Cast of The Parent Trap Movies

Maureen O'Hara
Maureen O'Hara - The Parent Trap, 1961

The cast of The Parent Trap is littered with famous names and great actors. The two versions of the film, one made in 1961 and the other in 1998, are both popular productions of the same plot line. Though there are minor differences between the two films, the two offer a bushel of laughs and great acting.

Cast of The Parent Trap

Original Movie: 1961

The original 1961 cast of The Parent Trap features many now-famous actors and actresses, along with several uncredited roles. In fact, Hayley Mills' own father, John, is uncredited as the role of the golf caddy and Susan Henning never receives coverage for being the body double of Hayley Mills. Credited cast include:

  • The Parent Trap - 1961
    The Parent Trap - 1961
    Hayley Mills as Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers
  • Brian Keith as Mitch Evers
  • Maureen O'Hara as Maggie McKendrick
  • Joanna Barnes as Vicky Robinson
  • Cathleen Nesbitt as the girls' grandmother
  • Charles Ruggles as the girls' grandfather
  • Una Merkel as Verbena
  • Ruth McDevitt as a summer camp staffer
  • Nancy Kulp as a summer camp staffer
  • Leo G. Carroll as the Reverend

Remake: 1998

The 1998 version of the film shows the cast of The Parent Trap as a younger cast of popular actors. While the characters may all have different names in the film and the plots differ slightly (for example, the mother in this film lives in England while, in the 1961 version, she lives in Boston), each character is a fully fleshed version of the former.

Cast includes:

  • The Parent Trap - 1998
    The Parent Trap - 1998
    Lindsay Lohan as Hallie Parker and Annie James
  • Dennis Quaid as Nick Parker
  • Natasha Richardson as Elizabeth James
  • Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake
  • Simon Kunz as Martin
  • Polly Holliday as Marva Kulp Sr.
  • Maggie Wheeler as Marva Kulp Jr.
  • Lisa Ann Walter as Chessy
  • Ronnie Stevens as Grandpa James
  • Joanna Barnes as Vicki Blake
  • Erin Mackey as Lindsay Lohan's body doubles

Interesting Crossover of Characters

There are several interesting similarities as far as the cast members and characters of the movie are concerned.

  1. Many of the character names in the 1998 version are dedicated to the 1961 version. For example, one of the twins is named Hayley Parker in memory of Hayley Mills. Additionally, the camp counselors are named after Nancy Kulp, who played the younger counselor in the 1961 version.
  2. When Nick James and Meredith are examining the hotel for wedding plans and Annie (as Hayley) meets Meredith's family, her mother is played by Joanna Barnes. Barnes played the character of the father's girlfriend in the 1961 version. The character was named Vicki.
  3. The name of the Reverend that Meredith references is also the name of the Reverend in the 1961 version of the film.

Career Launching Roles

The Parent Trap has acted as a launch pad for the young actresses who play the twin girls. Hayley Mills rose to fame in part due to the film and Lindsay Lohan is now a household name. Her first popular film was The Parent Trap and it is still one of the roles that she is most known for.

Cast of The Parent Trap Movies