School Fundraising Flyers

Updated April 26, 2018
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Creating and distributing school fundraising flyers helps people understand your event, participate, and share with others. Make your poster eye-catching with fun graphics and bold colors to get donors and volunteers excited.

Sample Flyers

You don't need to create unique new flyers every time you host a fundraiser. Generic posters like these work for all different types of fundraisers, saving you time and energy. Click on the flyer you want to use, download it, edit the text, then print to market your event. If you have issues getting the flyers, troubleshoot with the Adobe guide.

Money Theme

Whether you're hosting a change drive or selling fundraiser items, this money-themed flyer sends the message that "Every cent counts." Customize the flyer with your specific event and group information for an easy marketing tool that gets people thinking about giving.

Money School Fundraising Flyer
Money School Fundraising Flyer

Book Theme

If you're hosting a book fair, book sale, read-a-thon, or other fundraiser meant to help purchase books, this cute flyer gets your message across. Type in your event information then use the hashmarks next to the books to write in dollar amounts as they're reached.

Book Theme School Fundraising Flyer
Book Theme School Fundraising Flyer

Distributing Flyers for School Fundraisers

When you kick off your fundraiser, provide all participants with a stack of flyers to use in their efforts to raise money for the school. Encourage them to share with potential customers by handing out flyers personally and posting them in high traffic areas around school and the town.

Where to Distribute Flyers

You want to hand out and hang posters where lots of people will see them, but keep in mind you may need permission to do so in specific locations. Some places fundraising flyers can be distributed are:

  • Apartment building mail boxes and bulletin boards
  • Community bulletin boards in stores, libraries, restaurants, and other locations
  • Co-worker message boxes in participants' offices
  • Front doors of houses in your neighborhood and surrounding communities
  • Inside newsletters that are sent to parents and teachers
  • Windshields of parked cars

Show and Tell

Successful fundraising flyers use graphics to show what your event is all about and concise text featuring the most important details like date, location, and purchasing options. Think of your poster as a marketing tool that can increase your fundraising efforts if done well.

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School Fundraising Flyers