What Are Purple Orbs (and What Can Their Meaning Tell You)?

Updated September 29, 2021
Purple Orb

If you see a purple orb, stop what you're doing and clear your mind. A purple spirit orb only appears when the spiritual world has a very important message that is vital to your present circumstances.

Purple Orb Messages

Purple orbs may appear to you for a variety of spiritual reasons. Some information being sent to you may be instantly received, while other messages may be complex and require contemplation and meditation. There are several possible meanings inherent in a purple orb.

Purple Orb Meaning
  • A purple orb often delivers the spiritual message that it is time for you to forgive. This could be an individual, group or yourself in need of forgiveness.
  • The appearance of a purple orb could be a reminder that you are loved and not alone. Many spirits, including angels and spirit guides, are standing beside you.
  • Encountering a purple orb could be a message that you need respite from your current push to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
  • A purple orb may manifest before you to deliver the message that it is time for you to begin your spiritual journey or take the step needed to reach the next level.
  • If you encounter a purple orb in person, it could be a spirit wishing to provide you with information. This could be reconciling something from your past or offering support for a spiritual challenge you are currently facing.

Meanings for Different Shades of Purple Orbs

There are variations in purple orbs that can convey different types of information.

  • Violet orbs are considered spiritual messengers. The information they present is of a spiritual nature, such as ways you may need to grow or tidbits about spiritual challenges.
  • Lavender orbs are believed to be direct messages from God.
  • Royal purple colored orbs are said to be direct spiritual messages sent to you-such as, you are on the verge of developing new psychic abilities. Another possible interpretation, if you don't have any psychic abilities, is the orb is announcing their arrival.

Chakras and Orbs

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra that's located at the top of your head. This energy point serves to connect you to the divine universal energy known as God. The energy that powers the chakras enters through the crown chakra and travels down the seven chakras to the root chakra that connects us to the ground (earth). When a purple orb appears in a photo, consider where it is located. The chakra energy might relate to the orb and its location, such as:

Chakra Energy centers
  • If the orb appears near your crown chakra (top of head), it could mean you have achieved enlightenment.
  • A purple orb could be a message that your spiritual nature is about to experience a growth spurt.
  • A purple orb hovering above your crown chakra could be the announcement of a spirit guide sent to assist you in your spiritual studies/journey.

Interpreting Purple Orbs

The appearance of a purple orb is believed to be a messenger of information. You can decipher what the meaning of the message is by examining your personal spiritual circumstances, goals, and desires.

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What Are Purple Orbs (and What Can Their Meaning Tell You)?