5 Uncomplicated Steps to Making a Minimalist Vision Board

You have the vision, now you need the board. This is the minimalist approach to a goal-oriented dream board.

Published December 28, 2023
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Vision boards can be beautiful, inspiring, and a lot of work. If the typical dream board overwhelms you as you're looking to chase your goals this year, you might prefer a minimalist vision board instead. No cluttered magazine clippings for you. Your vision board will be all about visualizing your best self in an approachable way.

How to Make a Minimalist Vision Board

You've got too many goals to crush and visions to manifest to waste time on making your vision board. So, go the minimalist route and make a simple board that helps you attract all the things you want for your life this year. 

1. Set Your Goals & Cast Your Vision

The whole point of a vision board is to help you visualize and manifest the goals you have for your life. From broad concepts to the most specific details, the most important first step is to set your goals and cast your vision for the board and your life.

You might start by listing out your personal goals or your goals associated with a certain part of your life. From there, try writing a simple mission statement that describes your vision for your life and how you will go about achieving it. This will be the vision you'll build your board around.

2. Gather Your Inspiration Photos

When it's time to sit down and make your vision board, you'll need a handful of photos that bring your vision to mind. They can be literal or simply inspirational. From a photo of your dream house to a peaceful ocean shore, the photos should evoke a sense of passion within you. 

For a truly minimalist approach, print all of your photos in the same size. You can attach them to cardstock or foam board to create a uniform look.

Quick Tip

Give yourself a photo limit so you aren't tempted to go overboard and you can ensure that each photo is truly important for your vision. Six to eight photos should be plenty for a basic vision board.

3. Find a Simple Surface

With your photos selected and printed, it's time to select your vision board's base. You might try a standard foam board or poster board. Cork and fabric-wrapped boards are simple yet aesthetic options.

Helpful Hack

Not feeling the crafty vibes of the traditional vision board? A digital or printable vision board is a simple alternative

4. Choose Your Words

Vision boards aren't just about photos, even the minimalist variety. Words are also an important part of casting your expectations for life. You might have some words in mind that describe your vision and they deserve a spot on your board.

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Write them out or print them on card stock to add to your board. You can even use the printed words in place of some (or all) of your photos for a truly minimalist vision board. 

5. Put It All Together

Everything is gathered you're ready to assemble. With the minimalist approach, this shouldn't take very long at all. In fact, you don't have to be crafty to successfully build your board. A little glue, push-pins, or double-sided tape is all you should need to attach your photos to the vision board. 

Need to Know

Many people also like to include photo clippings, fabrics, and other inspirational items on their boards. Doing so can bring extra personality to your board if you aren't feeling the minimalist approach. 

Minimalist Vision Board Tips & Tricks

Making your minimalist vision board is a lot easier than you might think. Apply these tips and tricks to your approach and you'll have a vision board perfect for manifesting your intentions.

  • Arrange your board before you glue anything. If it looks crowded, try to downsize.
  • Only keep what you truly want to manifest for the year. All the extras will only distract you from your goals.
  • If you struggle with perfectionism, give yourself a time limit so you don't feel the need to keep adjusting. 
  • Get specific. You can have a vision board dedicated to your career, your dream home, or self-improvement. 
  • Gather your items over time. Sometimes inspiration strikes at the most unexpected moment and you might be surprised when you spot a photo or hear a word that fits perfectly on your vision board.
  • Be open to change. You might replace some parts of your board throughout your journey or simply add to your board over time.
  • Display your vision board in a place you'll see it every day. You might also consider adding it to a space associated with you vision or goal, like your workspace or family room.

Cast Your Vision & Make It Reality

You can hold tightly to your hopes, dreams, and visions. But actually seeing them every single day might propel your forward in achieving the things you dream about. Your vision board will help you manifest those intentions for a better you and a better life.

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5 Uncomplicated Steps to Making a Minimalist Vision Board