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No doubt that enthusiastic fans love lots of baseball cheers and will participate in all sorts of bleacher antics. If you're a baseball aficionado, consider stocking your arsenal with great cheers, fun gear and some new antics for your next baseball game!

Five Baseball Cheers Every Serious Fan Should Know

Baseball fans love to cheer on their favorite team. Before you can even call yourself a real baseball fan, you must be familiar with the following cheers.

The Standard 'Let's Go' Cheers

These standard baseball cheer favorites are usually done when players are switching, a new batter comes to bat or at the top of an important play. There is something about lots of fans stomping in the bleachers that gives rise to excitement and anticipation of a great play.

Version One

Clap clap clap clap
Let's go Yankees! (Substitute your favorite team for Yankees.)
Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp (Use your feet.)
Here we go Yankees!

Version Two

Here we go Yankees, here we go! (Again, substitute your team's name.)
Stomp, stomp
Here we go Yankees here we go!
Stomp, stomp

Pitcher Cheers

Cheer One

We're number one!

Or even a curve
Pitch, Pitch, Pitch that ball
We don't care how but
Strike him out!

Cheer Two

Whatever it takes
When he hits that ball we
We wanna see the bat break!

For the Umpire

C'mon ump?
What was that call?
What's a matter?
Can't you see the ball?

The Super Fan Arsenal

Of course, you can't really consider yourself a true baseball fan without your arsenal packed full of props to go with your baseball cheers. These are things that are must haves for any serious baseball aficionado.

Sharpie and a Baseball

Baseball fans

You may well be wondering why on earth you'd bring a sharpie and a spare baseball to a game. Every serious baseball fans know that a sharpie and an extra baseball can come in very handy for catching those players' autographs.

The Drinking Hat

It's hot, you're thirsty and nothing will hit the spot quite like buying a couple of sodas and putting them in your drinking hat. Of course, drinking soda non-stop at a baseball game may render the need to use the facilities quite often and miss some of the game. However, the drinking hat is very popular at baseball games all over the place.

The Number One Finger

What baseball game would be complete without the giant number one foam finger? Of course, it's particularly useful if your great team is winning, but whether your team wins or looses, they still rank number one with you!

Baseball Cheers on the Web

Still need more ideas? Check out these other places on the web dedicated to the serious baseball fan:

  • Japanese baseball fans bring sticks or bats like the ones in this YouTube video to beat to rhythm of music. In Japan, most games have music, and there are team cheers that everyone seems to know. In addition to the cheer stick rhythms that you see in the video, their cheers also include singing and shouting.
  • Baseball Cheers and Jeers has some cute cheers for urging on your team or razzing your opponent. Either way, the page is all in good fun!

Do you have a great baseball fan story or a cheer to share with us? We'd love to hear about it, so leave it in the comments box below!

Baseball Cheers