6 Charities Who Pick Up Furniture Donations for Free

Knee-deep in spring cleaning and ready to get rid of some old stuff? Let these charities do the heavy lifting and pick up your furniture donations for free.

Updated February 6, 2024
Movers picking up furniture donations

If you're ready to part with the curb couch you picked up in college, avoid expensive truck rentals and hustling on social marketplaces by donating it instead. One person's junk has the potential to be another person's treasure. If you're in a seven-story walk-up or your two-door sedan has the trunk space of a bird's nest, let these charities who pick up furniture for free come to the rescue. 

6 Organizations That Pick Up Furniture for Free 

Waiting for your old dresser to just disappear? These organizations will make it happen — but only if your stuff is in decent condition. If it's in good shape, see if any of these charities have set up shop nearby so you can schedule a free pick-up. 

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity helps folks with housing insecurity. And their ReStores are often filled with treasures at good prices. So when whatever you donate gets sold, those funds help the organization assist the people in your community who really need it. Many regional offices are happy to pick up donations, too. Just call your local Habitat for Humanity office and ask if they offer a pick-up service. 

Don't know where the nearest one is? Search your zip code on their website to find the location that's closest to you. 

Salvation Army

Known to some as "Sally's" and the place to score funky tees and polyester button-ups, the Salvation Army is a massive organization that offers rehabilitation and therapy services to families, adults, and youths. Their thrift stores sell some clothes and shoes, but also low-cost furniture and various household items. And many of their locations will pick up your old furniture!

Check SAtruck.org to see if your local Sally's will take that five-year-old entertainment center off your hands.

Salvation Army donation center sign

Vietnam Veterans of America

Supporting veterans through a wide range of programs and services, the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) gets some of its funding through donations from people like you! While they probably won't pick up a massive chandelier, they do accept small furniture and other household items.

So when your kids have aged out of bunk beds, you can contact VVA for a pickup (why not include all the clothes they've outgrown, too?). On top of furniture, they'll also take toys, small appliances, and electronics. Ready to purge and make room for new stuff? Visit VVAPickup.org to schedule a pickup. 

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AMVETS has been assisting military veterans for over 50 years, aiding with advocacy, health care, and scholarships for vets and their family members, too. A little snag, though — furniture donation pickup is only available in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Texas, and Oklahoma. If you're in one of these areas, contact their office before scheduling a pick-up as their needs often change.

Check out amvetspickup.org for more details. 

Need to Know

Want to bypass a pick-up and give your furniture away to your neighbors instead? Check out your local Buy Nothing group (or start one if there isn't one in your area) to see if there's anyone close by who wants first dibs. 


Goodwill helps members of your community fight job insecurity, find employment opportunities for disabled folks, and more. Your donations to Goodwill directly help people gain vital work experience and build up their life skills. Who knew getting rid of your kitchen table set could do so much good?

When you're ready to donate, locate the closest Goodwill store in your area and arrange a pickup.

Goodwill Industries International Inc.

Pickup Please

Perfectly named, Pickup Please will come get your chairs, nightstands, headboards, and other one-person lift items. Your donations help benefit the Veterans' Voice of America, Vietnam Veterans of America, Special Olympics Texas, and Teen Challenge of Southern California.

Check out their reach at pickupplease.org to see if there's one near you.

Need to Know

Often, toys and stuffed animal donations aren't accepted in many smaller donation hubs. Luckily, these larger organizations do take in your kid's once-beloved items for very worthy causes!

Let These Charities Do the Heavy Lifting 

We don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of reasons that giving your old furniture away to help those in need is a great idea. These excellent organizations offer free pick-up so you can say goodbye to the stuff that served you well for years. Whether you're downsizing or redecorating, your old TV stand could help fund a scholarship or get a veteran the care they need. And if you're a little weak in the knees, don't you worry — these groups do all the heavy lifting. 

6 Charities Who Pick Up Furniture Donations for Free