Red Aura Meanings: Interpreting the Different Shades

Updated August 26, 2021
Red aura meaning

If you are strong, direct, passionate, and competitive, then you probably have red in your aura. Red is the color of fire and high energy, and this directly affects your aura's meaning. So, if you're someone who loves taking risks and you pursue your life's goals with intensity, then you may have other traits related to this vibrant aura color as well.

Understanding Your Red Aura

Red is a color of deep and intense feeling. So, it's not surprising if you immediately think of anger when you hear your aura is red--after all, "seeing red" is a classic expression of being mad as heck. And red may show up in your aura temporarily when you're furious about something, but if it's a permanent part of your aura colors, it indicates you currently have some spiritual and personality traits that vibrate with the intensity of this color frequency. Remember, auras change colors all the time, so red in your aura is an indicator of what is going on with you right now.

Red Aura Meaning Infographic

What Red in Your Aura Says About Your Personality

It's a myth that your personality is fixed in childhood and that who you are as a child is who you will always be. In fact, personality evolves throughout your life. So, your red aura personality traits are a right now thing, and as your personality evolves, your aura colors do as well. If red is in your aura, then currently you are:

  • Mentally and emotionally strong
  • Passionate with strong physical appetites
  • Highly competitive
  • Fearless
  • Determined
  • Outgoing and social
  • Logical and reasoned
  • Optimistic
  • A good leader
  • Adventurous
  • A risk taker

Red Aura Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, red is the color of the root chakra, which is a spinning red wheel of energy located near the base of your spine that connects your physical self to your soul and the realm of the Divine. Your root chakra is the closest to the ground in your body, so it connects you to earth energies. If the red color is in your aura as well, it means that spiritually you currently vibe with root chakra spiritual energies. You:

  • Are grounded
  • Connect deeply to Earth energy
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Have a powerful sense of self
  • Stand on your own two feet
  • Are able to set strong personal boundaries
  • View the spiritual unknown as an adventure

Physical Health

Since the red in your aura connects to your root chakra, it also tells you important things about your current state of physical wellness. The root chakra is vital to your health since it determines which Earth energies and how much of them enter to travel through your other chakras to support your body. You are:

  • Physically fit and strong
  • Energetic
  • Generally in good health
  • Possibly a poor sleeper

How Someone With a Red Aura Communicates

Because personality traits are tied to how you communicate, when you have a red aura, you probably have a distinct communication style.

  • Extremely direct to the point of bluntness
  • Honest and forthright
  • Intense
  • May be perceived as being aggressive

Career and Life Purpose

You may be drawn to careers where you are a manager or an entrepreneur. High risk professions are also attractive. Professional fields of interests may include:

  • Medicine
  • Hospitality
  • Real estate
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Professional sports
  • Firefighting
  • Stock market
  • Military
  • Politics

Social Life and Friendships

Are you a social butterfly? There's a good chance you are if you have a red aura. You find meeting new people and exploring potential relationships exciting. Once you commit to a friendship, you're loyal to a fault. You aren't comfortable with anyone who prefers a safe, quiet lifestyle--your friends need to be able to keep up with you. This make is difficult for some people to maintain a relationship with red aura people. Few people can sustain the high level of adrenaline, risks, and physical action that drives you.

You find life to be a grand adventure, and you intend to explore as much of it as possible. The more people you can take with you on this quest, the happier you are. When you find someone who matches your energy, passion, and drive, you'll do everything in your power to ensure maintain the friendship.

Red Aura and Romance

When your aura is red, your romantic relationships often burn hot and are forged on a passionate sexual connection. If the sexual fires burn out, then chances are the relationship will as well since this is such an important aspect of romance for you. In a romantic partner, you are also seeking a fellow adventurer who can keep up with your competitive spirit. Loyalty is also important to you, and once someone breaks your trust, it's extremely difficult to get it back. However, when you find that right person who matches your adventurous spirit, ignites the sexual fireworks, and challenges you, then you remain a fiercely loyal partner. For people with red in their auras, relationships often do one of two things: they last forever, or they burn out quickly.

Challenges Associated With a Red Aura

As with all aura colors, you may have some challenges. You may be prone to outbursts of anger or even rage. Fortunately, it's usually short-lived like a fire flaming from a burst of wind and then dying down once the breeze has settled. Once that built up energy is released, you're good.

Your high energy level imparts a tendency towards impatience. You expect everything and everyone will move as decisively and quickly as you, and you may feel nervous or out of sorts when you're forced to wait or slow down for someone else. You may also be set in your ways because you don't like change unless you're the one who initiates it. You may also have a need to be in control because allowing someone else control feels unsafe.

Different Reds Have Different Meanings

The color range from light to dark red reveals a wide range of powerful emotions depending on the shade.

Red Aura

Pale Blush Red

On the lightest spectrum of color is a pale blush red. The darker strength of passion is stretched and refined. If your aura is this color, you are or may be:

  • Artistic
  • Sensual
  • Newly in love
  • Psychic

Bright Red

When your aura is bright red, it indicates you are very passionate. You may also be:

  • Highly sexual
  • Engaged in competition
  • Doing something you're passionate about

Dark Red

A dark red aura can be a positive indicator if you're working on centering yourself. It also indicates you are:

  • Grounded
  • Self-sufficient

Clouded Red Aura

Any color of red that is clouded indicates you're facing some challenges.

  • You may be upset or angry.
  • You might have a hair trigger temper.
  • If you harbor mostly negative thoughts, then this kind of thinking will color your aura.

Look to Your Aura for Insight

Having red in your aura can provide lots of insight into who you are currently. But people are complex, and most don't just have one aura color. Instead, they have a mix of aura colors that shift and change depending on their current circumstances. So while red in your aura provides insight, you're far more than just a single shade. If your aura color shifts or you find other shades in it, discover the aura color meanings for all the hues that surround you.

Red Aura Meanings: Interpreting the Different Shades