Top 10 Best Paranormal Podcasts to Get Your Ghost Fix 

Updated July 15, 2021
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Want to get your ghost on? The best paranormal podcasts help you do this. Love topics like UFOs, Bigfoot, consciousness and psychic ability? If you're a lover of all things paranormal, these top paranormal podcasts will keep you informed and interested.

1. Real Ghost Stories Online

Podbean's top-rated paranormal podcast is a podcast featuring people's real-life ghost stories. Along with ghost stories, the podcast also explores other paranormal topics, such as the nature of time and the meaning of dreams, among many others. The podcast runs around 30 minutes, with many short bonus episodes of just five to ten minutes for when you don't have time for a full feature but you still want to get a little spooked. You can listen to episodes on theReal Ghost Stories website if you're a member, or they're available for free on Podbean. You can also find them on iTunes or Google Play for your mobile devices.

2. Paranormal Podcast With Jim Harold

Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast is broadcast on the Gaia network, which is a streaming TV service. It's also available for free on Harold's website, and sites like Stitcher. Podcasts run about 85 minutes each, and they cover a host of paranormal topics including parapsychology, psychic abilities, consciousness, ghost stories, metaphysical topics, paranormal television shows, and every other subject paranormal. Harold is an engaging and entertaining host, and he has top-notch guests like parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach.

3. Big Seance Podcast With Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller's Big Seance Podcastis popular with its listeners, gleaning five-star reviews across the board on iTunes. Keller is a self-proclaimed "para-nerd" who brings on guests with expertise in all things paranormal or metaphysical. The production value of these one-hour podcasts is high, and Keller himself is an engaging host who asks prescient questions of guests such as paranormal researchers, energy healers, metaphysicians, parapsychologists, dream researchers, psychics, Ouija board experts, and many others. Listen on the Big Seance website, or on many podcasting services including iTunes and Google Play.

4. Darkness Radio

Darkness Radio is a live show, but its episodes also live on in podcasts. Paranormal insider and researcher Dave Schrader co-hosts along with Tim Dennis, and the show has been on the air in some form or another in Minneapolis since 2006. Listen on Stitcher, or subscribe in the Apple store or on Google Play.

Darkness Radio covers every aspect of the paranormal, from UFOs and ancient aliens to cryptids like Bigfoot, ghost stories, psychics, and the latest in paranormal and consciousness research. The show runs about two hours with commercial breaks.

5. The Best of Coast to Coast AM

Coast to Coast AM is a popular radio show that is syndicated across the country. Because it's broadcast in the middle of the night, many people are unable to listen live, but podcast lovers will enjoy the "best of" podcast, available on iHeart Radio. Each podcast is about 10 minutes or less and features some of the best pieces from the radio show, which covers all sorts of esoterica, from the prophecies of Nostradamus, to spirit guides, to quantum mechanics and time travel. Wired magazine calls Coast to Coast AM a "bizarre brew of the strange and the serious" and notes the live show has more than 4.5 million listeners nationwide. George Noory is the current host, and his questions are incisive, which makes the show entertaining and thought provoking. You can listen on iHeart Radio or, if you're a late-night owl, find the show live at radio stations across the country. To listen to complete shows, you can also subscribe as a Coast Insider and gain access to the show archive for on-demand listening.

6. Astonishing Legends

This podcast hosts Scott and Forrest who are known as "Click and Clack of esoterica" started their podcast in 2014. Their website boasts over 50,000 listeners for their podcasts. The duo explores "legendary strange and unusual events" and feature exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses to the unexplained. The show schedule is three weeks on and one week off. You can listen on Player FM, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audioboom, Stitcher, TuneIn, and of course, their website show archive. You can also catch a few specials on YouTube:

7. The Paracast

The Paracast frequently shows up on lists of the best paranormal podcasts, such as recommendations from The Lineup and iHorror. Topics are wide-ranging, covering virtually every aspect of the paranormal, from creepy phenomena like black-eyed kids to ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, and cryptids. Each podcast features a different expert guest, and the hosts Gene Steinburg and Christopher O'Brien draw from their years of experience and research as they examine paranormal phenomena in the 21st century.

Listen online in the show's archives, on TuneIn, or on their official YouTube channel. Shows run 2 to 2.5 hours.

8. Real Paranormal Activity - The Podcast/Network

If you want to hear real paranormal experiences, tune in to the popular Real Paranormal Activity - The Podcast/Network (RPA), Hosted by a former skeptic, Aaron Hunter interviews guests, such as psychics, paranormal investigators, mediums, authors, and others. RPA also produces "Aaron's Horror Show with Aaron Frale" (Tuesdays), "Terry's Mysterious Moments with Terry From Texas" (Wednesdays) and "The Sandman Lullaby with Patrick Shawn Jones." (Thursdays) at random times. You can listen at iTunes, YouTube, and other podcast players.

9. Earthfiles

Linda Moulton Howe is one of the best-known paranormal investigators with numerous books published about her investigations. She interviews guests who are eyewitnesses and whistleblowers about unexplained phenomena, paranormal, crop circles, cattle mutilations, UFOs, secret government programs and real X-files. Howe is a frequent guest on various paranormal talk radio shows, such as Coast to Coast AM. A respected journalist, Howe is known for her many investigations into animal mutilations, UFOs and strange phenomena. Her "Real X-Files" is a subscription news service on her website featuring the collection of her reports from 1998 to present. You can listen to her on Podbean and various podcasts including her YouTube channel.

10. Weird Darkness

You can listen to scary and often macabre stories of the paranormal and supernatural. Other podcasts feature tales of unsolved true crimes. Weird Darkness is hosted by professional voice artist, Daren Marlar. The podcast was first launched as a YouTube video in 2015. Marlar's podcast is reminiscent of The Twilight Zone in style. New free paranormal podcasts are available on weekdays and are then archived over the weekend. The episodes are available on most podcast players, such as Podbean, iTunes, iHeart Radio, YouTube and other podcast players.

Hours of Listening

These are just a few of the best paranormal podcasts, but there are many more quality shows available in multiple formats covering a wide range of topics. With so much great content to choose from, there's never any reason to be without your paranormal fix, so get listening.

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Top 10 Best Paranormal Podcasts to Get Your Ghost Fix