Spiritual Meaning of the Rainbow

Updated September 14, 2021
Rainbow In Sky

Rainbows have always had special significance, even if nobody has ever found a pot of gold at the end, as one legend suggests. When you spot a colorful rainbow arching across the sky, it may have a deeply personal implication, such as appearing as a sign of hope. Alternatively, a rainbow's appearance may impart spiritual messages. So, next time you spot a rainbow, consider some common rainbow meanings.

Rainbow Spiritual Meanings

While the biblical meaning is likely to resonate with people of the Christian faith, there are many other spiritual meanings of rainbows.

Rainbow meanings

Invitation for Spiritual Growth

A general spiritual meaning associated with rainbows, in general, is a bridge. The arc of a rainbow appears to create a sky bridge that connects one part of the earth to the other. This is a symbol that you can move from one moment or situation in your spiritual development to the next level.

New Beginnings

Rainbows may signify a new beginning. This can be an unexpected turn or an omen when you're struggling with a life crisis. It's a spiritual sign you need to break from your current path and start over. The appearance of a rainbow provides you with the needed encouragement, perhaps sent by your spirit guides or other Divine beings.

Herald of Change

If you feel you need to make a change, a rainbow may suggest it's time to take a leap of faith. The arrival of the rainbow delivers a flicker of hope that it's possible.

Buddhist Body of Ascension

Buddhists follow Buddha's teachings of ascension. This requires raising their frequencies to the level of the light body that, once activated, will transcend into the rainbow body. The human body gives over to the rainbow body as it transforms in the ascension process of returning to God or, depending on your belief, the Source of all life. This immortality allows the individual to assume any shape and can manifest in the physical when desired.

Man in rainbow light and stars

Hope and Encouragement

Many cultures view rainbows as messages of hope sent from the spiritual realm. These are angelic signs that you are not alone. These rainbows appear just as you need a spark of hope or a boost of encouragement.

Inner Awakening

For some people on a spiritual path, the appearance of a rainbow can signal a spiritual inner awakening. This process of waking up to the spiritual realm holds promises of new knowledge and truths. It is a sign of hope and promise.

The Rainbow Bridge for Pets

If you've ever had a pet die, you've probably heard of the rainbow bridge. According to legend, the souls of pets that have died cross the rainbow bridge to heaven. When the pet's owner dies, they are reunited with their pet at the rainbow bridge for all eternity. If you're mourning a pet, a rainbow can be a reminder of the love you shared with this beloved family member.

Double Rainbows

Double rainbows are believed in some cultures to have a double meaning of good luck and change. Some Eastern cultures view the inner arc as a symbol of their physical world, while the outer (upper) arc is the spiritual world and the two are connected by the joining of the arcs.

Scenic View Of Rainbow Over Field

Triple (Tertiary) Rainbows

Some cultures believe a triple rainbow, which is rare, means you will share the good luck it brings with another person. Others believe it signifies three times the good luck.

Four (Quaternary) Rainbows

The meaning behind the rare four rainbows is significant to the person considered blessed to witness this phenomenon. Some believe it doubles the meaning of two rainbows. Whatever the message, it is a powerful omen that delivers hope, luck, and blessings.

Rainbow Clouds

The appearance of a rainbow cloud can be breathtaking. Many people believe these are angelic messages of love and hope.

Sun Rainbow

A sun halo rainbow commonly appears. When the sun has a rainbow halo, some people interpret the meaning to be one of great abundance yet to come. Others translate this messaging as the fulfillment of a particular prophecy.

Rainbow Meaning in the Bible

In the bible, the rainbow is tied into the story of Noah's Ark and the great flood. After 40 days and nights of continuous rain, the world was flooded. Only Noah, his family, and an ark filled with pairs of animals survived. When the land dried, the ark came to rest. Noah and his family emerged from the ark and were met with a rainbow. It's written that God made Noah a promise that he would never again flood the Earth. He created the rainbow as a symbol of His promise to humankind.

Cultural Meanings of the Rainbow

Rainbows are symbols of luck and hope in many world cultures. Oral history tells the reasons why the rainbow became such an important symbol.

Irish Pot of Gold at End of Rainbow

Perhaps the best-known cultural rainbow story is how the rainbow leads to a Leprechaun's pot of gold safely tucked away at the other end of the rainbow. One version tells how faeries placed a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow and commanded leprechauns to safeguard it.

Irish pot of gold at end of rainbow

Bifröst, Rainbow Bridge

In Norse mythology, Bifröst is a rainbow bridge. This colored arc connects the Earth and Asgard (the realm of Nordic gods). The gods travel to Earth via the bridge and Earthly warriors will eventually join the gods during Ragnarök (apocalypse) in the final battle.

Asian Cultures and Feng Shui Rainbows

In Asian cultures, rainbows are generally viewed as good luck omens, but not always. Feng Shui guru Lillian Too explains that a double rainbow signifies meaningful and great things coming your way with more to follow.

Rainbows Bad Omens

Some cultures view rainbows as bad omens. Geographical locations that suffer from periodic floods or cyclones don't necessarily agree that rainbows are symbols of good luck. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac Book of Lore, you should never point at a rainbow or you'll suffer bad luck!

The Many Spiritual Meanings of the Rainbow

There are many interpretations and spiritual meanings of the rainbow. Surprisingly, different cultures have similar interpretations, while individuals often assign their own beliefs what a rainbow signifies when they witness one.

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Spiritual Meaning of the Rainbow