7 Vision Board Alternatives to Manifest Your Way

If you've never been traditional, your vision board shouldn't be either. Set goals and get inspired with these unique but simple dream board ideas.

Published December 21, 2023
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Those grand and dreamy vision boards you see on Pinterest might be the gold standard of goal-setting, but a busy life doesn't always lend itself well to going above and beyond with your vision. You might need a vision board alternative that's easier to create or just suits your taste and talents a bit better. 

We're here with some unique dream board ideas that are easy to create, plus tips on how to make them work for you. 

1. Make a Digital Mood Board Instead

If you want to skip the crafting and buying all those supplies, a digital mood board might be the answer. It's a time saver — and a lot easier to alter if you change your mind about something.

Graphic design and photo editing software are great sources for creating a digital mood board. Websites like Canva.com offer some features for free and allow you to print your design when it's finished. 

Quick Tip

If an app is more your style, there are also a number of apps available to help you create vision boards, like Visuapp, Corkulous, or Perfectly Happy

2. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

If words are more your thing, try writing a letter to yourself. Write out your intentions or describe the life you visualize for yourself. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but the words from your heart might best embody the life you hope to live.

Fast Fact

A vision board is anything with words, images, or icons that inspire you to pursue the goals and dreams you have.

3. Create a Pinterest Board for Your Goal

Looking for an easy way to create a vision board? Try the original internet vision board: Pinterest. The app allows you to create a board for anything, so you can have multiple vision boards for every part of your life. 

4. Record Yourself Speaking Your Visions Aloud

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Those podcasts that inspire you throughout the year might be the perfect inspiration for your vision board alternative. If verbalizing your thoughts and feelings is your preferred method of self-expression, you may want to grab a camera and a microphone.

Write a script if it helps you or just totally wing it. No matter your approach, the goal is to record yourself speaking your goals and intentions with confidence and conviction. Whenever you're doubting yourself or feeling discouraged, you can play your recording and find inspiration all over again. 

Need to Know

You may have a talent that helps you create your own alternative to a vision board. Embroidery, a painting, or a piece of pottery could inspire your dream life.

5. Make a Simple List

Sometimes all you need is a simple reminder of your why. A list may be just the thing if you prefer the most uncomplicated approach to a vision board. Write your list, type it out, laminate it if you like. Take a glance at it whenever you need a gentle reminder of your vision for the future and why you started in the first place.

6. Create a Manifestation Playlist

Words and photos speak to many people, but music also has the power to inspire. Create a playlist of the songs that bring your vision to life. From songs that ignite your passion and ambition to the songs that call to mind a time in your life still yet to come, a manifestation playlist is a vision board alternative you can enjoy nearly anywhere.

7. Try a Chalkboard or Dry-Erase Board

Some people hesitate to make a vision board because they don't love the idea of sticking to one single vision. If that's you, a chalkboard or dry-erase board might be the solution. Writing or drawing your vision board on one of these surfaces gives you the option to easily alter your decisions and goals. You can even add to your vision board with little effort.

How to Know What Vision Board Alternative Is Best for You

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Knowing you want anything but the traditional vision board may be easy, but deciding which nontraditional approach is best might be a bit tougher. This is how you can determine which vision board alternative is best for you.

  • Determine if you are inspired more by visuals, sounds, or words: This will help you decide if a playlist, letter, or board will be best.
  • Ask yourself if you prefer a firm vision without the ability to make changes or if you need the option to alter it easily: A Pinterest board or chalkboard is easily edited while a letter might feel more permanent.
  • Decide if you lean more toward simplicity or if you prefer something aesthetic: If simple is your preference, a list may be all you need. Otherwise, you might prefer a visual board or a beautiful playlist.

Your Vision Board Should Be as Unique as You

You've never been a stranger to doing things differently. So why set your goals and manifest your dreams in the same way as everyone else? You can try a vision board that's uniquely yours and helps you pursue your very unique vision for life.

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7 Vision Board Alternatives to Manifest Your Way