Edgar Cayce Maps: His Prophecies for Earth Explained

Updated July 15, 2021
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It's easy to understand the Edgar Cayce prophecy maps and the land transformations they indicate due to polar shifts and changing weather patterns. Cayce's readings about Earth changes spawned all kinds of speculation about future natural disasters and apocalyptic events.

Earth Changes From Cayce Readings

According to the Edgar Cayce Earth change readings, there were three kinds of changes that are expected in the future. These include weather pattern changes around the globe, a major pole shift, and an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity.

Prophet and Psychic Edgar Cayce

Weather Patterns Cause Catastrophic Earth Changes

Edgar Cayce's predictions gave a single cause for the changes in weather patterns. The A.R.E. website states, "There are predictions of temperature changes in the deep waters which impact weather patterns, earthquakes, pole shifts, and volcanic eruptions."

When Cayce was asked how weather patterns would impact future wheat crops, he described (reading 195-29) changes that cause the Pacific Ocean's deep currents to run warmer than normal. This pattern is known as El Niño (discovered by fishermen in South America hundreds of years ago). La Niña causes the ocean currents to turn colder. These weather changes occur every three to seven years, and artificial intelligence (AI) has finally caught up with Cayce's reading about the cause of El Niño and can predict it 18 months before it happens.

Cayce was asked to conduct a reading (195-29) on the validity of a solar theory report written by Herbert Janvrin Browne on Long Range Weather Forecast. Browne's theory hypothesized that solar radiation is responsible for climate changes. In response, Cayce's reading contradicted the report. Cayce said, "…emphasis be placed in the condition of density, or population, combined with the solar conditions to bring about certain changes in the sea and the currents…"

Cayce went on to indicate that the rising ocean heat is directly related to the size of sunspots. He was emphatic that it was the reflection of the sun in the earth's atmosphere and not the sun's radiation that causes the currents to grow warmer.

Polar Shift Cayce Predicted Happening

The Magnetic Storm episode of the television show Nova can be connected to a Cayce prophecy. During the show, scientists discuss the magnetic force field that protects the Earth. This field is generated by the Earth's molten core of liquid iron some 2,000 miles beneath the surface. This magnetic force protects the Earth and every living thing from radiation storms that regularly sweep across the planet and the rest of the universe. The alarming news revealed in the episode is how the magnetic force field is weakening. Cayce predicted this weakening in reading 826-8.

Young woman holding a compass in front of the Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

Edgar Cayce was asked if there'd be any great Earth changes in 2000-2001. He answered that there would be "a shifting of the poles" to herald the dawning of a New Age. According to the scientists in the Nova episode, the change began in the South Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America. The fluctuations in polarity impacted the magnetic field that shields the Earth.

When the magnetic shield is weakened, the solar winds that ordinarily are funneled to the two poles are no longer capable of this diversion. This shift caused the phenomena of the Northern and Southern Lights to become visible from new places in the world. It's from this weakened protective shield that the Earth's poles are currently shifting and exposure to the sun's radiation is increasing.

It is a scientific fact that the Earth's magnetic poles constantly move, but over the past decades, the rate of movement has vastly increased. According to NASA, the rate of movement has gone from 10 km a year to a startling 40 km per year. Scientists conclude, "At this rate, it will exit North America and reach Siberia in a few decades."

An excellent example that this Cayce shift is underway happened in 2011. The magnetic field decreased over 10% during the past decade and the shifting of the poles began to cause inaccuracies in GPS (Global Positioning Systems). In 2011, the GPS coordinates had to be recalibrated. Tampa International Airport closed the main runway for a week in order to adjust taxiways and signage to reflect the new magnetic pole direction. Other airports in America and around the world also adjusted their flight paths and runways.

You can find maps online that claim to represent Cayce's prediction of the world's landmasses changes after the pole shifts. Some of these are also listed as a Navy and Cayce map, implying that the Navy created a map predicting a pole shift and geographical changes. This map is more likely a creation based on Cayce's pole shift prediction. A psychic named Gordon-Michael Scallion produced a pole shift map that is often confused with Cayce's prediction and used as an example of Cayce's pole shift map. You should take some of these examples with a grain of salt and refer to Cayce's reading on how the geography of continents, countries, and states will be reconfigured.

Melting Iceberg with ice floes

Changes in U.S. Coastlines and Great Lakes

In a prophetic dream of his next incarnation (2100 AD), Cayce lived in a coastal town in Nebraska since the western portion of the US was gone and covered by the ocean. Within the 1152-11 reading, Cayce foretold of areas that would be safe.

While Cayce never gave specific dates for Earth changes, he did map out a timeline of events (reading 1152-11) that you can follow. Special attention was given in the readings that it would require "another generation" and often foretold which event would precede another one. It is clear that based on his readings, the geography of the entire world will change, and it all begins with the polar shift.

New Orleans aftermath Katrina

Reading 152-11 was a response to a client's concern about safe areas to move to in order to be prepared for future geographical changes. Cayce gave the future U.S. map regions. Many portions of the east coast would be disturbed and many portions of the west coast and central portion of the U.S would shift. With the disappearance of current coastlines, new lands in the Atlantic and Pacific would emerge. Many of the battlefields would be transformed into oceans, and new bays would form as new trade ports.

He stated in the reading that the coastline of New York would disappear and along with it, New York City would slip into the ocean. This is one of the changes that would require another generation. However, the southern portions of the Carolinas and Georgia would disappear sooner. The shifts in the southern coastlines have accelerated over the past 20 years in part due to currents shifting and devastating hurricanes. Along the North Carolina beaches, many second and third row houses are now oceanfront homes.

In another part of the reading, Cayce states that the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf. When asked if Virginia Beach will be a safe place to live during the Earth changes, Cayce confirmed that it was a safe zone. Some areas of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois will also be safe. The southern and eastern portions of Canada will be safe. However, the western lands will be disturbed. Cayce doesn't indicate if the western lands mean Canada, the U.S. or both.

When he was asked about California, Cayce stated that Los Angeles and San Francisco will disappear first, then followed by the disappearance of New York City into the Atlantic.

Japan and Parts of Europe Underwater

Many of the Cayce readings are archived as reports. The report of reading 3651-1 details the fate of Japan and part of Europe. Cayce states that Japan will sink into the sea. The fate of the upper portion of Europe is devastating since it will change instantaneously with the oceans and rivers being displaced with the pole shift.

Earthquake Activity Increases

Along with the pole shift, earthquake activity will also increase. Cayce was specific about certain U.S. regions that will see such an increase in earthquakes. In his January 1936 reading 270-35, he stated when Vesuvius or Pelee volcanoes erupt, then within the following three months, the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada can expect an inundation of earthquakes. He also stated that the earthquake activity will be much stronger in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern Hemisphere.

Two Signals of Catastrophic Earth Changes

The two signals Cayce researchers have attributed to the beginning of the major Earth changes. Cayce predicted that the simultaneous eruption of two famous volcanoes would herald the final shifting of the poles.

Mount Pele

Mount Pelee is located on the French Caribbean Island of Martinique. Mt. Pelee last erupted in 1932 and is an active volcano that is closely watched for any signs of eruption.

Mount Etna

Located in NE Sicily, Italy, Mount Etna is an active volcano. It's the largest one currently active in Europe. A major eruption occurred in July 2001 and in 2017, Mount Etna erupted. In February 2021, the volcano explosions lasted for days with lava fountains and smoke plumes spewing from the volcano. Then in May 2021, multiple lava displays began and continue.

According to researchers of Cayce's readings, when both volcanoes erupt together, there will be approximately 90 days to evacuate the west coast before the massive flood claims the coastline.

Italy, Sicily, Mount Etna erupting

Edgar Cayce Maps and a Message of Hope

In Cayce's readings about the impending polar shift and climate changes, he was very emphatic that nothing was written in stone. During his readings, Cayce constantly reminded that prayer and right thought of consciousness could alter the dire future he foresaw. He mentions in readings 364-23 and 440-5 that in the aftermath of the shift, hidden knowledge will be unearthed in Egypt, the Yucatan and the Bimini sector that will explain Atlantis and can also help humankind advance to the next spiritual level.

Edgar Cayce Maps: His Prophecies for Earth Explained