How Tall Is the Eiffel Tower


Have you ever asked yourself the question, "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" Perhaps you are wondering about other details that have to do with the construction of the Eiffel Tower as well.

How Tall Is the Eiffel Tower?

Originally, the Eiffel Tower stood at 312 meters (or 1023.62 ft) from its base to the tip of the flagpole. Today, it stands at 324 meters (1062.99 ft) as the addition of the radio antenna has made it slightly taller.

Height of the Platforms

The Eiffel Tower is divided into three platforms. The first platform is 57 meters (172 feet) from the ground. The second platform sits 115 meters (377 feet) from the ground and the third, inner, platform is a whopping 276 meters (905 feet) from the ground.

Other Interesting Facts About the Eiffel Tower

So what does it take to build a structure this tall? Quite a bit of metal, rivets, beams, and everything else to make it all work together.

Elevators in the Eiffel Tower

Perhaps those who are able to visit the Eiffel Tower find out the answer to the question, "How tall is the Eiffel Tower," and decide to use the elevator rather than climbing the thousand-plus steps to the third level. There are:

  • Five elevators from the ground to the second floor
  • Two sets of two elevators from the second floor to the third floor

Parts Used in the Eiffel Tower

There were more than two million rivets used in the construction of the Eiffel Tower and 18,038 metal parts to construct the many beams and trusses. It cost more than seven million gold francs to erect the initial tower, not including the additional labs and other accessories that were added later.

Cleaning the Eiffel Tower

Wonder what it would take to clean such a large structure? Apparently, it takes approximately 10,000 doses of cleaning product, four tons of cleaning rags and dusters, 400 liters of detergent and 25,000 bags of trash. That is just for the internal cleaning. For the outside, the Eiffel Tower is repainted every few years in colors that match the French landscape. It takes 60 tons of paint and approximately 18 months to get the job done!

What Does It Take to Run the Eiffel Tower

It is not surprising that the city of Paris spends quite a bit of money keeping the Eiffel Tower up and running.

  • The Eiffel Tower uses two tons of paper for printing tickets every year.
  • There are 80 kilometers (49 miles) of electrical wire.
  • The tower uses 10,000 light bulbs during the day and 20,000 light bulbs for the light show at night.
  • The tower uses enough electricity per day to light a village of approximately 100 homes.

The Amazing Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world until 1930, when the Chrysler Building was erected in New York City. It is the same height as an 81-story building. However, it remains the most visited monument in the world, hosting millions of visitors each year.

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How Tall Is the Eiffel Tower