Uno Attack Rules Made Simple for Everyone

Updated September 7, 2021
Happy friends playing game of cards UNO

Level up game night with a modern twist to the old Uno game. Uno Attack adds to the fun with a new launcher and cards. Get the deets on the instructions and rules for Uno Attack.

Understanding Uno Attack Rules

The next level of Mattel's hot game Uno, Uno Attack comes with 112 Uno cards and is accompanied by an electronic card shooter. While the original Uno game required players to draw cards from a pile and shuffle them at the start of each game, the Uno Attack card shooter calls for players to press a button and receive a randomized amount of cards that shoot out of the machine. This button is called the "launcher button."

Getting Started

Before you can dive into the fun, you need to get set up.

  • To start the game, each player is dealt seven cards.
  • One card is placed face up to begin the discard pile. Some launchers have an area to discard.
  • The remaining cards are placed inside the card shooter facedown.

Official Rules for Playing Uno Attack

Now, it's time for the fun to begin. Use these Uno Attack instructions to get you playing.

  1. The first player must match the card on the top of the discard pile by number or color.
  2. If you do not have a matching card, then you need to either use a special card such as a wild card, or else you are required to hit the launch button on the card shooter.
  3. The card shooter will make a "ding" noise, and a certain number of cards will shoot out.
  4. The player must accept the number of cards that are dispensed (sometimes the player will get lucky and no cards will appear), and then it is the turn of the person on the left.
  5. When one card is remaining in a player's hand, the player is supposed to shout "Uno!"
  6. If they forget to do this and are caught by another player, they must hit the launch button twice and accept whatever cards come out.
  7. Other players are not allowed to catch a player for failing to say, "Uno!" until their second to last card touches the discard pile, and you cannot call them out after the next player begins their turn.
  8. The first person to discard all their cards is the winner in standard gameplay.

If you run out of cards, you shuffle them and put them into the launcher. Launchers with a discard area will indicate when the launcher needs to be reloaded.

Special Cards and Their Rules

Uno Attack has several cards with special rules that apply to them.

  • A Hit 2 card is sometimes put down on the discard pile, and when this happens, the next player is required to hit the launch button twice. That person's turn is then over when they take these cards, and they have to wait for the next round to discard.
  • The Trade Hands card allows that player to exchange a hand with another player of their choosing, which can definitely end badly for a player with only a couple of cards!
  • The Wild All Hit card allows the player to call out a color, and then each player must press the launch button and accept the cards that come out.
  • The Discard All card allows players to discard all cards of a certain color in their hand. This can boost their way toward the finish line by allowing them to get rid of multiple cards at once.
  • The Wild Hit-Fire card requires the next player to press the launch button over and over until it shoots out cards.

Family Fun for Everyone

Card games like Uno are fun for family and friends. Not only can you have a quick match on a rainy day, but they make great games for getting to know people. Have fun playing!

Uno Attack Rules Made Simple for Everyone