class

Easter is all about flowers, but you can do more than just sell bouquets. Get in touch with a local florist and see if you can offer a flower-arranging class so people can make their own bouquets to have as centerpieces for Easter dinner. This is a really fun event for families since kids can get in on the fun.

Sell Tickets to an Awesome Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt is an awesome charity fundraiser because you can get the eggs and their contents donated by local businesses (thank them in your fliers). Have a golden egg or two with something really amazing inside to motivate people to buy tickets and join in.

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Have an Easter Bunny Costume Contest

There's only one Easter Bunny, but that doesn't mean people can't dress up like the bunny for fun. Sell tickets to a costume contest and let everyone who attends vote for who has the best costume. This Easter fundraiser is all about the hype, so start advertising early.

Guestimate the Number of Jelly Beans

This simple and classic Easter fundraising idea is an easy winner, and it's a perfect add-on to other events. All you have to do is fill a giant jar with jelly beans, one of those classic Easter candies everyone adores. Participants can pay to guess the number of jelly beans in the jar. The person who is closest wins the candy.

Easter Is a Great Time to Fundraise

Raising money for your organization at Easter is actually a lot of fun. Everyone is in the mood to celebrate the season, so they're ready to donate. Combine several Easter fundraising ideas to make a spring carnival or Easter party with tons of ways for people to give.

12 Easter Fundraising Ideas to Get People Egg-cited