Printable Dance Steps and Diagrams

Updated August 29, 2019
Two Lovers dancing in the home

Using dance step diagrams is a quick and easy way to learn new dance moves or dance routines. Kids and adults can learn everything from line dances to ballroom dances with printable dance steps that show you exactly where and how to move.

Common Dance Class Dance Steps

When kids and teens take dance classes, there are a few typical styles and steps they learn from ballet to hip hop dances. Whether you're a child or adult, dance class basics and free online dance routines can help you get started in the world of dance.

Ballroom Dance Step Sheets

Ballroom dance steps come from a variety of ballroom dance styles including the tango, foxtrot, lindy hop, and mambo. Get started with rhumba dance step diagrams that include the moves for the lead and for their partner then learn how to waltz and do the Charleston dance.

Multi-Cultural Dance Steps

Dance takes on different forms in each culture around the world. The styles of dance and specific dance steps represent the beliefs and values of each culture. From Filipino folk dances to Irish step dancing, there are many fun multi-cultural dances you can learn.

Country Line Dance Step Sheets

Country line dance names often correspond to the country line dancing song they were made for. Common country line dance steps are used in different combinations for different music, but similar moves are repeated throughout most country line dances. Use free, printable line dance step sheets to see exactly how to move your body and read a description of each step.

Party Dance Step Diagrams

Group dances and pop song line dances are fun at weddings, school dances, and other large party events. Use the dance step diagrams to learn a few dances on your own or to teach the whole group at your next dance event.

Learn a New Dance

Printable dance steps include actual footprints you can lay on the floor and follow or images of body movements for you to mimic. Pair the steps with matching music and practice until you've got it down. Learning a new dance is easy when you have a free guide showing you each step. For more free dance resources check out the extensive dance printables index featuring everything from dance clip art to dance steps.

Printable Dance Steps and Diagrams